Watch as Rams Fans Try, Pathetically, to Sell Themselves on Nick Foles

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

When a trade is made in any sport, there’s always the need of a fan base to believe they got the better end of it. No matter what. A fan’s mind will stretch so far to justify what the people they trust did, that they’ll come to accept (and even celebrate) someone’s flaws because they can’t accept that they got taken. [Kyle displayed this mindset last year when he wrote glowingly about Mark Sanchez being an “alpha male” celebrity quarterback… and then made a t-shirt about it.]

It’s still the preseason, but Eagles fans are on board after Sam Bradford’s 10-for-10 showing on Saturday night. That leaves Rams fans with Nick Foles, and trying to justify why the trade was good for them. The Rams SB Nation site, Turf Show Times, is trying so hard they’ve lost their grip on reality:

“Nick Foles isn’t the Nick Foles who ever took the field in Philadelphia; not in his rookie year, or in 2014. He’s better. Yes, I said BETTER! There’s something happening with Foles, and I think it has to do with the leadership light blinking to life in his soul. This guy is tougher than I ever thought, and the type of quarterback his teammates can believe in. I’m not bashing Sam Bradford here. I was – and still am – a fan of the lanky, injury scared former Oklahoma/St. Louis fan favorite. But while Bradford’s arm may be stronger than Foles, I don’t think he ever had what anyone would call amazing leadership qualities with his teammates. They all liked him, and what’s not to like, right? Foles is a different cat altogether. Soft spoken when he arrived, he now has a tenor to his voice I love hearing.

Foles throws passes with more faith; to receivers he believes in. In a way, the Rams receiver corp and Foles are a perfect fit. They both haven’t garnered much respect in the media, and are in the enviable position of benefiting from a lack of expectations. Every Rams receiver has the base talent to be in the NFL, but they’ve never been in a position to shine. Bradford relied on pin-point, “you-better-be-there”, passes. Small catch windows in tight coverage were the norm. If a pass was completed, everyone hailed Bradford’s accuracy. But life isn’t accurate at all, and relying on it is a fool’s errand at best. Foles reads coverage, then throws to an option filled zone for his receivers. His passes have just enough arc on them to help receiver gain the position they need. Bradford throws a flatter ball, and will flourish in Philly – sans injury – due to a system which depends on a ball be in an EXACT place in each of his reads and check-down options.”

You know what? It’s entirely possible Foles never felt comfortable here, on a bigger stage, and is now gaining some confidence in little ol’ St. Louis. But trying to argue that Foles is a better fit for Rams receivers because he’s a less accurate passer? That doesn’t even begin to touch on making sense. If making sense is the Lombardi trophy, that pro-Foles argument is Dan Snyder. Never the twain shall meet.

But even worse than the “Foles is better because he’s worse and that’s what we need” argument, is the next sentence, which attempts to preeminently strike against people who will say this is ridiculous:

“When the Rams sort out their offensive line issues, and get their ground attack moving, Foles will flourish in a way stats won’t explain…”

So Foles will be better because he’s a worse passer, but don’t try to prove me wrong, because he’ll be better in a way that defies statistics and logic. All hail King Foles, he without accuracy, who has no use for your puny statistics.

[h/t @Southern_Philly]

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39 Responses

    1. Foles’ ProBowl game proved he has no balls to attempt and make tough passes. Even in a meaningless game, he chose to take a sack instead. Foles is a great kid and was a muti-millionaire before he even played college ball. But, Good Riddance

  1. Is this post serious? Didn’t Philly try and sell themselves on Nick Foles for 2 years? 27-2……… 27-2……. 27-2……. 27-2. Sound familiar? Anti Nick Foles comments by Eagles fans are the ultimate foot in mouth.

        1. and the people shouting 27-2 act like Riley Cooper didn’t have 835 yards and 8 touchdowns that year. Sometimes players have one good year and then shit the bed the rest of their career (ie DOM BROWN)

    1. foles is accurate, just slow in making decisions. that was the problem here. 27-2 was a product of an offensive line that gave him eons to make decisions. then he would loft a few to cooper who would make great circus catches by coming back to the ball.

  2. Are they more or less pathetic than Eagles’ fans who are convincing themselves that Bradford can stay healthy and that Chip will eventually beat a good team?

    1. said the guy who sounds scared the eagles are going to win it all this year, so he has to get his shots in during the preseason before disappearing during the regular season…

      your a dime a dozen pal

      1. “you’re” – Now pick your pom poms back up and tongue Jeffy’s balls for allowing you to root for his team you weak minded kool-aider

    2. and Foles was a healthy option? Dude couldn’t stay on the field to save his life behind one of the best offensive lines in Eagles history.

      2010 – Injured his knee in College, out for important games at Arizona.
      2012- Broken hand, Placed on IR after playing 4 or 5 games i think.
      2013- Concussion against Dallas in week 7, lost to Dallas and missed the following week. He also looked/played like an injured QB in the postseason game to the saints.
      2014- missed half the season with broken collarbone.

    3. Chip, while coaching in Philthy beat the Colts in Indy last year. He’s beaten the Cowboys too. We’re not convincing ourselves that Bradford can stay healthy, everyone has their doubts. And who might you be a fan of you fucking loser?

  3. and in St Louis blog Crossing Arches, they are writing the same article about Eagles fans who are head over heels about Sam Bradford after 3 preseason games.

    1. Tom Selleck? Hahahahahahahah!!!! Great f’ing handle! Three Thugs (McCoy, Jackson & Boykin) and a Baby (Mathis). Great movie. I watched it all off-season.

  4. Watch as Kyle Scott tries, pathetically to sell,,,on , Jim, Adair,,,

  5. Hmmm? Who have the Eagles fans pathetically tried to sell themselves on?

    Kevin Kolb – he’s a coaches kid. He was groomed his whole life for this.
    Michael Vick – He was great in 2002! The time he spent in prison actually saved his body wear and tear so he can be a franchise QB for the next 7 years!
    Nick Foles – 27 – 2! 27-2! 27-2! He threw 50 million TDs in one game….against the Raiders!
    Mark Sanchez – Pick up the Shield! We are witnessing the resurgence of Mark Sanchez!
    Marcus Mario….um, nevermind.
    Sam Bradford – If his two destroyed knees hold out we can go 16-0. Did you see how he looked in two pre-season games against teams that didn’t game plan and/or had the second stringers in! Enjoy the ride!

    1. gotta love the ram helmet though, goes great with the most apt football mascot ever conceived. bengals helmet is the best though: f-cking literal tiger stripes.

      worst is the ravens with a black bird head with a tattooed “B” on its head, runner up browns, the helmet is orange…

  6. You could probably put up a post of eagles fans trying to sell that they’re not worried about Bradfords shoestring tendons. Or that Chip Kelly is a “genius” and won’t be back in college in two years.

    1. this is a philly sports blog…

      you have alot of time on your hands if your not a philly fan and are obsessed with us enough to read and post here….

      I get it, the cowgirls and vagiants are getting rolled and your just tired of taking beatings….

      let’s see if you are here mid-season after another lights out destruction of your team HAHA

      1. “cowgirls” and “vagiants”. What are you twelve? By the way in case you were wondering, its morons like you that cause people with brains to look down on Eagles fans, even though they themselves may be Eagles fans.

  7. Teams don’t game plan in the pre-season, so this is why our O (and Bradford) look so good – its as simple as that. We won’t see the same offensive domination from Bradford week 1. Foles is fine over there as long as he can 1. manage games and limit turnovers, 2. utilize play action from that running game they have and 3. the Rams D stays healthy enough to enable them to run the ball and not have to play from behind. Two entirely different offensive schemes too – its hard to compare them at this point other than a healthy Bradford is a better fit here than Nick was………

  8. FWIW foles went 10/11 for over 120 yards and a TD on Saturday (almost identical to Bradford), but hey don’t let it kill your narrative that he stinks. You ever think that both teams just got good QBs? Or is that too hard to comprehend?

  9. i think if things don’t work out with Chip Kelly that we need to bring Andy back along with Taco Tuesday.

  10. Jeff Fisher wins 10 games per year, every year. It is automatic. Plus he is on the rules committee. He is a big effing deal. Jeff Fisher for President!

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