Friday CB Six Pack

Choose one:

Who wins– Doug Collins said “dick” in his post game presser the other night. We missed it. Sixers.

At fault– Matt Kravchuk.

Shootout– I will never go against Mike Richards with the game on the line. Giroux is crafty, but I go with my captain. Richards.

Crossing Broads– Google both of them. One returns a bunch of naked pictures, the other returns a bunch of pregnant pictures. Capri Anderson.

Crossing Bros– “Bet you didn’t expect that from the fifth starter.” Blanton.

Non-injury– Chase Utley’s early season body soreness is just weird. He’s been working out for months, usually you’re past the point of soreness from lifting. Chase.

CBL question of the day after the jump. Standings will be posted on Sunday.


4 Responses

  1. You heard it here first, ladies and germs: The Sixers reach the rarified air of .500 TONIGHT!
    As for that pic of Fat Joe, didn’t know he had heat vision like Superman! Whoa! That only increases his trade value! To whoever took that pic—-RED EYE REDUCTION!

  2. It’s typical to experience general or slight soreness when getting back into performing certain motions. You can work out all year doing weight traing and cardio, but if you go out and play tennis every day for a week, you can get sore just before you’re not necessarily doing that motion during your routine.

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