UPDATE: Joe Paterno Won’t Speak At All

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UPDATE: The AP is reporting that the worst university president in the history of the world, Graham Spanier, has cancelled Joe Paterno's planned 12:30 press conference. If you thought the public and media were angry before…well, it's about to get worse.

There were many national media outlets on hand, including ESPN, ABC, CNN (I think), and several Philly stations. If there is one thing you don't want to do in life, it's anger a throng of media.

Here is the official statement handed out to reporters via (@ryan_loy):

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Paterno says he's "disappointed."

Original post:

The PR folks at Penn State continue to juggle this giant ball of chaos like a wet bar of soap.

Today, Joe Paterno will hold his weekly Tuesday press conference. The media has been instructed that he will ONLY talk about football.

Heh. Good luck with that, Joe.

Perhaps the biggest story in school history – an ex-coach raping boys in the football locker room – and the coach is only going to talk football? Every single PR person at Penn State should be fired. Like, yesterday.

We will assume that the media folks will do the right thing. The live stream will be right here at 12:20.

At 2:30, we'll have college football reporter Kevin McGuire and Penn State blogger Andrew Porter on Broad Street Radio to discuss. Should be a swell time, stop on by.

For more on this cockup, CNBC's Darren Rovell blasts the school's handling of the incident


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  1. Awesome….my Alma Mater is looking more retarted by the minute. They need to clean house from the President on down. I love JoePa but he needs to go. He didn’t do anything wrong but he didn’t do the right thing either. And how is McQueery getting off the hook on this? He witnessed it, and didn’t proceed to beat the fuck out of Sandusky? PUSSY!

  2. Preposterous. If Paterno was half the man I was raised to believe he was it wouldn’t be about football at all. All of my PSU gear is now 100% bound for the Salvation Army.

  3. Paterno is expected to be a witness for the prosecution; is he allowed to discuss the situation before the trial?

  4. @Blonders – well said, there is no discounting Joe Pa’s good deeds over the years but there’s also no adding it into the equation on this one, his course of action should have been to follow up to the hilt internally, alert the state police and some key Alumini then threaten to resign if nothing was done. That would have been the honrable course to take. Had he done that, would another kid have been raped by Sandusky post 98?

  5. @Matt – hold onto your shit dude… PSU will bounce back once it does the right thing here, no matter how many apologists like that greasy jerkoff Missanelli put up ridiculous arguments about how it’s ok to just report it to your superiors and forget about it. Chain of command on anal rape of children, like blonders said McQuery shoulda bashed his fucking brains in, call the cops to pick up the body case closed.

  6. Good point Jeremy. But if that’s the case- he can’t legally talk about it- they should have said that from the start. Leaving it open as just “he will only talk football” shows a lack of understanding by the PR staff. You’re right Kyle- they’re handling this awfully (maintaining the awful decision making they have been shown to exhibit in this whole situation). Heads gotta roll at many levels of Penn State’s hierarchy for this, and PR is now included.

  7. Come onnnnn State. What the hell? Cannot hide from this. Basically, at this point, most people are going to be demanding that Joe’s (as well as Spanier’s [agreed- worst university president ever] and McQueary’s) next presser is his resignation presser. And they’ll be very entitled to that demand.

  8. JoePa should have went 10 years ago. Why would anyone think it’s a good idea to have an 84 year old coach? (let alone 74)He didn’t know what was going on? YEAH RIGHT!!!!! YOU F’N SERIOUS?? I will be cheering for Notre Dame from here on out. F Penn State

  9. straight up awful p.r. all weekend long and then they cancel the press conference, Spanier can eat shit

  10. Spanier is not the brightest bulb in the bunch. He makes for an awful university president who has only his interests at heart. Canceling this press conference was just a dumb move. But, for everyone saying that they are ashamed of PSU and that the school is getting worse, for those saying they refuse to stand during the alma mater at the game on Saturday: Penn State’s reputation should not be tarnished because of the stupidity of a few people and the sickness and perverseness of one man. People do bad things all the time. in every school, city, state, and country. You can’t escape it. Just because this is publicized and others haven’t been caught, we are suddenly a terrible institution. I’m sorry, no. That isn’t how it works. Penn State is still a great school. If people only want to focus on one negative thing that really doesn’t have to do with Penn State as an educational institution, then they can go for it. They don’t know what it means to be a Penn Stater. As for Joe Pa, everyone needs to cut him some slack. Yes, from a moral standpoint he should have done more when he realized nothing was being done(I, myself, agree wholeheartedly), but he did what was expected. He followed protocol by going to his superior. I am disappointed that Joe Pa of all people didn’t take further action, but he did what was expected. The blame is with everyone who didn’t report it though. Letting someone get away with that is inexcusable and sickening. I’m so tired of people making this seem like it is the worse thing to happen to Penn State. It has NOTHING to do with the school as an educational institution and it has nothing to do with the football players that will be on the field on Saturday. I go to PSU currently and I continue to “bleed blue and white.” This doesn’t change how I feel about my school-just some of the people affiliated with the school that made stupid decisions regarding a sick man who did terrible things. Take pride in Penn State, because regardless of anything, we are an institution that makes a difference. Our students are amazing and dedicated. Just because of this everyone is going to forget about the millions of dollars students raise each year at THON, or everything that Joe Pa has done for the school and community. I’m not trying to lessen the seriousness of the crime because the entire thing sickens me. Just giving the perspective of a student currently on campus-a perspective that a lot of other students share.

  11. @K – As you’re a current student – i can see why you’re loyal to your school. As you should be. You’re right, you shouldn’t punish the team because of what these men did (or lack there of) but JoePa did NOTHING. He did the LEAST amount than anybody else who wasn’t a stupid old man who cared more about his legacy than those poor victims.. He most CERTAINLY needs to be held accountable and needs to get the hell out. Everyone from him up need to leave. and he DID let him get away with it, because the first report was in ’98 and he was STILL allowed to be associated with Penn State as an institution. and he was STILL being a sick pervert.. they ALL need to be held accountable and punished, whether its hell for Sandusky, and early retirement for JoePa.

  12. hey K. You and all the other students who share that perspective will be laughed at and scorned by almost everyone you encounter, each time you wear a PSU hoodie outside your little backwoods bubble, or, god forbid, talk about how you still “bleed blue and white.” Have fun.

  13. hey E. Why is it a good idea to remain loyal to a school that is led by criminal conspirators who turn a blind eye to the anal rape of orphans?

  14. Hey Assman,
    If you’re gonna judge an entire group of people for recognizing, being upset and saddened by, but then moving on from a horrific incident perpetuated by a small group of individuals, and not allowing it to become the sole definition of said group… well, I think YOU are the one who will be laughed at. That’s what most of us do now… we laugh at racists, bigots, and anyone else who judges a whole group of people on the actions of a select few.
    We give everyone hell nationally for what they say about Philly because of “snowballs, jail cells, and pukers” and how it’s not representative of everyone… what the hell is the difference here? Were we ashamed to be Phillies fans when the jackass puked on the little girl? For a little bit, maybe. But guess what? We got over it, because the team and the fanbase are bigger than that.
    What’s the difference here? Especially once Joe, Spanier and McQueary are out, too?
    I know your name is Assman, but seriously man, stop being an ass.

  15. Assman – you can’t punish a whole fucking school for something the ADMINISTRATORS did !! You can’t blame someone for being LOYAL to their school. They’re not necessarily being loyal to JoePa, or Spanier or San-does-boys !! I UNDERSTAND why you would want to cheer your team !! myself, obvs would NOT I don’t give a shit if PSU goes under from this scandal to be honest. Its a huge tragedy, maybe the students and teachers there need to still have faith in SOMETHING.

  16. @Assman Who the hell cares? That’s your opinion. If anyone doesn’t like the fact that I still respect my school, they can go cry about it. I’m sorry, but I’m here to get a great education. My program is ranked 8th in the nation last i checked. I’ll be proud of that. My school raises millions every year for pediatric cancer. I’ll be proud of that. Penn State is one of the leading research universities. I’ll be proud of that. Penn State is also ranked number one among recruiters from leading companies. I’ll be damn proud of that. We unite as a student body in difficult times and hold a vigil for the victims of this terrible scandal. I’ll definitely be proud of that. When I’m home for Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks, you better believe I will be wearing my PSU gear. No one will make me feel inferior for going to a school like Penn State. you can’t make me think less of my school….just the people involved in this whole mess. Quite frankly, it was only the heads of the athletics involved and one administrator of the university-Spanier. The rest of the administration was not involved. I understand why people want Joe Pa gone. He should have done more that just reporting to his superior. He undoubtedly should have followed up to make sure something was being done. Let the man finish the season though. He is an institution at this school and his lapse in judgement should not cancel out all that he has done for our school and community. At school, I am sometimes mocked for being a Philly sports fan or for just being from Philly. Philadelphia doesn’t have the best reputation, because of rankings and crime. It is almost like saying that that guy who killed three people is from Philadelphia. That must mean all of Philadelphia are murders. Is that the case? Philadelphia is still a great city, regardless. People need to stop blaming this on the whole university because one administrator and some athletic higher ups avoided doing the right thing. Our students, faculty, and professors have nothing to do with any of this. We should not be punished. I love my school. There are issues here just as there are anywhere else. It doesn’t make the school any less reputable…or it shouldn’t anyways.

  17. Excellent job tossing around that moon logic, folks. You seem quite comfortable comparing your dusty little bowl of white people who got Cs in high school to Philadelphia, an actual city.
    Anyway, in response to all of that, a Penn State student has the option of learning an invaluable lesson here, ripping his or herself out of the culture of mini-nationalism and hero worship. I’m not saying it’s anyone’s duty to drop out of the school, but you can’t expect anything more than rape jokes at your expense, from this point forward, if you try to pull your Happy Valley Pride horseshit anywhere other than the dorm or the cafeteria.

  18. I asked if I could make it worse by swimming. He said, “probably not, but we don’t really know. If you do make it worse, we think it could be easily fixed.” Hmmm. I’ll hold off on swimming for the next few weeks and then give it another shot. I’m also having trouble holding my upper body weight on the bike; hopefully PT can help with that as well.

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