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A Helpless Old Woman Received Free Gifts From 97.5 After an A-Hole in Jorts Stole Her Ball…


… which brought the man’s ball total to… one. One ball. He now has one ball.

Over the weekend, Maikel Franco hit his first career home run, to left field. In a (typically) fairly empty section, the ball went right to Joyce Murphy Kiner. The ball hit her glove and dropped into the flowerbeds, and then some asshole checked her out of the way, took the ball, and got out of there. Kiner told the whole story to Anthony Gargano this morning:

“I knew the ball was coming my way. My husband handed me his glove when he left his seat … I put my hand out and it hit my glove or was in my glove but the glove is too big for me. It fell right right in the flowerbed right in front of me … I couldn’t really get up and over the fence without falling in. I had it in my hand and I just tried to get a good grip on it and the guy just ran over, pushed me out of the way, and then took it … He body checked me really.”

She said the guy who stole the ball and his friends (outed as one Jim “Jorts” Bergen, nickname mine) continued to eyeball her while she was talking to the Diamondbacks announcers, like a real scumbag. Kiner said it looked on TV like the guy was escorted out, but really the Phillies certified the ball (presumably taking it for Franco) and sent him back to his seat. 97.5 gave Kiner some future front row seats and a pendant from a jeweler, while also probably giving Jim Bergen a couple of bad days.

It just goes to show you, never trust a guy in jorts and an unbuttoned jersey.

[Editor’s note: Yeah, I know– we’re late on this. Had it scheduled to go this morning, then the Flyers hired a coach from OUT OF LEFT FIELD.]


Video: Jon Stewart Compares Philly Fans to Anti-Muslim Hate Group

Voila_Capture 2015-05-05_09-29-07_AM

Jon Stewart, in his open last night about the shooting at a cartoon contest yesterday, compared Philly sports fans to the ridiculous anti-Muslim group, American Freedom Defense Initiative, that thought it a good idea to hold a contest for who could draw the best (and presumably most offensive) cartoon of the prophet Muhammad:

“That’s the group AFDI. That’s the same group that led protests against the so-called Ground Zero mosque and has been plastering New York subways with anti-Islamic advertisements. AFDI is a First Amendment group the same way people from Philly are sports fans. Ostensibly they like sports, but really they’re just looking for an excuse to punch a stranger and pour beer on someone’s baby.”

This coming from a Mets fan.

Video after the jump.

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HBO Star Recounts Time Flyers Fans Threw Batteries at Santa Claus

Voila_Capture 2015-04-27_10-20-19_AM

Zach Woods, whom you may recognize from HBO’s outstanding Silicon Valley or The Office or Veep, was a guest on Marc Maron’s podcast this week, and Woods, who grew up in Trenton, amalgamated every Philly fan cliché into one during this exchange where he and Maron explained (mostly correctly) the dingy feel of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia:

Maron: “It just feels like there’s a dark and post-industrial vibe.”

Woods: “Right. It’s also, Philadelphia’s kind of a racist city and their sports – and I’m not like a big sports guy – but I remember when I was growing up and Santa Claus would skate onto the ice around Christmas time at Flyers games and people would throw batteries at Santa Claus.”

Maron: “That’s not racist– it’s just weird anti-Santa shit. That’s just fucked up.”

Woods: “It’s so weird… because you could throw drinks or things they have at the stadium, but batteries are premeditated, like you have to bring a battery from home.”

Maron: “Why batteries, why specifically at Santa?”

Woods: “It’s a complicated combination of elements.”

Indeed it is, Zach.

H/T to (@Modrevolve)


A Scumbag Mets Fan Threw Beer at Grady Sizemore

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EDP445 Is Not Happy with the Trade

Voila_Capture 2015-03-04_02-11-40_PM

This has gone pseudo viral so I guess I gotta post it. “Where the fuck’s my knife at? I’m cutting my goddamn throat.” So… you’re telling me you don’t see the upside potential?

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A Flyers Fan Didn’t Get What He Paid For

Voila_Capture 2015-02-09_12-33-12_PM

pic via (@Mtrible) 

This is currently number three on the front page of Reddit— a picture apparently taken at the Flyers-Caps game yesterday. The funny thing is, that sign would probably work at a Sixers game, too.


Video: Seahawks Fans Getting Their Hearts Ripped out Are Every Philly Sports Fan Ever

My God, this has all the elements:

1) Elation turned to disbelief


Joe Carter.


2) Shock

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Cowboys Fan Chris Christie Has Gone Done It Now, Adds to Horrible Philly Fan Stereotype

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 9.00.15 AM

Chris Christie’s really done it now. He has become the latest to add to the shitty stereotype associated with Philly sports fans.

New York Times writer Michael Barbaro recounted a conversation involving Pizza The Hut that he overheard recently in which PTH recounted his experience during the Eagles-Cowboys game at the Linc:

Still, that matchup left a searing impression on Mr. Christie. Eagles fans, many of whom can be found in the southern part of Mr. Christie’s state, raged against the governor during the game, shouting unprintable words at him in the owner’s box.

“These Philadelphia fans, they are the worst in America,” Mr. Christie was overheard saying recently.

He recalled a different kind of reception when he joined Mr. Jones on the field at a Cowboys game against the New York Giants, who play their home games in New Jersey. “I didn’t get booed,” he said. “Giant fans waved, said hello, asked for autographs, didn’t give me a hard time.”

“But these guys?” he added of Eagles fans.

Shitty Eagles fans is totally gonna become a meme in the 2016 election, isn’t it? And of course, it’s already a thing:

Voila_Capture 2015-01-06_12-38-59_PM

Though you can almost hear Christie saying that with a laugh, it’s (not surprisingly) a bit different than what he said publicly about, you know, half of his constituency when he called in to the WIP Morning Show last month:

“They’re passionate, wild fans and they wanna get angry with me, that’s OK. But the one thing they can’t say, is that I don’t tell them the truth. And the truth is, I’m a Cowboys fan. I’ve said it since I’ve ran for Governor in ’09, never hid it from anybody, and so, I don’t understand why they’re angry about me being happy about my team winning?”

Cool beans, bro. Mmm, beans. You want some beans, tubby?

via (@billy_penn)

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