The Phillies Signed Reid Brignac Yesterday, and Yes, His Wife is in Playboy

The new-look Phils are stepping it up big-time in the WAG department. Cody Asche’s girlfriend, Angie, will have some serious competition from the wife of newly-acquired (and mostly dispensable) Reid Brignac.

Meet Lauren Anderson. She’s in Playboy.

I won’t post the pictures here, because this is goddamn family site, but Google Image search her name and you’ll see plenty. I’m not even sure if she’s attractive, there’s just so much beige on my screen that my Id has seized control of my fingers and is writing this post on my behalf. Caution: You’ll most likely get fired on the spot if you click that link at work. Lots of nudity and many images of what can only be described as a gerbil with a swollen mouth.


  1. She also used to date Matt Walsh who was a former All City Basketball Player from Germantown Academy and Florida Gators.

  2. I’d split the shit outta that wishbone. Thanks for this, Kyle.

  3. She is officially the hottest Phillies WAG. Everyone else is a distant second. Cody Asche’s girlfriend is an Olde City 5 at best.

  4. Sean Brace's Head

    November 20, 2013 at 8:13 pm

    Horny Phillies’ fans replacement for Lance Nix

  5. Big fan of natural tits, so naturally a A+ move by RAJ.

  6. Eh, shes stripper/porn hot. Great for a fuck here and there but by no means marriage material or the type you bring to classy social events.

  7. One can only hope he makes the team. Then she can man a “whack booth” at the ALS carnival.
    I’d personally would tongue punch her fart box

  8. Sarah Baicker's Penis

    November 21, 2013 at 1:34 pm

    Anybody have any Cocoa Butter?

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