Kelvin Benjamin Rips “Know-it-All” Joe Judge

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Can’t stand Joe Judge. What a phony. A fake tough guy who talks a big game but comes across sounding like a dweeb instead. He’s a disgrace to the great borough of Lansdale.

Judge went on the shitlist last season when he had the audacity to lecture Doug Pederson for tanking the season finale in order to do what was best for the Eagles, and not the Giants. Integrity of the game my rear end. The Giants would have done the same thing to the Birds if the positions were reversed.

Fast forward to Wednesday afternoon, and the Giants released the recently un-retired Kelvin Benjamin on day one of training camp, with’s Zack Rosenblatt all over the story:

…earlier this year, he received a phone call from Giants general manager Dave Gettleman. And so started one of the stranger — and shorter — stints for a player in recent memory.

It started with a rookie minicamp tryout in May — strange for a 30-year-old former 1,000-yard wide receiver — where Benjamin lined up at tight end, a new position for him. A few days later, the Giants signed him to a contract, giving him a chance to compete for a roster spot and come back into the NFL. Wednesday, on the first day of training camp, Benjamin got into a heated discussion with coach Joe Judge, was released and later ripped Judge in an interview with NJ Advance Media, accusing Judge of “trying to sabotage” him.

Benjamin told Rosenblatt his side of the story, and basically explained that he felt like Judge was out to get him and never wanted him on the team in the first place. There were questions about his weight as he transitioned from receiver to tight end, and though Benjamin came into camp over the team’s target weight, he said he passed all of his conditioning tests.

Then he said this about the head coach:

“I have a perspective on Joe Judge,” Benjamin said. “He’s not a coach that can ever win a Super Bowl because he sits there and cusses all day. You can tell he’s one-sided about everything. He’s a know-it-all. That’s not how it’s supposed to work. We all can learn from each other. We’re all humans at the end of the day. The true colors will come out.”

Agree with Benjamin! Judge is one of those old school “I’m a leader of men” dorks who couldn’t finesse his way out of a wet paper bag. He went to the James Franklin school of cringeworthy public speaking. He likes to talk ‘at’ people instead of talking ‘to’ them.

Here’s how Judge responded to Benjamin:

Bummer that the Giants had to extinguish a dumpster fire on day of of camp.

Actually, not really.

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