Reports: Nepotism to Replace Sam Hinkie as Sixers GM

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With Sam Hinkie resigning, multiple reports point to the Sixers bringing in Bryan Colangelo – Jerry’s son – as the new GM. Bryan last worked for the Toronto Raptors in 2013. He’s a two-time NBA executive of the year, but here’s a look at how his “process” differs from Sam Hinkie’s:

He’s also the guy who picked Andrea Bargnani first overall in the 2006 NBA draft, but his qualifications and past history are secondary here. The second Jerry Colangelo answered a phone call from Josh Harris, this was the plan. And if the ownership and Jerry want to say they’re shocked that Sam Hinkie would rather resign than spend his time co-GMing with Bryan Colangelo until they fire him anyway, they have an even lower opinion of us than we though.


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  1. Think it’s safe to say the sixers will never win another championship

  2. Nepotism to Replace Sam Hinkie as Sixers GM? I’ll take nepotism (Bryan Colangelo, 2 time NBA Executive of the Year that has actually turned teams around) as opposed to a GM with zero experience who lead the Sixers to a 47-195 record with no point guard and no shooter.

    Take your “process” and shove it up your ass.

    1. Also, the Sixers should have drafted Dougie McBuckets and built around 12th Man Of The Year MCW. That’s how you build a championship – trade and sign your way you .500, then use pluck and gumption from there. Philly Max, baby.

      1. Bullshit. You process people are scumbags. I’m glad your geek is gone. Go take your analytics out of my sports.

        1. Fuckin right. In Philly we do it the right way: we find guys who play hard. Yeah, Larry Brown could have drafted Paul Pierce. He could have drafted Dirk Nowitzki. But he drafted George Lynch. Because he made the young man a promise. You process freaks don’t understand that. Where does math explain loyalty and hard work?

          1. Larry Brown wasn’t a real GM. He threatened to leave if Billy King was in charge of the draft.

            Poor example for a rebuttal.

          2. When’s the last time loyalty and hard work won an NBA championship in this city?

            Larry: “I think I wanna take George Lynch”
            Management: “Larry, this Dirk Nowitzki character is off the charts good”
            Larry: “Yea, I’m gonna take George Lynch”

            Don’t give me this “process freaks” bullshit. I’m just as frustrated as the next fan, but Hinkie’s plan revolved around freeing up cap space with obtaining quality drafting positions. While he won’t be around to see how this draft shakes out, the idea of Ben Simmons and other draft talents will be tied to him and not Bryan Colangelo.

    2. He won the Executive of the Year and then promptly his team was eliminated in the first round of the playoffs.

  3. Ok, so this idiot is probably going to bumble and stumble the Sixers back to 38-44 after a couple years. Meaning they’ll be totally and utterly uninteresting and unbloggable, without any prospect of newsworthiness as they were during the Iguodala/Dalembert years. Meaning Kyle will soon be back to wondering if he should really greenlight more than one post about a Sixers playoff game or the playoff race if it would interfere with the flow of Eagles draft or Flyers posts.

    I guess what I’m trying to ask is…is Jim finally fired?

  4. Bryan Colangelo will be as big of a flop as GM as this ratings move my station made pairing me up with a fruit in the morning.

  5. I find it so awesome appropriate that a post that you try to emotionally wrap up an impassioned post with a poignant statement about ownership’s low opinion of the fans (and especially Jim!) ends with a typographical error.

    Basically, Jim, you’ve confirmed why it’s completely fitting to have a low opinion of you. Even lower than anyone though[t]!

  6. Jim, You obviously didn’t read Keith Pompey’s article today that states a source said Bryan’s track record – not who he is related to – is the reason he got the job.

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