Joel Embiid is in on the Prospect Interviews at the NBA Combine


The most important part of the NBA draft combine for teams is the interview process, and Joel Embiid is helping the Sixers out with that. According to Keith Pompey, Embiid asked Texas center Myles Turner why he didn’t go to Kansas. It might seem like a small thing, but having someone young like Embiid in on the process could help lighten up the room and give the Sixers a better look at who these guys really are. Or, at the very least, someone on hand to berate prospects about why they didn’t choose to accept money from one college’s boosters vs. another’s.


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  1. Kyle/Jim,

    Serious Non-Trolling Question: Any updates on the sixers practice facility in camden? I google news searched it and it looks like there has been complete silence. Is the deal falling apart with NJ?

    1. The last I saw/heard was a Q&A with Scott O’Neill who was asked where it will be and he said it’s a go on land between the aquarium and amphitheater on the water. I thought it was going to be inland more, but whatever. From all indications it was a go and should open summer 2017. You’d think there’d have been a groundbreaking ceremony or something by now. I know it’s a big piece they’re going to promote for luring free agents

  2. For a guy that hasn’t played a single game in the NBA yet, Embiid ought to keep his mouth shut and focus on getting healthy. So sick of hearing about this attention whore. Keep your ass off twitter and combines and get on the court and prove you aren’t damaged goods.

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