Ryan Howard is Batting 7th for the First Time in Nine Years

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25 Responses

    1. When 97.5 has to resort to teaming up Gargano and Missanelli to try to improve ratings, will Mike punch out another producer making minimum wage?

  1. This kind of shuffling will be the story all season long. Plugging people in and out based on the heat of the moment, and not allowing for any development to occur.

    Granted, Howard has been given chances at the cleanup spot for multiple seasons and has failed to produce…but I fear they’re going to start being this “reactionary” with everyone.

    1. also, why is francoeur batting 4th instead of ruff? for that matter, why is francoeur even on this team that is supposed to be rebuilding?

  2. 90 minutes left in the Afternoon Zoo…..not sure we’ll get to this today. We’re pretty busy talking about everyone’s favorite part of going to the strip club! Always edgy talk here on the Afternoon Zoo. Quite the breath of fresh air.

  3. all you posters are dumb and educated and post stupid and irrelevant comments. Get a skillset and then you can become like me..an educated and beautiful person!

      1. That stuck up bitch probably just lays there like a dead body during sex, unless there’s a promotion to be had.

  4. Two negative articles about Ryan Howard means me and the Reverend Jesse Jackson will be leading a protest march outside of not only Citizens Bank Park,but also the apartment of Kyle Scott and the one room studio of Jim Adair.

    1. What’s there to post everybody knows she’s a cum guzzling coke snorting slut that sucked every espn executives’ Johnson to get a sideline gig.

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