Looks Like Jon Morosi is Going to be Running the Rocky Steps in a Joe Girardi Jersey

The Phillies are pretty much done, as Bob so eloquently wrote this morning.

They’re 27-29 with four games left to play, and if the season ended right now they’d be on the outside looking in, with Milwaukee claiming the eight seed and receiving the honor of getting blasted by the Dodgers in round one.

The Phils are 1.5 games behind the Marlins for the division’s second guaranteed playoff spot. They’re behind Milwaukee obviously and San Francisco is sitting there at 27-27, so it’s not looking good.

Enter Jon Morosi with this tweet, which brings us back to his preseason prediction:

Rough one, but we respect anybody who owns a prediction that does not come to fruition.

Said Morosi back in July:

“We have seen three different teams combine to win the last five division titles, so naturally my choice to finish first is a team that last made the playoffs in 2011. Yes, the Philadelphia Phillies will win the National League East in Joe Girardi’s first season. I look for a huge season from Bryce Harper, bit of a new batting stance and approach for Bryce in year two with the Phillies. I look for him to be the MVP of the National League in 2020. I love the lineup depth overall with Philadelphia. You think about where Gregorius and Segura hit, Bruce as the DH, McCutchen for a full season, love the Phillies.” 

Yeah, it’s pretty sad. Not an outrageous prediction by any means, but even if you put the bullpen aside, those things didn’t really materialize. Harper hasn’t had a hit in four games and couldn’t sustain his fantastic August numbers. McCutchen’s .712 OPS is a career low. Gregorius, however, is the real deal and had a great season.

The whole thing was pretty disappointing overall. Did this Phillies campaign even happen? It’s gonna be over by the end of the week, and then we will be seeing Jon Morosi soon, on the Art Museum steps.