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I can’t tell if DeSean’s Instagram is True Detectiving us with hidden messages about his mental state… or if he’s just a narcissist.

Ike Reese is reporting that sources – which I would bet are actually just DeSean Jackson* – say that DeSean has talked to Chip Kelly, who informed DeSean that he need not worry about these silly rumors, ya digg? Reese, via Bleeding Green Nation:

“He’s [DeSean Jackson] talked to Chip [Kelly] this off-season,” Reese said, citing a source close to the situation. “He’s talked to Chip and Chip told him you don’t have to worry about all the rumors that are out there. You’re here. He’s been assured, at least he’s been assured at that time [when they talked], that he wasn’t going anywhere. ”

“Again, it doesn’t mean something can’t happen to where a team wants DeSean and that the Eagles—this is also Howie Roseman’s department. The personnel department,” Reese said.  “To me it makes sense for the Eagles, that they at least convey to DeSean that he’s fine. That he doesn’t have to believe the rumors that are out there if for no other reason, you want to keep DeSean’s mind in the right place.”

That sounds a lot like something that would come from DeSean, but that doesn’t mean it’s untrue. As of Saturday, however, DeSean reportedly hadn’t been reassured by Kelly. [UPDATE: Les Bowen is reporting the same thing today.]

*I say that because Ike is the only one who got all bent out of shape when I asked DeSean’s mom on Twitter if DeSean’s house was robbed. Ike called me a “dumbass” and “low class.” Somehow, the media on DeSean’s front lawn escaped Ike’s wrath. I feel like Ike has a horse in this race. Just my two dumbass cents.