Here’s the Holy Family Basketball Coach Bulldozing His Own Player

And we thought Lavs was the only coach who hit his players (we're kidding, that wasn't intentional).

Here's Holy Family head basketball coach John O'Conner leveling sophomore Matt Kravchuk. [FOX Philly]

Kravchuck is then kicked will on the ground by O'Connor, who then curses out the player as he walks away bleeding.

A spokesperson said they were aware that a police report had been filed, and said the university was also looking into the matter. However, because it was a legal matter that involved a personnel issue, they couldn’t comment further.


Actually looked like a fairly clean body check. Wrong sport perhaps.

Video after the jump.

Slideshow: Holy Family Incident On Tape:

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7 Responses

  1. the player told the coach he was an athiest right before practice. needless to say the coach didn’t take the news well

  2. Wow, that coach is garbage. If that happened to me it would be really difficult to not go all Latrell Spreewell on him. The coach needs to be fired, have charges pressed against him, and possibly sued. Why? Because that’s exactly what would have happened to the student if he did the same thing to his coach.

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