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  1. You seriously did this again, give it up man shits weak.

    “The first one did really well” hahahah that’s a total joke

    • Brittney Shipp's firm rack

      August 31, 2014 at 11:29 pm

      If Kyle keeps taking the weekends’ off,his site with go from the most irreverent,to the most irrelevant.

    • Ken Giles the G is for GREATNESS

      September 1, 2014 at 4:29 pm

      Yo Kyle wake up you dope,the Phillies just threw a combined no hitter,and once again you and your lapdog Jim will be a day late and a dollar short.

  2. “We’re going to try and keep this under 30 minutes…”

    So close. You were only 46 minutes and 16 seconds off.

  3. Kyle,

    You said last week’s was successful because you got a lot of listens, but how many made it past the first thirty seconds?
    Not trying to give you a hard time, and I appreciate you’re trying to add something to the site, but this is really an antiquated idea.
    Consider the fact that you are rehashing news that we have already heard on not only your site, but on about forty others as well.
    News moves so fast these days and we have so many different media outlets available to us, that by the time a story is posted, we’re tired of it and on to the next one in a short period of time.
    Thanks again for making an effort.
    I just don’t think this will work. Try something more progressive.

    • Like working on the weekends, when most sports happens. Flyers, Sixers, Eagles and Phillies usually don’t have both a Saturday and Sunday off in season, why should a sports-oriented website?

    • Are you kidding me with that heart felt post, go blow him already

  4. Godfather Locks

    August 29, 2014 at 8:53 pm

    1.5 Over/under on cb posts this holiday weekend

  5. How about you post about the eagles cuts or something sports related instead of video recording yourself reading all the stories you copied and pasted throughout the week. What a fraud

  6. My name rhymes with stanky..

  7. Sean Braces' gpa

    August 30, 2014 at 11:06 am

    Your voice is worse than Leslie Gudels.

  8. Great coverage of the Eagles cuts to get to 53, boys.

    Way to earn those 6 figures.

    Fuck off.

  9. Are the “way to cover the sports happenings” posters just trolling us? Have they ever seen this site before?

    • Shut the fuck up, go blow your hero Kyle already.

      How much of a tool are you to use his word trolling

      • While I admire Kyle’s entrepreneurial spirit, I would not consider him a hero of mine. I’m more of a well-wisher.

        And trolling is as trolling does.

        There are only about 1,000,000 other sports websites to read about which 6th round pick/ 4th string RB got cut by whom.

        • “While I admire Kyle’s entrepreneurial spirit”

          I really can’t believe you said that, please just go away, far far away. You probably bought a rams michael sam jersey too did t you

  10. I’m hard sometimes to while looking at cute guys

  11. Philadelphia’s most irreverent sports blog except on weekends

  12. The comments section, which hosts many a violent, heated argument as well as overall distain for every post are the best things about this site.

    • Kyle Scott's Small Penis

      August 31, 2014 at 12:17 pm

      It’s why I come here, I don’t read, and can’t make it through, these posts. Most of them are just links to things I already saw on Twitter, or a long, incoherent rambling collection of words about jersey colors.

      In fact the only thing Cunty Kyle is good for — dick pictures of Riley Cooper or whatever the fuck he got his 15 seconds of attention for — he doesn’t even do. It’s all just other people’s work with Kyle’s shitty remarks thrown in.

  13. I’m smaaaat! I want respect!

  14. Man was expecting a Kate upton post at least

  15. Not as Lazy As You 2 Fucktards

    September 1, 2014 at 10:49 am

    Good Lord, you 2 lazy fucks.
    What the hell kind of sports blog or whateverthehell you call this shit takes a THREE DAY WEEKEND?
    I thought my slob of a wife was lazy but you 2 dicksuckers take the pot.
    Well understood, it was only the start of the college football season, NFL cut day, you know, not that much of interest.

    • They shouldn’t take any kind of weekend! They’re getting paid to cover sports, which, as espn has shown us, is a 24/7 job. But hey what do I know? I’m just some loser with his MBA living with his parents while Kyle gets paid 6 figures to post about Riley cooper being racist and pics of Terrell Owens dick.

  16. 24/7?…let’s have a chat

  17. Remember the Erin Andrews peep hole video? The pictures of J Law bending over remind me of that. The only difference is the clarity and therefore the ease of masturbation to the pictures. I’d like a post and commentary on the topic and maybe sharing the pics with those who were not around this weekend.

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