The Best NJ Sports Betting Apps To Play at The Shore This Weekend

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Ahoy, maties. The Shore season is upon us and – checks headlines – yep, I won’t be going in the water anytime soon. But there are many things to do from the safety of the sand or, even better, a cool condo with the Phillies game on. And for those of you waiting… and waiting… and waiting… for online sports betting in Pennsylvania, you can get in the action at The Shore this weekend and all summer long with NJ sports betting sites.

A common misconception is that you have to live in New Jersey to play any of their legal sports betting apps. Not true! You just have to be in the state when you place a bet, much like being at a casino. That’s it– ping your phone’s GPS, see that you’re in New Jersey, bet. You can even view the apps and sign up regardless of location.

What’s more– NJ sports betting apps will be separate from apps in PA, so you’ll need “duel betting citizenship” if you’re someone who frequents New Jersey anyway. Here’s your best bets to get in on the action at The Shore.

Shore betting apps

Most well-rounded

DraftKings Sportsbook has long been our preferred app partially because we have a longstanding business relationship with them wait, I mean, because DraftKings is probably the most robust and fully featured sports betting app on the market. For real, though, the DraftKings brand speaks for itself.

Powered by the sportsbook provider Kambi, DraftKings Sportsbook offers odds on everything. Everything. Darts, cricket, tennis, you name it. Lines are updated instantly, and in real-time, and you can even “cash out” of a bet before its conclusion to lock in your winnings or losses. They offer a decent array of deposit options – bank transfer, credit card, PayPal, Skrill and prepaid cards – and even casino games and pools (similar to DFS style play), all in a modern interface.

Their deposit bonus isn’t the best around, but right now they are offering up to a $200 deposit match for both new and recurring customers. If you plan on being at the beach all summer, it’s a good way to reload a current account, but it will take quite a bit of betting to earn the full amount.


Most exciting

PointsBet is one of the new kids on the block and looks to be the winner in a very unscientific Twitter poll (in the replies):

What makes PointsBet so good? First off, they are a technology company much like DraftKings and FanDuel, so their app looks modern and works exceedingly well. It’s a pleasure to browse, even when you’re not betting, and it’s my go-to from PA when I just want to check the lines.

They offer all the bets you come to expect from a modern sportsbook, including live betting, alternative lines, cash out, and more.

But they also offer Points Betting– their special sauce that allows you to bet the over or under on a prop and win a multiplier of your bet. It’s fun (and dangerous, too), but adds to the thrill of having action on the game. Pro tip: Wager small amounts on points bets, because you can have A LOT of exposure at a 10x or, gasp, 50x loss. In small amounts, it’s perfectly manageable.

They also offer the best signup bonus in the business: $1,000 in risk-free bets  which you can get when you enter code BROADLINES. One is a $500 risk-free regular bet, the other is a $500 risk-free points bet. You are only credited the bets if you lose your first bet in each category. They also routinely offer -105 juice, early payouts, and karma committee refunds.


Soon to be a big deal

BetStars is not particularly popular or well-known in New Jersey. HOWEVER, the sports betting equivalent of PokerStars is about to get a new name thanks to FOX Sports’ investment in them. FOX Bet, which will be heavily featured on FOX Sports properties, will be coming to New Jersey and Pennsylvania later this year (the BetStars app will become FOX Bet, we believe).

While it maybe doesn’t offer the most modern interface, it is clean and easy to use, particularly for novice bettors. It also offers some occasionally divergent lines from the more popular DraftKings and FanDuel sites, giving some added options for your action.  They offer a $500 risk-free bet .


Best interface

fanduel sportsbook

21+ and present in NJ, PA or IN. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER.

FanDuel Sportsbook has dominated the market thanks to a combination of its excellent interface and well-known brand name. I tend to find bets that I like are more expensive on FanDuel, but they are sometimes a bit slower to adjust a line, allowing you to capture some value if you’re quick. They, too, offer a $500 risk-free bet .


Anyway, all of these are good options to play at the Shore this summer. I have accounts with each of them. We are an affiliate of these and other legal New Jersey sportsbooks, so if you click any of those links and sign up, we may be compensated (at no charge to you, of course).


What about PA?

Well, well, well. A spokesperson from the state told us five weeks ago that testing would begin on the first app (SugarHouse) in 2-3 weeks. Last week, he told us it would begin in a week. Both of those timeframes have been missed, so I don’t know. It’s soon, though, just not in time for this weekend.

If you want to stay updated, just leave your email here and we’ll update you when it launches and as new sportsbooks come online. We also send a betting email several times per week to quickly bring you up to speed on opening action, lines, analysis and more.


What if I want to bet in-person?

We have a full list of Atlantic City sportsbooks here. You have plenty of options at this point. But I hear the Ocean Resort is excellent. May I recommend heading over to Harrah’s and going to Gordon Ramsey Steak. Get the Wagyu and then hate yourself. Bob and I saw George Lopez there last year, so… cool.

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  1. Kyle:

    Any updates on the gamble you took in hiring someone who was previously terminated for his racist slanted tweets on the company twitter account ?

      1. Currently, the best places in Philly to get the purest nose candy is right above 5th & Allegheny, and Weymouth and Allegheny says:

        Just saying

        1. Can’t do it. To many illegals in that area.
          I can’t control my temper around illegals.
          Sick and tired of them whistling and hooting at
          my nice tight sweet @SS.

    1. I don’t care what he said, maybe something about Mexicans from what I’ve read on here? Big deal! It’s no secret that they are great for manual labor and making babies

    2. Kyle,

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      Is this true, did you hire a known racist to work at Crossing Broad?
      Why would you do this?
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      Who do you think you are fucking Castro?

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  2. Getting pumped for my huge and only weekend down the shore in Wildwood! Nothing like a cheap motel pool to kick off the summer!

    1. is this a passive aggressive, racist tweet since Wildwood is the black people spot?

    2. Don’t get to pumped pal……
      Watch for infected drug needles etc in the sand, raw sewage/gastrointritis in the water and drunks
      on land.
      You’re better off staying in town and waiting for some more of Perez Kinker’s kardashian updates
      and who had corn in their shit last night.

        1. You can’t be white trash if you’re from philadelphia unless you live in bridesburg or port richmond. But most white trash come from the suburbs like bristol

      1. Apparently according to Urban Dictionary the term came from day trippers who use to bring their lunch with them to the shore in shoeboxes.

      2. Everybody in the Philadelphia area is a rowhomer. Guarantee if you didn’t grow up in one your parents or grandparents did.

  3. If you’re a degenerate who needs to bet on sports, there’s a good reason you are at the Jersey Shore and not some place that isn’t a shLthole

  4. Watch out at the shore, swarms of jellyfish everywhere.
    I got stung in 13 different places.
    I’m currently lying in the hostipal , typing this.
    I cannot move, the doc said there’s a good chance I can I can be wheelchair bound in a year

    1. I got a wicked bj from a Delco and philly skankright before getting in the water, so it wasn’t a total loss

        1. No No No.
          Its the guy with the spelling issues.
          It those 4 grade spelling errors that can give you a bad rep.
          He might be a puto.

  5. the best thing about the Phils playing in Milwaukee is you get to those pair of tits sitting behind home plate all game. And no, i’m not talking about T-mac’s

  6. Just looked at the secondary market. Tons of tickets at CBP tonight in the $7 and $8 range. I love The Who from the old days. I saw them at The Spectrum in the 70’s but it’s not the 70’s anymore. Pete and Roger are rock legends but clearly at some point you should call it a day. I will say one thing $7 and $8 are 1970 prices. That’s what it cost to see shows back then.

    1. I paid $20 for Hall of Fame. Sit outside, drink a beer and watch The Who. Sounds like a great night.

      1. The show isn’t playing stadiums in most markets but CBP was already booked for Billy Joel so they must have decided to slot the Who in the next night. Made for a great Saturday.

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