Now Matt Kravchuk Doesn’t Want the Attention

Yet he had no problem crushing his coach on Good Morning America. FOX cameras caught-up with Kravchuck as he was released from holding today. Notice that little brace on his left wrist.

Hop it for the video.

Ex-Holy Family Player Talks To Fox 29:


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  1. God I would have paid mass amounts of money to see O’Connor come out of nowhere to level this kid as he walked out.

  2. This kid is such a bitch. We really should have expected no less though.
    Side note: how dare he wear a Chooch shirtsey. Honestly, I’m surprised he’s not wearing an “ill” shirt.

  3. nickfromgermantown i couldn’t agree more.. those “ill” shirts need to be banned, they are up there with ed hardy’s and affliction in my book.. i’d pay to see this kid get his ass kicked in public

  4. Id fight him as a fellow college student if I didn’t think wed end up on the Today show trying to explain why its justified to knock dochebags like him out…

  5. “stay out of my life” “I don’t know why people care about my life” Did you forget about crying on good morning america because your coach knocked you over at practice?

  6. Dude is an absolute Pssy guy should of never been playing ball at a college level. Serves him right, karma is a biatch.

  7. WTF? Because he nicked 2 beers? Hell is wrong with you people? Pretty certain at least some of you have done worse.
    And apologize to the Phillies for stealing cups of beer? Frankly the Phillies should be aplogizing, along with pretty much every other pro-sports team out there, for the ridiculous price-gouging they engage in.

  8. What a pussy! Matty-boy was a babbling brook back when HE was the “victim”. Now that he’s on the other side of the fence, he doesn’t want to talk. Talk about a limp dick!

  9. ive done alot worse. with a name like drewsifer, im almost certain youve raped underage boys. the point is not that he stole the beers, its that he got caught, karma whipped, thrown into the news and now looks like (more of) a complete dick.

  10. I was on an 10 yr old all-star team, 8 1/2 foot hoops, i remember vividly my coach screaming for me to hold the block NO MATTER WHAT and jabbing/pushing me in the neck-chest-head 4-5 times while standing on my foot so I couldnt go anywhere. I actually did cry, but more because I felt stupid. this dude is an adult and cried because he realized his dick ran inside of him.

  11. What goes around, comes around, Matt…..and I think this is just the start of it for you….such a baby…you should be ashamed of yourself for what you did to a great coach…..but I am afraid shame is not something that you can feel, only selfish indignation….

  12. seems he still needs the brace to support his wrist so he doesn’t spill his beer……

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