"What hurt today was the homers," Hamels said. "If they were doubles or base hits, I don't think as many guys would've scored."


Good morning, minions.

We took it easy for most of the weekend. There’s something about watching your team, the one that was in first place for most of the year, get blown out of the playoffs in embarrassing fashion that makes you lose some motivation for a few days. Damn Briana.

We have five months of baseball ahead. We’ll have the Phils covered front-to-back, but you won’t ever see a cookie cutter game recap on here- I’d rather shoot out my eye. There will be plenty of Sixers and Eagles stuff, and, of course, Flyers offseason news, which I’m fully convinced should include updates on Jeff Carter’s Sea Isle exploits… Onward!

Couple of quick notes:

– Cole Hamels’ autograph signing session, originally scheduled for May 7th, was postponed. It will be rescheduled soon. You can get details here.

– Tons of folks took advantage of Crossing Broad Tickets for the Braves series this weekend. You really shouldn’t wait.

– Get the Bitter Beard Face t-shirt from Philly Phaithful right… hither.

The roundup:

– Last night on Sports Final, Howard Eskin reported that Mike Richard’s wrist injury, which we will learn more about today, is not that serious, but may require arthroscopic surgery. 

– Eskin also reported that Chris Pronger’s back injury is a herniated disc, and depending on how he feels over the next few weeks, he may need surgery to have the disc removed. Apparently, the disc tweaked a nerve, which is the cause of the “hamstring” pain the Flyers are reporting.

– I know most of you hate Eskin, but he’s been 100% right on injuries during the playoffs. No reason not to believe him, get over it.

– Chase Utley raked in Clearwater on Saturday. He went 5-for-7 with two home runs. Yes, please.

Roy Oswalt and Carlos Ruiz are on the DL.

– The Flyers lost. Here’s an analogy.

– Reader Drew Balis recaps his NFL Draft experience, thanks to the fine folks at GMC.

– The Phillies’ Tweeting beer man is donating a portion of his earnings this month to help in fighting Leukemia. Buy beer, help him.