The Phillies Are Off Until Friday, Yankees to Play Orioles Instead

What a mess!

As we try to sort out what’s happening with Major League Baseball right now, Bob can confirm that the Phillies will be off until Friday. That means the entire four game Yankees series will be shelved and the Phils will pick up on July 31st at Citizens Bank Park, with the Blue Jays playing as the HOME TEAM, since they weren’t allowed to host games in Canada.

Assuming that plan remains intact, the Phils have a unique pitching situation to figure out.

From Wankel:

“As a practical matter, the Phillies will have some decisions to make with the rotation when baseball does resume. The Phillies will have a rested Aaron Nola and Zack Wheeler, but starters Jake Arrieta and Zach Eflin have yet to throw this season. How long can they be kept on ice? Moreover, it’s uncertain at this point what the Phillies can and can’t do between now and Friday. Can they access facilities? Pitchers are on strict schedules. Undoubtedly, bullpens and side work will be impacted, which is a consideration the team must assess. My guess is that we will see some combination of Nola, Wheeler, and Arrieta.”

Of course the Miami situation creates a domino effect around the league. Right now the Marlins remain quarantined in Philadelphia as their season is placed on hold. They were set to play Baltimore and Washington before squaring off with the Phillies again next week, in a three-game series schedule for August 4th, 5th, and 6th.

As for the Yankees, they’ll play the Orioles instead, confirmed via a MLB press release that just hit the inbox:

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