Today in Trashy Boston Fans

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As you know, sports fans in Boston and just about everywhere in California are some of the worst, trashiest, and most violent sports fans around. Bruins fans are particularly awful what with their condom-throwing, ice-jumping antics. So it comes as no surprise to learn that it’s hardly just Phillies fans looking for World Series tickets who are willing to trade themselves for a couple of soft cushions at a sporting event. Because the woman in this Craigslist post (proceed with caution), with some encouragement from her husband, would apparently love to get her hands on you a pair of Bruins season tickets. It’s not the worst offer in the world… but presumably you’d be able to collect on the deal on something other than that cheap twin bed. Yuck.

H/T to (@eBaum27)

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15 Responses

      1. 1 thing I did hear on the roast rumor mill was that john “poopy pants” bolaris fucked Susie Celek

  1. Kyle, I demand you stop fucking around and give the ppl what they want… a detailed review of the roast

    1. She wanted to get out before somebody made the mistake of giving Big Daddy a microphone to regale the audience with thirty year old jokes and stories about growing up in Southwest Philly with a family of itinerant alcoholics.

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