Photo credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Photo credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

So thrilled to bring back our ongoing series, The Amaro Lies, for another go-around this spring.

Ruben Amaro, who, commendably, has the sort of large balls that allow him to agree to a weekly whipping on the WIP Morning Show, was grilled by Angelo Cataldi this morning, mostly about Cole Hamel’s non-injury that we should absolutely not be concerned about until he’s still out come Memorial Day.

The burning question is why Hamels hasn’t been given an MRI, a relatively simple and routine procedure. The liar explains:

“We know he’s not hurt. We know he’s just rehabbing. We know he just has to build his arm strength and his body strength.”

How can you be so sure without an MRI?

“Um, because he’s not hurt and he doesn’t have any pain. And the doctors have seen him, they’ve twirled his arm, they’ve checked with him. He’s doing fine.”

You know… the last guy to not have any pain (almost a year ago to the day!):

He retired.

Look, I’m sure there’s a lot more to it than just “twirling his arm.” But, should we really trust the doctors and trainers (probably both) who are pulling and twisting a $144 million pitcher? These are presumably the same people who couldn’t identify Chase Utley’s chronic knee injury. The same people who watched as Ryan Howard suffered multiple non-setbacks. And the same people who couldn’t diagnose Roy Halladay as BEING ON THE VERGE OF RETIREMENT (!!!).

So, they just twisted Hamels’ arm and have concluded that this is no big deal? Great!

Here’s the full interview with Amaro. Angelo gets shit on by a lot of web creatures for his over-the-top style and Wing Bowl-ish stuff. But this interview shows why he’s one of the best– asks all the right questions in a manner that disarms the subject. Really good stuff.