FOX Bet No-Brainer Will 5x Your Money If Gonzaga or Baylor Score 1+ Point

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Ahead of the final game of a crazy NCAA Tournament that has been loaded with wild finishes, FOX Bet has a no-brainer offer for tonight’s Baylor-Gonzaga matchup that is immune to buzzer-beaters or insane upsets.

New players who register with FOX Bet prior to tonight’s game between Baylor and Gonzaga will receive a 5x payout if either team scores at least one point.

Seriously. It doesn’t matter which team wins, and it doesn’t matter which team covers the spread. Those who wager $10 on the game will receive a $50 return if the Bulldogs or Bears simply score at least one point.

While they say anything can happen in sports, that’s not exactly true. Given that NCAA Tournament games cannot end in a tie, a team must score to win, meaning that these two squads will combine to score at least one point tonight.

Click here to get this FOX Bet promo in PA. Click here to get it in NJ. Or use any of the state specific links below to sign up.

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FOX Bet Baylor-Gonzaga Championship Game Promo

We don’t need to go into a deep dive about how Baylor is one of the best three-point shooting teams in the nation or how Gonzaga possesses the nation’s best scoring offense at 91.6 points per game. That’s because any two teams, even two teams with horrendous offenses, have to score at least one point in a tournament game.

So, now that we have established this promo has to hit, let’s address why FOX Bet formatted its offer this way.

While some online sportsbooks offer big risk-free bets or other bet multipliers, FOX Bet’s special is truly a no-brainer offer.

Bettors don’t need to worry about picking the game’s winner, beating the spread, or making a huge first deposit to get a big risk-free bet.

Instead, new players at FOX Bet in states such as Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Michigan and Colorado can simply jump into the action, make a $10 wager, and immediately ensure themselves of a guaranteed bonus on this basketball game.

How to 5x Your Money on Baylor-Gonzaga at FOX Bet

Getting signed up with this offer is a quick and easy process, one that requires some general information and just a moment of your time.

  • Click the links above or below to start the registration process.
  • Make a first deposit of at least $10 to a new FOX Bet account through one of a variety of safe and convenient options.
  • Following deposit, simply head into the app, select the featured offer located in the main menu. Click it, place a $10 bet on 1+ point to be scored, and redeem the $50 payout that will be made available within 24 hours of the game’s completion.

It’s that simple and no special opt-in or promo code is required.

Click here to get this FOX Bet promo in PA. Click here to get it in NJ. Or use any of the state specific links below to sign up.

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