Andy Reid’s Terse Exchange with Mike Missanelli is This Week’s Press Conference Highlight

Consider this your afternoon delight, if you will.

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45 Responses

  1. How many times, in practice, did Ronnie Brown attempt a blind reverse sky-hook pass as he was being tackled?

  2. I love this.
    The next question I’d like to hear asked: to what extent are you incapable of doing a better job?

  3. Did anyone ask him why you would call a TO at the 2:02 mark? To save TWO seconds? On the other side of the 2 min warning that TO would prevent TWENTY-FIVE seconds from elapsing! Or would stop the clock to kick a FG if you needed it! Now I know it was moot since they were shredded by Gore, but WTF, this coach has done this before (and other coaches as well). It is plain stupidity and incompetence.
    And Andy, you have a run / pass option on every play. You have a rocket armed, pro bowl QB who also happens to be one of the greatest RUNNING QB’s in NFL history. And you let Ronnie Brown run the run/pass option gadget play? You also have a pro bowl running back, a pretty good run option. Yet last week Owen Schmitt gets the rock and this week Ronnie F-ing Brown gets it?
    Bottom line, I know, is that their O-line gets pushed back like wet noodles and is the real reason these plays fail. However, EVERYONE knows they are going to get pushed back. That is the reason you don’t try to force the ball down their throats.
    The major issue with this coaching staff is their inability to honestly judge and evaluate their own players. How else does Matthews ever see the field? How else does Kurt Coleman ever see the field?

  4. Mikey miss has been slipping in my opinion, but this is good to see the press making Reid answer for his actions!

  5. Listen if this jackass is going to deliver the same old crap answers and act pissed off about it, then the media NEEDS to get hostile. Don’t ask him shitty and cliche sports reporter questions if he’s figuratively flipping you the bird every week.

  6. So now WIP is playing this clip with Michael Barkann reading the questions Mikey Miss asked referring to Mikey Miss only as “someone in the media”.

  7. Barkann is on WIP pretending that he doesn’t know who was asking the questions, yet making sure not to replay the parts where Missanelli is talking. Weak.

  8. BTW..My favorite part of today’s Mike and Ike show was when Ike referred to Andre Waters as Muddy Waters..

  9. btw…Jeremy Maclin has literally fumbled away two games now (the Atlanta drop was the same as a turnover since it was 4th down) and is really getting a free pass. Who cares if he caught 38 balls against Atl. Big time receivers, like he and Jackson want everyone to think of them, do not do what he has done. Reid is quick to call out his rookie kicker (only player he ever specifically calls out is the kicker for some reason..see Akers, David) yet does not mention Maclin.
    Guaranteed if this was New England and Maclin dropped a perfect pass on 4th down and two weeks later fumbled a ball when they were 10 yards from game winning FG range, HE WOULD NOT SEE THE FIELD NEXT WEEK! And if he did he would be Brady’s fifth or sixth option.

  10. I’m convinced Andy Reid is an asshole. He gives us passionate fans the same CRAP in his press conferences week after week. “My fault”, “I did this wrong”, etc. If you perform your job wrong week after week, doesn’t that mean…oh I don’t know…you should be gone by now?

  11. Good for Mike. I’m seriously sick of Andy Reid acting like he has room to be a smart ass, and I’m sick of the Eagles acting like they own this town. They haven’t done shit. I want Reid gone.

  12. Missanelli is a complete pus but I actually give him respect for questioning porky pig. For the first time in my life I was a little happy the Eagles lost…It means the end has to be near for the fatman.

  13. I’m only 50 years old and have been watching these a-holes since Norm Snead was the QB and Happy Feller was missing FGs, but I never, EVER saw a pass-run option where the ball-carrier tried to throw the ball away to avoid a 1-yard loss.
    Really? They practiced that play? “Ok, if the defense has your legs wrapped and spin you backwards just throw the ball in any direction.”

  14. I’m as angry as anyone with Reid right now and want his smug ass gone, but I love the fact that he calls out Missanelli for not being at practice to see the plays. He’s absolutely right, for a change.
    Missanelli doesn’t go anywhere unless he’ll get camera / mic time, and he obviously went to the presser today intent on making some for himself. Nice work, Mike. Now instead of just sitting back and taking shots, go do the work so many other guys do and get close to the sport(s) you claim you know so much about rather than relying on your ESPN “insiders” to do the work for you.

  15. Brian, I can’t believe I’m gonna defend Missanelli since he’s such a prick. But you serious dude? Far as I know, most of the beat reporters don’t have a 4 hour radio show every damn day. That’ll make it a little tough to get to practice.
    And if you listen to Missanelli, he’s been saying for over a year that the reporters are too soft on Andy, that they don’t keep pressing when he won’t give an answer. So he was at the presser today, and backed up his words by keeping on Reid after he tried to dismiss him. It’s a breath of fresh air for someone in the media to actually attempt to do their job with Reid.

  16. J.T., I am definitely serious. Listen, other guys with shows who work in a major market with multiple sports teams still get to practice, go to the games (which last I checked are at night or on Sundays), and are close to the teams. Ever hear Mike sign off and say he’s headed down to a game when it’s not a night he is doing Phillies Post-Game on 17? I have not, and those who are around the teams are those whose opinions I respect most.
    Eskin was, is, and always will be a jerk, but I’ll always have more respect for the work he and others like him do because they are down there all the time AND are still doing the shows, you know, like the one he did for 25 years.
    I’m glad Mike took Reid to task and you’re right, he did back up his words about the media being soft on Reid. As I said, nice work, Mike. That wasn’t sarcastic, and I hope he does more of it as I do listen to him quite a bit. But next time you see Missanelli at a game or something like that, let me know. It might be the first time. That’s my point. I hear what you’re saying, but if Mike actually spent time down there, Reid wouldn’t have had the ammo he had today.

  17. Who cares about reporters or their work ethic? The main point here is FUCK ANDY REID HE SUCKS. I don’t need to listen to a press conference to know that he’s a shit coach and a smug fatass to boot.

  18. I do, Matt. Like people to actually be informed before they try to inform me. As for the rest of your posts, right there with ya. He needs to go and this, hopefully, will be the end of him.

  19. Reid is a hack.. make him the qb coach please.. get a real coach in here… I cannot stand another year of this ish..
    times yours

  20. Who cares whether Mikey Miss was at practice? Reid deserves to give the FANS answers as much as the reporters who attend practices. So Mikey Miss asked if it’s a play they worked on in practice (how would we know, we’re not there). What does it matter if he is there or not? Why can’t Reid just answer the question, because certainly us paying fans want to know too.
    Sick of Reid’s “I have to put players in a better position” answer to real and tough questions. Glad someone finally called him out on it. I agree, many of the reporters are soft.

  21. Face it, many people who were sitting in that room today are scared of getting some form of the “John Gonzalez Treatment” from the Eagles organization. Apparently, Missanelli doesn’t have the same fear.

  22. Good for Mike Mis.
    I think we have to root for the eagles to actually lose every week so that they have a terrible losing record like maybe 3-13 so that Reid will be pressured to be fired. Its really sad.

  23. I’m sure Mikey Mis would love the Gonzo treatment, unlike Gonzo he has fanboys and the ability to reach people on the air 4 hours a day. They’d be cutting off their nose to spite their face.

  24. Mikey Miss…voice of the people…I love it. Give it to em’!!
    Run pass option, what in the blue hell is that shit! So here I am wanting Ronnie Brown cut and I come to find out that our head coach TOLD HIM TO THROW THE BALL!!??
    Fire Reid, Castillo, Morningwheg, Mudd and Washburn. All of them. What good is it to have our defensive ends line up next to the sidelines and stockpile 5 foot 10 inch, 180 lbs. linemen? Stupid.

  25. If only andy reid could beat up opposing teams like he does the all you can buffets! he looks one double cheeseburger away from a quadruple bypass! how is he still alive, like seriously, his breathing is so loud that i dont know how any air gets in! all in all fatness aside, its time for a change!

  26. Andy was responding like mayyyybe, juust maaayyybe he got some not so nice words from “upper management” about how poorly his team is performing. I hope he was told something to the extent of “Andy if this team does not make the playoffs barring incredible excuse, you are done, get this shit together or prepare to pack your bags” I hope he finally has the fire lit under his ass…..his teams are no prepared, do not adjust well, and have been embarrassed for 3 weeks now… this after a decade of good but not great football, ENOUGH is truly ENOUGH. They better annihilate the Bills next week.

  27. We are actually in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes ladies and gents…..why, idk but we are…

  28. awesome how a smattering of reporters laughed at reid’s retort to the question about working on the fade-away-fall-down-sky-hook-up-and-under-fuck-up…just cock stroking every chance they get when they should have been on board for some answers. Like yeah, Miss wasn’t at practice so he wouldn’t know how good that play really is…if only he saw it in practice, he wouldn’t be asking why it was executed like a pile of horse shit.

  29. Andy the GM has always been able to figure out when a player’s time has come (Trotter, Westbrook, McNabb, Brian Mitchell etc…)
    Perhaps Andy the GM will realize that Andy the coach’s time has come and gone.
    I was convinced after 6 years, how long will it take Lurie and the boys to figure out they have the guy at the top.

  30. Andrew Luck reported to Eagles camp today for the first time since being drafted. “I’m really excited to be here, but it will be a challenge to learn Coach Reid’s system. We didn’t run the blind reverse sky-hook pass at Stanford.” Reid plans to start Vince Young for the next 4 seasons in order to give Luck a chance to absorb the playbook. Michael Vick was traded to San Francisco at the end of last year for former kicker David Akers.

  31. No way he trades for Akers. That would be admitting an error was made. Vick would be traded for draft picks, which are then used to corner the market on undersized linemen.

  32. Mike Miss is a total ass, but I’m sick to death of Reid immediately bristling when his awful gameday management is questioned by the media.
    What has this guy ever done to justify copping an attitude when the media and fans demand answers?
    Andy Reid has won NOTHING and the team has only gotten worse since the core of defensive players (including multiple Pro Bowlers and at least Hall of Famer) he inherited all retired or left.
    Take a look at this roster. I count exactly one quality offensive lineman (Herramins) drafted by Reid. On the other side of the ball, Patterson and Cole are the only two Reid draft picks who are above average starters.
    This team has been decimated by years of poor drafting and terrible gameday management. Reid should do like Michael Jackson and start with the man in the mirror.

  33. At practice that play worked 20 times out of 20 because they were practicing it vs. casey matthews, jamar chaney, and moises fokou !!!
    …he’s supposed to be the head coach of a professional football team and he’s in here talkin’ ’bout practice…smh lol


  35. This exchange just PROVES that all of Reid’s constant “I need to do a better job of putting our guys in a position to make plays” nonsense is just that – nonsense. He doesn’t mean a word of it.
    If he means it, why does he then get all cranky when Missanelli does nothing but agree with that statement & try to point out one of the ways in which Reid failed to put his players in a position to win???
    What he should have said? “You’re right – that was a bad play call by me.”
    We will NEVER win a Super Bowl with this “genius” as head coach. Never. Period.

  36. I’ll laugh nice and hard at all these people in 38 years when the eagles are led to a superbowl victory by a jar of andy reid’s ashes…. Cause let’s face it, an inanimate object could do a better job of coaching but lurie won’t get rid of reid…

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