Ruben Amaro Continues to Scotch Tape a Team Blown Apart By a Metaphorical Shotgun

Voila_Capture737I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, what with the 50th anniversary of the JFK shooting and all, and I’m pretty certain that had Ruben Amaro been riding alongside John Fitzgerald when a portion of his head was blown off and onto the trunk of his car, Rube would’ve merely tried to affix the chunk of brainy flesh to the President’s head with some lightly-chewed Trident and told the driver to keep on driving, slow and steady, so all the adoring (and now horrified) well-wishers could continue with their well-wishing. Give the people what they want to see, as dead as it may be.

That’s a very graphic metaphor, and it should disturb you that I wrote that before 9 a.m., but it… fitsThe Phillies need a major overhaul, or at least some sort of drastic change, yet they continue to tinker, continue to add little pieces and bigger (perhaps performance-enhanced) fragments where they should be adding entire new sections.

Yesterday, the Phillies, on the verge of signing 36-year-old backup catcher Wil Nieves, traded Erik Kratz to Toronto for Brad Lincoln, a 28-year-old reliever who split his time between AAA and the Majors last season and who walked almost as many people as he struck out. It’s a tinkering sort of move which the nets the Phillies some bullpen depth. And that would be great… if the rest of the team was any good.

In a vacuum, this is the sort of team-building you’d like to see from Amaro– trade one average backup catcher for another and add a bullpen arm. Fine. But all the Phillies have done worth mentioning this offseason, so far, is sign the very risky Marlon Byrd, overpay Carlos Ruiz, tender players they shouldn’t have, add the worst pitching coach in baseball and a bullpen arm.

Maybe this is the plan– to tread water and play to respectability while the aging core fades away, without taking on any more massive contracts. But something tells me the plan is still very much to win, and win soon. These moves, however, aren’t doing much to help with that.

R.I.P., Turkey Bacon:


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  1. What do you want him to do?

    The team is saddled with bad contracts, the FA market isn’t all that impressive and they have few, if any prospects.

    I mean I get it, this is a prison of his own making but he isn’t getting out anytime soon.

    1. We need to add more age to the roster. These young guys are too raw. There have to be some guys in their mid to late 30s out there to help the Phillies out.

    2. True, true and true. Though I’d rather RAJ do nothing than just making moves for moves sake. And get progressively older with acquisitions which do little to help the team.

  2. Rube is basing all his moves on Howard returning to 58 HR form. Did they ever sign a new TV deal or what? Don’t let Ruin Tomorrow throw that new paper around.

  3. I love how everyone is looking at Kratz like he was good. He had a decent 7-10 days, then didn’t do shit. Nieves is old, but he almost hit .300 last year. Kratz was the poor man’s Chris Coste…with awful commercials that I’m glad I’ll never have to see again.

  4. before the 2012 season, i often defended amaro and did so ardently. i did so because IMO the shortcomings of 09, 10, and 11 could be blamed more on players not playing to their potential as opposed to him acquiring the wrong personnel. however, with 12 and 13, he has done nothing but bring in absolute garbage and simply continues to add to the massive pile of shit he he himself has created. unfortunately, i do not see the phillies dropping him anytime soon. at least not this season…….he must have video of montgomery in a snuff film or something!

  5. This trade is perhaps so minor that it didn’t warrant a post, then again Kyle will take the time to blabber about anything.

    I dislike Amaro as much as the next guy, but at this point the constant bitching, especially on this site, is getting old. Yes, they probably need an overhaul but, as a previous commenter said, they are hampered by bad contracts. Where they stand right now they will be another mediocre team, but maybe there is a big splash on the horizon.

    The Ruin Tomorrow Jr comments ran their course a LONG time ago

    1. They’re hampered by bad contracts that Amaro gave out, that’s the problem, this is all his doing.

      I do agree about the Ruin Tomorrow name thing, it’s very douchey.

    2. And who’s fault is it that the Phillies are saddled with bad contracts? Why, RUIN TOMORROW JR of course! Thanks to that moron, this team has gone right down the toilet, and it looks like they could be there for awhile. While fans in this town laugh out loud at the Sixers, at least they have a plan, doing what the Phils should’ve done two or three years ago—-blow the goddamn thing to bits and start over again. As for that big splash, don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen. Because of how Ruin screwed up the payroll, and the farm system by trading away what few good prospects we had, the best he can do is patch here, tape up there and pray it doesn’t fall completely apart, even though everyone knows it will. And spectacularly to boot.

      1. I get that. I’m just saying criticizing his every little move right now is stupid. He got them into this situation no doubt, but losing your head over an Erik Kratz trade is just pointless

        1. I haven’t seen anyone complain about losing Kratz. Also, if you don’t like Kyle’s website, the best way to voice that opinion is probably to visit it and put money in his pocket via your hits to keep it running. So shut up you whiny cunt.

        2. I could care less about Erik Kratz. There’s a dozen like him waiting by their phones for a call from a general manager even as I type. But there’s been precious little that Ruben’s done right for the last couple of years now, and he continues to spin his wheels in quicksand, having transformed a championship team into a bottom feeder. Putting all his eggs into the AARP basket of Howard, Utley, Rollins and Ruiz is a horrific mistake that’s going to doom this team for the next ten years, and that’s why I’m bitching about Amaro.

    3. I guarantee you “getting old” is the same person who complains when I don’t write about sports.

      1. Don’t forget his complaints about you not working weekends. Just because he doesn’t get CB updates from his moms basement in between World of Warcraft sessions, you should work weekends, Kyle.

      2. I can guarantee you I’ve actually never commented on this site before, shit brain. The irony of you pessimistic fuck tards calling me a “whiny cunt” is humorous. Don’t any of you ever get tired of negativity? OH HERE WE GO AGAIN ANOTHER STUPID MOVE BY RUBEN AMARO WE ARE DOOMED! He’s made several mistakes but it’s December 4th. Let it fucking pan out is all I’m saying

        1. You sound like an idiot. This “pans out” with the Phillies eating shit for the next five years because of horrible signings. The people here who have negative opinions of Rube the Boob’s moves & signings have those opinions because they more than likely realize, unlike you, that fielding a team this old is going to get us nowhere. Now go home and get your shinebox, you whiny cunt.

        2. I know you are from Kensington or Chester, however, don’t forget to add a period at the end of your sentence, you illiterate whiny cunt. Do us all a favor and go read something more your speed like an US WEEKLY.

          1. I’m from an area where you wouldn’t be able to afford a motel room for one night. And US Weekly is awesome. Jennifer Lawrence’s tits are magnificent

          2. Must be a really nice place if you have MOTELS there. Do you have a lot of Bail Bond Centers and Chineese restaurants too? Don’t quit your day job.

          3. Sweet comeback, as high income areas always associated with motel rooms.

          4. Came to make an innocent comment, stayed for the entertainment of a couple of clowns getting worked up over said comment. Thank you.

          5. Sweet, dude. Now back to the grind. Your oranges aren’t going to sell themselves. Now get back down to Overbrook and make mammy some money! Someone could be putting that computer you’re using at the public library for some schoolwork or something. Good luck and stay warm!

          6. Aww does your twat hurt now, getting old? Enjoy your 2014 Phillies as they suck more penis than your whore of a mother.

  6. The only way this team gets better is by making a splash in the next few days during the Winter Meetings. If RAJ can pull off a Revere, Asche, Pettibone trade to say the Brewers for a Carlos Gomez it would be huge. RH bat with pop, ridiculously good glove and speed and OBP, plus bringing up Franco to man 3B, that’s 2 RH bats with pop and could change the look of the team immediately, bad contracts to the one time great old fucks aside.

    Finally, scoop up Tanaka and Axford and keep the phucking phaith!

  7. It just seems to me like they are depending on an aging, injury prone core of players (i.e. Howard, Utley, Rollins, Ruiz) to produce like they did in ’08-’11. Plus the additions of more aging players like Marlon Byrd. He rushes out and signs Byrd to 2 yrs $18 mill,when he could have waited and got him for millions less. The guy has been an average role player his whole career. Then goes out and gives Ruiz 3 more years at $28 mill. Let’s not forget giving Utley 3 more years mid season. A guy who can’t stay off the DL.

    1. Said players are here, and not going anywhere, period. The contracts are bad, yes, but it’s done and over with…Rollins and Howard weren’t bad deals in hindsight at the time, , and no more of this well Howard had 2 yrs left on his last contract bullshit, because the dude, compared to what Shitjols and Fatty McGee Fielder contracts is nothing, no one could have envisioned Nose getting hurt 2 yrs straight, it sucks, but I won’t bash the guy, still love Howard….yes, they are at the end of their ropes most likely, but they are names, coupled with the fact that they were both signed within 2-3 yrs following the ’08 WS championship, what else did anyone expect?

      The Ruiz deal had to be made, not a fan of 3 yrs. but their farm system is white dog shit catcher wise, for now (Andrew Knapp will be the next Phillies C), the Utley deal should have never happened, they should have traded the dude last season and given the reigns to Hernandez or even moved Asche to 2B. The worst contract of them all, and one that will bury RAJ is Pap….the fuck?

      It’s a cold reality, but this team sucks fat dong, and it’s depressing as shit.

        1. You’re right, letting him walk for Galvis and his thus far .220 AVG and DL stints. coupled with his doping suspension would have been the perfect trade off…not saying that Rollins is great, but c’mon dude, at least JRoll can stay on the field most of the time and actually provides some excitement, putting aside his Jimmy pop-ups persona and his fuck you i’ll run it out when i feel like it attitude.

          1. And how much of the shitty clubhouse attitue that Hamels mentioned in that interview do you think stems from J-Stroll? Ever-diminishing return on his offensive stats is one thing, but the guy is a fucking knob. There’s a good reason Ryno called him out on day 1 of his tenure. I’d rather have seen him walk.

          2. @Taquito….I hear ya man, I don’t like it either, the fact that the first pitch…Rollins swings…and….Can ‘O Corn Fly Ball to deep short….one away to start is still here, I don’t really like that Utley, nor Ruiz is here either….I appreciate the shit out of what they gave to us Phans over the years, but you’re right, they should have swallowed their pride and moved the fuck on…Howard, believe it or not, is the only one (with the exception of Cole) that I think SHOULD still be here, regardless of the contract and bullshit.

  8. Getting upset over the Phillies trading Kratz is like getting upset over the Sixers cutting Kwame Brown(laughable).

    1. You, sir, are a DOPE. KWAME Brown was the best thing to happen to Philly sports since Jon Harris was drafted by the Eagles.

  9. you cant let the same guy who ruined a championship team try to rebuild it. you end up in an even deeper hole.

  10. How many teams in baseball aside from the fucking Tampa Bay Rays and fucking Oakland Athletics behave the way you saber guys want the Phillies to behave?

    Let Utley walk? J-Roll? Howard? Are you fucking nuts? First, who do you replace them with? Second, if they can string together a few good months next summer we get another parade.

    Regardless, we’re stuck with this squad for at least 2 more years, so… stop worrying and learn to love the bomb.

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