The Sixers Could Steal the Lakers’ Lottery Pick from Flea


The chances that the Sixers end up with the Lakers’ lottery pick is just over 17%. But, if the Lakers send Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers as their representative in the lottery, that’s gotta sway things the Sixers’ way, right? There’s no way stealing the pick from a guy who was part of the worst album title of all time — “Stadium Arcadium” — wouldn’t feel extra special. Man, Flea would just take that pick and … give it away. I’ll see myself out.

The Sixers should send all of Boyz II Men.

Oh, and the Bucks should send the owner’s daughter again. Wait, what– the Bucks aren’t in it? Well, someone should still send their owner’s daughter.


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  1. Let’s see Mikey Miss:
    – Local guy
    – Played baseball @ PSU
    – Law degree
    – Philly sportswriter for years
    – Mentored by local sports radio legends Don McKee and Steve Fredericks
    – Knows all 4 sports

    Josh Iness:
    – Fat slob
    – From Houston
    – Knows nothing about sports

    I’ll take Mikey Miss any day.

    1. Thanks for defending me man!

      Don’t forget I’ve sucker punched more producers as well.

      Mikey Miss: 1
      Fat Slob: 0

  2. I mean you could pick one stupid album name out of no where and forget to mention that they are a great band that has stayed relevant for a decades. Not to mention he was part of one of the greatest album names of all time, Blood Sugar Sex Magik. In other words you are a moron. The give it away reference… even you are better than that.

  3. Jim you do realize that if the Sixers get the Lakers pick it also means they(the Sixers)will have fallen out of the top 3,and fallen 2 spots to #5 and out of the hunt for pg D’Angelo Russell or pg Emanuel Mudiay.

    1. No, the Sixers can get the 1st pick and can still get the Lakers pick at 6 if 2 teams jump the Lakers to 2 and 3. Wolves move back to 4, Knicks to 5 and Lakers to 6 which then goes to the Sixers.

  4. The best case scenario where the Sixers get the Lakers pick would look like this:

    1. Sixers
    2. Team behind the Lakers
    3. Team behind the Lakers
    4. Timberwolves
    5. Knicks
    6. Lakers (goes to Sixers)

  5. It’s funny when you start reading an article and can tell it’s by Jim due to the awful humor

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