Caption This: Jaromir Jagr and Eric Lindros Speak During Flyers’ Morning Skate in Toronto


I'm actually trying to get my head around this– Jaromir Jagr, a Flyer, is on the ice in Toronto with a former Flyer who we never thought we'd see again in the Orange and Black, Eric Lindros. – asploding - What's next? A Russian goalie cashing a paycheck from Ed Snider?!?!

Photo via the Flyers' Twitter

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26 Responses

  1. I’m actually looking forward to the “hatchet is buried” era now that the Winter Classic is behind us, this is how it should be.

  2. Lindros suffered three concussions during this conversation. One for each time Jagr mentioned he doesn’t drink.

  3. I guess the Flyers signed Lindros? It will help with all these injuries. I did not hear about this because I was in India till yesterday.

  4. No, but seriously.. ..been busy today and haven’t listened/read much. He’s just there skating in practice for fun?

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