Three Years Ago Today

The Eagles still do not have a head coach, so let’s switch gears and talk about something positive instead. Let’s go back to the halcyon days of 2017 and 2018, when the Birds looked like a well-oiled machine with great coaching and quarterback play.

The NFC Championship Game is on its third anniversary, and this was quite easily a top-five or top-three play in that run to the Lombardi Trophy:

The funny thing about this clip is watching Ronald Darby sprint forward to lay a block on Jerick McKinnon, only for McKinnon to completely lay him out.


Patrick Robinson probably doesn’t get into the end zone without Darby’s help. Regardless of the fact that he got clobbered, he puts a body in between McKinnon and Robinson and helps his teammate score. Surely none of the three linemen on the chase were going to get there, but McKinnon had an angle on him.

This was quite obviously Chris Long’s biggest play in an Eagles uniform. Huge momentum swing. The Eagles were down 7-0 at that point and punted on their first drive, while the defense gave up a 75-yard touchdown drive on the Vikings’ opening possession. This play totally turned the game around, lit a fire under the crowd, and precipitated the eventual beat down.

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