That Holy Family Kid Stole Something (Likely Beer) at Last Night’s Phillies Game


Remember the kid who ruined his coaches' reputation by blowing a heated practice exchange out of proportion?

Well, he stole two drinks at Citizens Bank Park last night and is being charged with retail theft.

I would block-quote the piece from, but they've added some sort of goofy Meebo button that doesn't allow you to copy and paste… so we'll just tell you the rest of the story and not link back to them.

Police say Matt Kravchuk, 19, reached around the back of a concession stand and stole two bottles. They wouldn't say what was in the bottles, only that the total cost was $15. That's beer. 

He was taken to South Detectives where he was charged with retail theft. I guess that wrist is healing quite nicely.

Karma is a very angry bitch.

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18 Responses

  1. This kid is the biggest vag in all the land. If he tries to play on that team again I hope all of his teammates make his life hell.

  2. From whiny little bitch to thief. Wanna bet he goes into therapy and wastes no time blaming John O’Connor for falling into a life of crime?

  3. Please don’t make this fuckhead relevant again, he doesn’t deserve our attention.

  4. I hears this cream puff offered an apology to the beer stand & they refused to accept as they called security

  5. What a scum bag. Glad to see appropriate action was taken against him. Isint that what he said he was looking for when he was on tv ruining the career of his coach.

  6. He always looks like THAT KID that just took one to the face in dodge ball and the teacher yelled OUT before his eyes even watered up. THAT KID always looks like a pissed off pussy that doesn’t know what to do or who to cry to.

  7. You rip this kid yet you find a way to rip for protecting their own content? Because you can’t re-type what you want to say? Cheap.

  8. I can select text on Don’t know what your issue is. By the way, I think that is probably the only legitimate website on the internet that still uses popup ads.
    This kid is such a joke. He is getting what he deserves.

  9. Sad thing is this loser probably gets laid all the time now because of his 15 minutes of fame being a pussy. he needs to be kicked out of Philly

  10. “I would block-quote the piece from, but they’ve added some sort of goofy Meebo button that doesn’t allow you to copy and paste… so we’ll just tell you the rest of the story and not link back to them.”
    That’s the must stoopidest thing I’ve ever heard you say, laddie-boy. Some boyo’s can’t handle their alcoholic imbibing, I guess. Leave it to the pros instead.

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