Jakub Voracek was in a Bad Car Accident, But is OK


UPDATE 2: Voracek texted Randy Miller of the Courier Post an emoticon:

All good. No injuries. That’s good! Can’t talk now. Very busy :) haha

UPDATE: Paul Holmgren released a statement. Voracek is fine, but his car suffered extensive lower-body injuries:

“I spoke with Jake this morning. He was involved in a car accident in the Czech Republic. Although his car did suffer damage, there were no injuries. Jake is fine.”

From a translated Czech report:

Hockey representative striker Jakub Voracek badly crashed.On Wednesday morning mishandled control of his vehicle Ferrari and collided with a lorry. Accident, there were no injuries, but damage is estimated at three million.

Twenty-three winger, who defends the colors NHL Philadelphia was driving too fast for a truck. The driver then started to turn left and therefore slowed down. Voráček did not manage to stop in time and crashed into the left side of the truck.

“The accident occurred at 11:30 am on the road to the town of Kladno Braškov. During the accident no one was injured, alcohol was similar [no alcohol] for both drivers on the spot expelled breath test,” she said in an interview Sport.cz Kladno police spokeswoman Michaela Novakova, which then outlining the amount of damages.

“Twenty-three Ferrari driver vehicle speed not adapted to their abilities and failed to comply with safe distance from the vehicle ahead. When the truck slowed down, not because of the high speed able to stop. To avoid a head-on collision, management pulled in the opposite direction, where the side collided with the Mercedes, from which it bounced and went off the road, ran into a tree and then to telephone poles. Culprit, who was driving the car himself, acknowledged his guilt and paid on the spot fines,” said Doe.

Pics of the crash after the jump.

Voracek_2 Voracek_4 Voracek_5 Voracek_3 Voracek_6 Voracek_7

Police photos

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26 Responses

  1. Pellie…says there was no alcohol involved i believe…breathalyzers given at the scene, but I could see breathalyzers in the czech republic audibly calling you a pussy if you were to get a 0.0 so who knows

  2. I hope homer & mr snider suspend him for the 1st 5 games of the season. Lucky he didn’t kill someone with his reckless driving. POS

  3. Check Republic looks just like the road around the corner from my house….. no need to go there ever I guess.

  4. “Culprit, who was driving the car himself, acknowledged his guilt and paid on the spot fines,” said Doe.”

    Nice. On the spot pretty much brides it sounds like.

  5. Why is every so hard on the kid. No alcohol involved, different speed regulations over there — hes an up and coming superstar who can do and drive whatever he wants — it was an accident – both parties are okay so just leave it at that.

  6. Another black eye on Eddie Snider & the flyers organization. Ed really hates player safety. Jesus Christ

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