I Feel Like Jerry Jones and Tom Coughlin are Just Frightened by Chip Kelly

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An updated Chip Kelly balls Photoshop, via reader Mike

In an admittedly nice to see transition from ink to online formatting, Phil Sheridan, now with ESPN.com, had a good piece today in which he featured tens of quotes he gathered from people around the NFL on Chip Kelly’s offense. A few stand out:

Jerry Jones:

“I watched most of that ballgame and they do get up to the line. I think you better get ready. You don’t get to substitute or you don’t get to match up as well. That’s always been when you look at the Red Ball or the no-huddle. That’s always been a challenge for a team. Some combination of that is pretty sound, relative to getting plays off, keeping the defense a little disjointed. I think it’s also sound, too. It’s a good crisp way to run a football team. I don’t know if that’s a fad. That stepped-up play is one that may have a place.”

Tom Coughlin:

“The version that Chip Kelly has brought to Philadelphia is in itself new to the NFL. We’ve all had the two-minute offense where quite frankly we are snapping the ball at that speed, the idea of playing for a full game like that, you know, is new for me in watching it in the NFL. They’re putting the pressure really on the defense to get lined up and communicate and recognize again what all the options are and be in position. Even when it isn’t something that is going what I call Mach speed, it still forces you without a huddle to do a great job communicating.”

Is it just me, or do Jones and Coughlin sound like old media types talking about Twitter and blogs. You know, the online webstinations and that Twitters might just be here to stay. Our kind may want to start figuring these things out and promote our material on our Myface pages. We need to keep up.

Another interesting take– Kyle Long, who played for Chip at Oregon:

“I think that the speed of that offense isn’t gonna be like that for four quarters. What they’re gonna do is they’re gonna come out, and they’re gonna punch people in the mouth with that tempo. That’s what we did at Oregon. We wanted to come out and set the tempo and dictate to the other team what the game was gonna be like. They jumped out and they scored all those points and you just hang on. You play sound, fundamental football for the other three quarters. Then you can hopefully get away with a win.”

That’s the sense you got the other night. It’s going to be damn near impossible to keep up that pace for four quarters. But if the Eagles can punch teams in the mouth GAPING HOLE ON THE LEFT SIDE early in the game, then they’ll just have to hang on in the second half. That style of football also scares the shit out of me. Much easier said than done in college than the NFL, where teams come back on you in a hurry. See: 1, Week.

Chiefs linebacker Tamba Hali agrees:

“I don’t think you’re going to go through a season running twice as many plays as [the opponent] every week. That’s a lot of games stacking up. I don’t think they will do that. I think they’ll try to come out, outcondition the opponent, keep them off balance, try to get points now. Once the game gets under their control, they’ll get back to what they do at a normal pace. In college, it works. You play 12 games and you have a bunch of players on your team. You don’t have that many players [in the NFL] to wear them down. But the mindset of coming out and playing fast and getting [a lead] early, that goes a long way.”

LOL, Tamba– you play for Andy Reid.

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8 Responses

  1. Yeah, hardly a coincidence that statement came from someone who plays for Reid, the Captain Slow of NFL head coaches.

  2. This offense is basically what the Colts were doin a few years back with Manning. Get huge leads and just hold off until the end of the 4th quater. Andy Reid tried playing like this with Mcnabb but we know his play calling wasn’t as good as Dungy’s. This offense has the team to do this type of offense with our speed and our Defense isn’t big overweight guys up on the line. The 3-4 is gonna work well for us because we have strong fast guys who can swarm the ball. I expect good things from this Offense and Chip Kelly as long as we stay healthy. I know for the first time in 5 years I’m very excited this year. I loved Andy Reid he accomplished a lot of things with the Eagles even though we didn’t win the big one. I’m just happy we’re not having the same play calling and we get to see something new. It was time for Andy to go but I always did and will always respect him and Mcnabb even though a lot of Eagles fans hated them. They still did have a lot of winning seasons and a lot of Playoff games and wins.

  3. It’s just great to finally have some national relevance and positive (for once) chatter in Philly again when it pertains to our sports teams…Fly Eagles Fly!

  4. Seems to me like those Coughlin and Jones are givin chip some credit and theyre intrigued by his offense. Way to have an article title that completely unfounded… Tamba agreed as well and you still jerked him off. A job at TMZ is definitely waiting for you whenever youre ready!

    1. Not unfounded at all. I said I felt like they may be worried, precisely because they saw it working. Also mentioned that they might want to embrace it, not pretend it doesn’t exist.

      1. Would you rather get head from Chip Kelly and his high powered, quick motion mouth or from Andy Reid and his relaxed, slow motion mouth?

      2. It is just you. I am sure Tom Coughlin worries about every team on his schedule; I also didn’t get any hint of denying the existence of the offense in his statements. The only thing I get here is respect for a fellow coach. You have the wrong NY Coach; you must be talking about Rex Ryan.

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