Flyers Videos To Get You (It?) Up On This Monday Morning

The highlight videos and mashups are rolling in. Here now to get your Monday morning started (and as I finish up the Penguins’ eulogy for Yahoo!’s Puck Daddy) are four videos: One from my good friend Sean Don, who I think managed to squeeze every Flyers goal from the Penguins series into this highlight video, backed with Hulk Hogan’s I Am A Real American

A second from reader Harrison, who put together a Claude Giroux-History Is Made jam.

And the final two: Relive the handshake line and watch as people at Xfinity Live! have a gay ol’ time with Coatsey.


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21 Responses

  1. So all homer-ism aside
    Giroux is now the best player in the NHL. Has truly become a complete player on both sides and is 100% the leader of the team now.
    He’ll def be rockin the “C” next year
    Beez Nutz

  2. Coatsey with those two girls where the highlight of my night. Him groping them around the shoulder and clearly looking down their shirts during the interview sealed every question I had about him. Amazing.

  3. And to think Bob Clarke forgot Giroux’s name in the draft…what a hoot! Gotta love “G”!!!

  4. Is anyone else tired of Xfinity live yet … good lord Comcast just beat you over the dick with it.
    Its simply a breeding grounds for fair weather douche balls … the same ones who wont be renewing their phillies ticket packages next year
    NO LOVE,
    Beez Nutz

  5. I agree the pimping of xfinity live is getting tiresome, that being said I’ll probably check it out when I head down to see the Phil’s next weekend

  6. beez.. i agree that they show xfinity too much during the games, but the place is fucking awesome. I’ve been there for 3 games and it’s the most fun I’ve had watching a flyers game (besides being there). even my bf’s snobby friends who hate everything enjoyed it

  7. @J
    heard the same and it looks like fun..
    just sick of seeing it on TV after every single sporting event Lol

  8. Hey! Xfinity live is great! It’s where I go each game in the hopes of seeing pussy for the first time since the day I was born, however I just end up getting gang raped in the men’s bathroom each time. I’m not complaining though, hope each series goes 7!!

  9. Flyers fan since ’72. Bryz and Snider high fiving ? guess the Cold War is officially over. Hartnell is Yukon Cornellius on skates. Fuck NBC and NHL and their posterboy Crosby.
    Flyers are forever the underdog. just the way we like it.

  10. ahhh stop it you tricky bastard, that’s not rob house!

  11. Did anyone see the interview i did with those two smokin hot little puck bunny jawns last night? Yea…you guessed it, I whacked both of em.


  13. I dont think G needs the C for the locker room to notice his leadership. Also, I dont think he would really care if they gave it to someone else.
    Personally, given the disastrous after effect of giving the young Richie the C may be influential in the decision next year. It didnt let him grow into his own and had the formal responsibility of talking to the shithead Philly media scribes. It doesnt matter now but next year I think they should give it to an aged veteran such as Briere or TImmonen

  14. Yoo people on twitterr stop talking shit on me n gina from the interview with coats u don’t know us we aren’t dumb and we were sober assholes. Our tan is real just got back from florida jerks. People love putting other down wow stoppp

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