DraftKings Sportsbook Has a Free to Play Democratic Debate Prize Pool

draftkings sportsbook democratic debate pool

Today is no longer NCAA Selection Sunday, but DraftKings Sportsbook is giving both new and current users an opportunity to win some cash by making their own decisions on tonight’s Democratic Debate between Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden.

Maybe this isn’t quite as fun as filling out a bracket, but with many sports leagues around the world shuttered, DraftKings Sportsbook is providing bettors with some alternative forms of action. Best of all, it’s free to play.

New players, including those located in PennsylvaniaNew Jersey and Indiana, can sign up here to get a $500 risk-free bet, a $500 deposit bonus and enter the Democratic Debate pool.

DraftKings Sportsbook users can follow the debate, which is set to air at 8 p.m. EST in Washington, while tracking the correctness of 12 different prop outcomes as they compete for a share of a $10,000 prize pool.

DraftKings Sportsbook’s Democratic Debate Pool

There isn’t too much betting action available by way of sports, so DraftKings Sportsbook is turning its attention to the political world this evening ahead of the Democratic Debate between Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. The event, which was originally supposed to be a public gathering held at the Arizona Federal Theatre in downtown Phoenix, will now be held without an audience at CNN’s Washington D.C. headquarters. Many consider this to be Bernie Sanders’ last shot to swing Democratic voters before Joe Biden all but cements his status as the party’s Presidential nominee.

DraftKings Sportsbook’s Democratic Debate Pool allows bettors to pick 12 different outcomes related to tonight’s event. Here are the props:

  • Does Bernie Sanders say “Millionaire” or “Billionaire” first?
  • Total tweets by Donald Trump during the debate
  • Will the first question be about Coronavirus?
  • Which candidate will be the first to be told “time is up” by the moderator?
  • Who will be the first to mention Hillary Clinton?
  • Who will be the first to mention President Trump?
  • Who will be the first to mention Coronavirus/Covid-19?
  • Who will be the first to mention washing your hands?
  • Who will be the first to mention China?
  • Who will be the first to mention the travel ban?
  • Who will be the first former candidate mentioned?
  • Who will be the first to mention Russia?

Users will compete to earn a share of a $10,000 prize pool. Entries are limited to one per person. All prize money will be distributed at the close of the last game. Here is the prize money distribution:

  • First Highest Score: $5,000 (50%)
  • Second Highest Score: $3,000 (30%)
  • Third Highest: $2,000 (20%)

Obviously, if ties exist in each of these slots, users will split the money.

How to Sign Up With DraftKings Sportsbook and Play the Democratic Debate Pool

Signing up with DraftKings Sportsbook is quick and easy. You can get started by hitting it right here. New players will be immediately eligible to play the Democratic Debate Pool, but in order to also take advantage of DraftKings Sportsbook’s new user bonus of up to $1,000, players must also fund their accounts.

Are there any sports to currently bet on?

Actually, yes. Some international soccer and hockey leagues continue to play on. Meanwhile, DraftKings Sportsbook is also running a $1,000 NFL Free Agency and $2,000 MLB Division Prize Pool.


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  1. Can you imagine how bad things would be right now if Biden was President? We are lucky to have Trump. He’s done an amazing job. The guy simply gets things done. Bolshevik Bernie and Quid Pro Quo Joe are total frauds.

  2. How about an over/under on Bide gaffes?????
    Hello South Tennessee!!!

    BIDEN-It’s a great Thursday!!
    CAMPAIGN MGR-Joe, it’s Monday

    Over/under on how many times Senile Joe says'”LOOK or HEY MAN”

  3. what is the O/U on the length of time it takes for my eye to become completely bloodshot?

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    Crossing Broad is a disgusting website.

    What’s the over under on that skinny fake shirt making little fuck shyster kyle hiring another
    underpaid reyist for the CrossingFraud.

    Maybe Wanker or Kinerkhead can give us an overunder on the number of people
    that will die because of the corona virus?

    As long as they get their 20$ URL link kickback then anything goes.

  5. Battleground South Philadelphia. I can’t wait to see the National Guard shut down all the shitbag cheese steak restaurants.

  6. this site needs a pro wrestling blogger. Wrestlemania doesn’t care about Covid-19, we’re freaks

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