Here’s the Full Email Sent Around Holy Family

In case you still care, here's the message that was sent to Holy Family faculty and students today (all listed in the "To" field nonetheless- face palm). 

Message from the President to the Campus Community, 2/25/11

After careful consideration, Coach John O’Connor believes that his continuing as the coach of the men’s basketball team at Holy Family University is not in his or the University’s best interests. Therefore, Coach O’Connor has tendered his resignation.

Our administration is handling this confidential matter in accordance with human resources and university policies, under the guidance of our legal counsel. Therefore, we are unable to respond to internal and external inquiries and commentary. 

This unfortunate situation has distracted many of us from our numerous positive recent accomplishments: the roll-out of our new branding initiative and 2011-2014 strategic plan and the Gold Achievement Award for Member Recruiting and Retention received earlier this month by our Student Nurses Association – to name a few.

Holy Family University is a faith-inspired, values-directed, and highly personalized learning community in the Catholic tradition; a comprehensive, regional, master’s-level, professionally-oriented university; an achievement organization; and an outcomes-oriented university. As a community, let us carry on conscientiously and express the mission in our work as we guide our students toward abundant and meaningful lives.

Way to go, Matt Kravchuk.

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8 Responses

  1. that kid’s a skirt. A thousand ppl could tell a thousand worse “roughed up by coach” tales. And ANYONE who calls that a kick is out of his gourd. I hope someone else takes a chance on the coach, so this isn’t his legacy.

  2. The kid might be a bitch for taking legal action but I’m not shedding any tears for the coach either. He’s lucky the kid didn’t choke him out Latrell Spreewell-style.

  3. Next time kid, call 911 for the waaaaambulance. Way to screw over all of your teammates and your university for your own selfish reasons. Sure the coach was wrong, but blowing shit up doesn’t help anyone.
    So as we all walk away from this, we know this kid’s the tallest pussy in the world with a sandpaper vagina, that basketball team and his “teammates are in shambles, and no one is going to send their kid to Holy Family University.
    Imagine all of those kids who went to practice every day for that team, and this kid destroyed it because he got hit hard by a short ass old guy, and acted like an 8 year old about it.
    Everybody wins, woo hoo!

  4. Meanwhile, the administration and the AD apparently gets off scot free since their failure (or reluctance or disinterest) to properly address the incident immediately after it happened forced Kravchuk’s hand. No way in hell that kid will be able to stay at Holy Cross and O’Connor is pretty much a pariah, but the administration gets a free pass in this mess.

  5. This may be one of the most ridiculous sports stories I have every heard. I think the real issue here is that the coach made the player look like a bitch in front of all of his teammates. The player is then insecure about himself. This whole thing is about getting back at the coach. Sure, the coach was pretty boneheaded and definitely didn’t say all the right things, but come on now. He didn’t strike the player. He didn’t kick him when he was down. He pushed him to the ground and then nudged him to get up.
    I have a similar situation, but handled it much differently. In middle school, I played football and was a lineman. We were losing pretty badly and embarrassingly to another team in our league who apparently thought it was important to develop talent in middle school instead of just recruiting players for high school.
    Long story short, our coach made us do hitting drills at halftime. By my estimation, it was because of the coach’s son and his jackass friends, but it didn’t matter. As one of the two biggest guys on the team, I get lined up against someone who was not only much better than I, but he was also totally enraged at the situation. I got destroyed and my season was ended because of a fractured finger. Not a very high profile injury, but at that level it doesn’t matter. If you’re hurt, you’re hurt and that’s it. But what kind of coach makes a team do hitting drills during halftime. Come on now. That’s just ridiculous.
    So what I did I do? I went about my business and didn’t act like a bitch. I didn’t try to blame everyone else for my bad situation and involve a team of lawyers. What happened happened and I dealt with it. I guess that is my point.
    In retrospect, I feel like adding my story here didn’t really make the point I was hoping to make after typing it all out. At this point though, I did type it, so I’m not going to waste it. Oh well, such is life.

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