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Kenny Albert Made a Very Timely and Fresh Reference When Phillies Fans Booed Jayson Werth

Phillies fans booed Jayson Werth the other night, as most MLB teams do to former players (especially ones who handled their departure the way he did). It’s almost a game at this point. The fans boo Werth, he screws with the Phanatic, messes with the fans, and continues to count his money. It’s almost as if the Werth vs. the fans rivalry has flipped from real world anger to pro wrestling villain-level taunting.

So it is no surprise that Werth, who is a troll and a d-bag because he enjoys being both of those things, gets booed every time he comes to the plate at Citizens Bank Park. I’d honestly be surprised if it bothered him at all. He’d probably be more bothered if there was just total silence when he approached (which, the way attendance is going, may actually happen soon). It’s the minor-est of minor issues, but Kenny Albert and F.P. Santangelo didn’t think so.

While announcing a Phils/Nats game on Fox, the duo went back to the old, tired, “They Booed Santa” meme. The whole thing is barely worth getting angry about, but we here at Crossing Broad would just like the point out that the actual Santa booing of legend happened eleven years before the birth of Jayson Werth, and likely before the birth of 90% of those who were booing him on Saturday night. Plus, this wasn’t even the meanest Phillies fans have been to Jayson Werth.

Still, you have to wonder, if Kenny keeps bringing this up, will the next national announcer have to say “They booed Santa but KILLED KENNY! THOSE BASTARDS.”

H/T to reader Matt


The Phillies are Playing Tonight and No One is There

pic via local mystery writer Allen Schatz


Adorable Two-Hour-Old Baby Wants Ruben Amaro Fired

Voila_Capture 2014-06-10_02-49-39_PM Voila_Capture 2014-06-10_02-50-04_PM

He’s seen enough.

Oddly, a few years ago, right after the Phillies traded for Hunter Pence, reader Luke sent me a picture of him and his newborn son, L.J., who had shat himself out of sheer joy when Pence went yard for the first time as a Phillie. L.J. had been born into a world where Ruben Amaro was king. Those were good times. Now, three years later, Rube is little more than a jester, and babies enter the world during a time of great turmoil. Of course, their reaction is still to just shit their pants.

Bob says that this is his second kid. His first was given a Fire Andy sign. Let’s make it 2-for-2, Bobo.


UPDATE: Phillies Fan Puking in CBP Trash Can is a Fitting Image

Voila_Capture 2014-06-03_12-26-52_PM

Four years ago, you might have assumed that this was just one of the many bandwagon fans who went to Phillies games to get “blackout drunk by the fourth inning.” But this person, hurling into a CBP trash can during the Phils’ 11-2 defeat at the jowls of Bartolo Colon last night, may have just been disgusted by the on-field product.

UPDATE: Apparently this picture is two years old despite the fact that (trusted!) reader (@Banditmax) told me his friend took it last night. I should’ve known from the grainy Blackberry camera.

H/T to (@Banditmax)


I Don’t Hate This Phillies Bro’s Floral Cap

Voila_Capture 2014-05-22_02-42-28_PM

Scumbag Steve incarnate? Maybe. But I… don’t hate this hat. Now if he just wipes that murderous scowl off his face, he might be in business at the Miami clubs tonight.


Girls Gets Knocked to Ground as Ducks and Kings Fans Fight

I told you– California and Boston fans are the most evil of all sports fans.

It’s no surprise that the bandwagon-steered fan bases of the Ducks and Kings got into a minor fracas after Game 2 in Anaheim last night. At about :22, you’ll hear one fan say something about “this chick,” and then, a split second later, a girl gets thrown to the ground. Good times all around!

story via Deadspin, video via Sports Room on YouTube, (@08_WFC_26)


P.K. Subban Scores Overtime Winner Against Bruins, Gets Called N-word and Hit With Trash


A friendly reminder that Condom-tossingglass-throwingglass-jumpingmascot-tackling Bruins fans may be the worst in hockey.

P.K. Subban scored to beat the Bruins in double-OT last night (told you this would be a series) and, afterward, was predictably subjected to terrible Bostonian hockey fans who, for generations, have believed that being white-Irish-Catholic makes for a superior being (I’m speculating).

Subban was, of course, called the N-word on Twitter, and hit with trash as Bruins fans littered the ice with the empty receptacles that had been used to intoxicate away their existence if for just a night:

You can see some of it here immediately after the goal:

You stay classy, Bruins fans.

Side note: Subban’s brother, Malcolm, is a Bruins prospect.


Apparently This Guy Stole the Hat Trick Hats, But Ogie Ogilthorpe Took Care of It

Voila_Capture 2014-04-30_10-31-43_AM

Maybe the weirdest email I’ve received:

Funny scene down on the glass in 116 last night. In the hailstorm of hats raining down on the front rows after Simmond’s third goal, one assclown started hoarding hats under his seat instead of flipping them over the glass like the rest of us. A few minutes later, after he thought he got away with it, suddenly a redhead in an Ogie Ogilthorpe jersey seated nearby administers a verbal beatdown on him. The guy flips her off and yells “Honey I can buy you five times over!”, so she whips out her phone and says “Well now you’ll need to buy Deadspin and Bleacher Report as well [editor's note: and Crossing Broad?]“. The dude goes ballistic, all “cunty cunt” and whatnot, so she turns to all the fans behind her and yells, “This loser stole a bunch of Simmer’s hats!”. Well now some very large and pissed fans start stepping towards him, so he and his buds start throwing the hats all over while fleeing and a group of dudes in their finest Flyers jerseys literally chase him out of the arena. That’s why there was a little flurry of hats that hit the ice when the Zamboni was out between 2nd and 3rd periods. Lesson: Never mess with a Flyers redhead in an Ogie jersey.

Her photo and my photo attached

You’re not kidding, tipster. When a sentence contains a redhead in an Ogie Ogilthorpe jersey, you know the situation has gone sour. You best run before bitch gets cray cray. But I Respect the Spunk™ for sure. Good looking out, Ogie.

Voila_Capture 2014-04-30_10-31-55_AM

I blurred his face because, eh, I probably would’ve tried to come away with a souvenir, too, if I was in his position.

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