The Eagles return to action for Sunday Night Football after being on the bye last week as they host the Dallas Cowboys.

The Eagles are favored at -7.5, according to Fanduel Sportsbook.

Our predictions are after the jump:

Chris: Dallas isn’t good. They’re definitely not good on defense. They’re alright on offense. But Dak Prescott isn’t the next Troy Aikman. I think the bye helps the Eagles to their advantage, especially with Golden Tate in the mix. It’s always to get a win against Dallas. Eagles 34, Cowboys 21 (Eagles -7.5).

Jeff: Dallas stinks, they’re coming off a short week and the Eagles are at home coming off a bye. No reason to over think this. Eagles 27, Cowboys 13 (Eagles -7.5).

Mike: ???

Tim: ???

Coggin: Maybe it’s the eternal optimist in me, but I think this is the start of a very successful second half for the Eagles. Dak Prescott’s noodle arm will throw up a few clunkers for the Eagles patchwork secondary to pick off, and I think Nelson Agholor has his best game of the season. Eagles 24, Cowboys 13 (Eagles -7.5).

Phil: It is rather amazing what fools we were to think that, even though numerous really good teams have in the past decade won Super Bowls and then had terrible seasons afterward, somehow the Eagles were just going to skip past that ugliness and dominate again. Did you watch the Saints and the Rams last weekend? Do you think in a month of Sundays that the Eagles could go into either one of those teams’ home stadium and win in the playoffs? You need your head examined if you think that. And given the losses the Eagles have already suffered, the likelihood is they would have to beat both of those teams on the road in the playoffs to get back to the Super Bowl.

It is very cold comfort, this feeling that they’ll win the division and then we will find out what happens once they get to the playoffs. But with the Sixers and Flyers drifting around .500, it’s all we have. As for this game, I only have one thing to say: DO NOT LAY THE POINTS. Eagles 24, Cowboys 20 (Cowboys +7.5).

Anthony: This one looks like a slam dunk, right? Dallas is in disarray. The Eagles seem to have their swagger back. Dallas is playing on the road on a short week. The Eagles are coming off a bye. The Eagles have more talent and a superior coaching staff. What’s not to love about the Eagles this week?

Well, there are some things that still seem to linger for the Eagles. My biggest concern remains the offensive line. I think both Jason Peters and Lane Johnson are playing hurt because they know there is no reliable depth behind them. I still think the running game is ordinary and the secondary is banged up and has issues too. I actually think Dallas is in this game all the way to the end. But the Eagles will still win in a game that will be closer than a lot of people expect. Oh, and it’ll be Nelson Agholor, not Golden Tate, who does a lot of damage in this one. Eagles 23, Cowboys 16 (Cowboys +7.5).

Bob: The Cowboys are 0-6 under Jason Garrett in games following Monday Night Football. They’re 2-14-1 ATS under Garrett in all games on a short week. The Eagles are coming off a bye, have the better coach and the better quarterback. Sometimes it’s as simple as it seems. Eagles 27, Cowboys 16 (Eagles -7.5).

Russ: ???

Kevin: Birds come out slow and the Dallas d-line puts some pressure on Carson Wentz, probably a 3-3 game after the 1st quarter. Philly defense holds Zeke in check and the Cowboys’ limited passing game fails to move the ball down the field. Birds break it open in the second half. Eagles 24, Cowboys 13 (Eagles -7.5).

Kyle: ???