Phil Mickelson Ends Matt Kuchar, Talks About Hitting Bombs at Masters

phil mickelson

It’s moving day at The Masters, and if I were a betting man, I would do the following two things:

  1. I would download PointsBet and get a $50 free bet with no deposit and up to $1,000 in risk free bets with code BROADLINES .
  2. Drop the HAMMER on Phil Mickelson. Risk it all and not even think twice about it.

Why Mickelson when the leaderboard is stacked with some of the sport’s top names, you ask? Because he’s going to drop BOMBS, attack pins, and talk a lot of shit. I love his game plan, plain and simple.

Just absolutely tremendous content here. Spicy. The thought of Mickelson pulling up to The Masters, perhaps golf’s most distinguished and proper tournament, shit-talking Matt Kuchar and riffing about hitting bombs like a frat bro who’s 12 deep on the 18th hole is A+. Love it. I was rooting for the Tiger comeback story until today, but I’m out. You’re my boy, Phil. Give ’em hell out there.

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