More Evidence That the Phillies Can’t Trade Anybody

The bow tie man himself, little baby Ken Rosenthal, writes that rival executives feel the Phillies are seeking too much in return for their aging, expensive stars. But “sources” (that you, Rube?) countered by saying the Phillies were willing to pay large chunks of outgoing salary. The bow tie man explains what we all know:

The stalemate is unlikely to be resolved in the final hours leading to the deadline. The back-and-forth only will intensify. But really, the argument misses the point: The seeds of this mess were sown long ago.

The Phillies are dealing with too many onerous contracts, too many no-trade obstacles, too many vesting options – too much to undo at one non-waiver deadline.

If general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. is to blame – an all but inescapable conclusion at this point – it’s not because of what might happen Thursday. It’s because of all that happened before.

This comes on the heels of Todd Zolecki saying the Phillies might not be able to get a deal done, and Howard Eskin positively hurling shit at a wall:

Buster Olney also states the obvious:

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16 Responses

  1. Tony Bruno to Join 95.7 The Game in San Francisco

    -Looks like our old pal Tony Bruno has landed himself a new gig, but not anywhere near his hometown of Philadelphia. Tony Bruno will be back on the airwaves in San Francisco on 95.7 The Game. No details yet on timeslot or co-host partners but rest assured his annoying soundboard will be back in action. He’s all yours Bay Area, bum bump de bump…

  2. The Phillies have totally painted themselves in a corner with these big-money contracts that are laden with vesting options and no-trade clauses.

    I was reading something the other day about Marlon Byrd’s four-team no trade clause. He had Toronto and Tampa on his list because they play on artificial turf. Ok, I get that. But he also had Seattle and Kansas City on there for no reason. He said they just threw them on the list for the hell of it.

    That seems odd to me. Did Byrd’s agent ask for a two-team no trade clause, and Amaro said, “Two? Fuck it, how ’bout we give you four!?”

  3. There’s way too much hand-wringing about attendance. Obviously it will rise and fall based on the fortunes of the team and it is trending in a bad direction but it is still pretty good. They are averaging 30k per game which is good for a last place team. It isn’t like they are Tampa, or Cleveland (a playoff team last year), or the White Sox (in a much bigger market than us) who average almost 10k per game fewer than the Phils.

    Hell, in 1993 the Phils averaged 39k per game and that was the most entertaining team this franchise has ever berthed.

  4. cmon bro, dont be rude to Bruno. He is a legend. You probably on Donald Sterlings side of things. Disgusting pure trash. I am awesome bro so awesome. Come out to Pitchers Pub to hear me DJ off of my iphone. Just bought the new joint by Drake, 0 to 100 real quick yea yea yea.

  5. Whatever Eskin says, the opposite will happen. Thirty years of history cannot be refuted.

  6. I can’t wait to hear all the lip service Rube gives the fans about why he didn’t make any trades. Monty will absolutely eat it up and give Rube a pass because Monty is a delusional old man who is one fall away from breaking a hip.

    1. It is clearly evident that Spicmaro has Monty’s shriveled old cock firmly in his mouth.

  7. We can’t even trade Kendrick, Bastardo, or Mayberry? Do they have pictures of somebody? I get why the other guys are hard to move but nothing says ‘failure’ like these three guys still being on the roster. I don’t even care what we get for them. They are not part of our future and are not players anybody cares about. Take whatever you can get for them, bring up some minor league guys to replace them, and move on.

    1. So this is what needs to happen with the Phillies.

      Monty and Middleton JR who have a Jerry Jones like hands-on approach need to find themselves better smarter drones. Rube and the entire player personnel department needs to be replaced.

      Sign Rusney Castillo NOW. The Cuban Free agent outfielder.

      Dead Weight that needs to be off this roster by next spring training.

      Ryan Howard- Buyout
      Jonathon Papelbon- Buyout

      Cliff Lee-You pray can get his groove back and flip him for some prospects/payroll flexibility either in August or this winter.

      Ben Revere- Release DFA
      Dom Brown-Release DFA

      Kyle Kendrick- Contract not renewed.Get The Fuck Out
      Roberto Horrendous- Bye
      Mike Adams- See ya later stiff.

      Then you let the new Gm suggest the Nelson Cruz’s, James Shields types to help put this team back together.

    2. And who the hell would want to trade for them? Are there teams out there thinking “we really need a 5th starter with a 5 era who has gotten completely blown up over the last month to push us over the top” or “I think what we’re missing is a 5th outfielder who bats .200”.

      And, what exactly would you expect to get in return for them?

      1. Did you read my comment? I don’t care what we get for any of them. Bring up minor league players to fill their roster spots. Phils have one group that aren’t going anywhere: Howard, Rollins, etc. We don’t have to be stuck with these other bozos who are no less infuriating. Change is good. Any change we can get at this point.

    3. if you were the gm of another mlb team would you trade for kendrick, bastardo or mayberry.?those gm’s see exactly what we see…mediocrity.

  8. All of this means I might have to start watching soccer, because May to September for the foreseeable future will be a sports wasteland.

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