UPDATE: Even Fictional Phillies Fans are Bandwagon Fans

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Last night, before the Dodgers’ social media team got very busy thanks to Clayton Kershaw, the team tweeted out this picture. What ever happened to the (very fictional) Corey who dressed up as a Phillies player for Halloween and played softball in Phillies gear near his nondescript suburban home? I guess we are bandwagoners. At least the Flyers still have David Boreanaz, who is ballsy enough to be honest about his Flyers fandom while on the LA Kings pre-show. Hollywood didn’t change him.

h/t Uproxx

UPDATE: Well shit guys, you didn’t have to rub it in:

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    1. easy the best laugh of the day. you made scotch and M&M’s come out my nose

  1. Can’t we spend some more time walking through what might happen with the 6ers? You know, seeing as the future face of the franchise was basically taken away from us.

    How about a quick article on the aussie guy I feel like I already hate: Exum.

    1. Kyle and/or Jim will get to it once Deadspin posts something about the 76ers.

      1. She’s been plucked more times then the Rose of Tralee. Biggest Whore on 5th Avenue, I’m told.

  2. So in boy meets world they do say he lives in Philadelphia and David Boreanaz dad was the meteorologist for action news. So yeah one person is real and the other is fake

    1. Feeney and me used to demolish Topanga and Angela behind the scenes. Feeney’s powder room was the spot.

      1. Gotta be careful with her, bitch blew up like a balloon after the show. Went on some redic weight-loss thing but I’m always wary of women who have the Oprah approach to weight loss/gain

        1. Disagree. She got “Hollywood Fat” but the way people on the internet (presumably catty bitches keeping People Magazine in business) talked about her you’d think she got pregnant from a Ridley dishwasher at a gas station on 420.

          Would definitely have made that bounce.

          1. The fact that you’ve included both “Dei Lynam” and “bounce” in your comment makes me salivate.

  3. How bout a sweet justin bieber blog next, that would really hit the spot

  4. I guess the only posts that aren’t h/t (copied, rearranged, pasted) are Kyle’s attempts at actual journalism, wherein he opines on download speed caps for his gay porn.

  5. Jim, Your Boss might not like you busting on bandwagon fans. Little too close to home.

  6. About you. The troll. Show up to your (parents?) homes with a camera a la Chris Hansen-style and question everyone on their comments — like that Triscuit commercial.

  7. So, what you are saying is that the Phillies social media coordinator extraordinaire just walked right into that one.
    We get it…. phillies have zero social media credibility.

  8. The Phillies’ latest promotion is, buy a dozen tickets and get put in the hopper for a chance to spend an entire day with Ed Rendell.

    (You may not bring an ice pick with you.)

  9. I’d take Topanga into the stalls at the Irish Pub. Me and my bulldog would lick her starfish!

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