Voila_Capture541 Voila_Capture540The Flyers once again announced their starting goalie on the ‘Gram, and, once again, old school beat writers like Rob Parent of the Delco Times complained about it… on Twitter:


This time, however, the Flyers – or, more specifically, Flyers super secret inside reporter Anthony SanFilippo – pushed back on his quasi-peerVoila_Capture536Voila_Capture537


It wasn’t only Anthony, however. Readers, too, are growing tired of what is clearly a (very bad) inside joke amongst Flyers scriptuals:

Voila_Capture538 Voila_Capture539

It’s turning ugly.

Meanwhile, over in China and inside an Indian Banyan tree…


… former Flyers beat writer Randy Miller, who served as the official field reporter for the AFL China exhibition games in Honolulu and China for Lou Tilley Media (who broadcast the games), takes us on a tour of Tiananmen Square (just days after a terrorist attack) and… a tree:



Programming note: If you make it deep into the podcast, you’ll be treated to a special Flyers-beat-writer-related nugget.