A little over a year ago, Caesars offered a sportsbook product that was clearly inferior in a market of mobile-first designed sportsbook apps.

It was a bolt-on attempt from a legacy brand to port itself over to mobile– and it didn’t work.

So what did Caesars do?

They went out and bought William Hill, the popular bookmaker who struggled in their own right to release a truly compelling mobile product.

William Hill featured was quality tech and ambition, but they lacked the branding and marketing to go with it.

This is where Caesars has stepped in.

Caesars Sportsbook has relaunched itself in a number of states (sadly not Pennsylvania, where the old app is still available) and features a national ad campaign backed by J.B. Smoove, of Curb Your Enthusiasm fame.

While marketing doesn’t always get me, Caesar’s efforts to match its brand to its ad campaigns really stand out.

I’m am, you are, we’re all Caesars! is the rallying cry in the debut commercial featuring Smoove, playing who else but Caesar.


The idea is all about giving back to the people. While many times this is just marketing speak – especially for sportsbook brands – Caesars is actually backing it up. They have a compelling product and a unique differentiating ethos, which features a slew of offers and promos that are genuinely useful and fun, and truly do give back to the people.


The Offers

Let’s start at the top. Their $5,000 risk-free bet signup bonus is the biggest in online sports betting (tied with BetMGM’s).

This is their evergreen offer, which allows new users to have their first bet risk-free up to $5,000. But of course, this requires you to wager up to $5,000, which most people, frankly, are uncomfortable doing. So Caesars Sportsbook takes it many steps further.

Free NFL Jersey.

As we detailed before, Caesars Sportsbook is giving away a free NFL Jersey to anyone who bets over $100 on NFL games in September. That’s throughout the whole month–simply $100 worth of wagers with -200 odds or better (i.e. there has to be some level of risk involved) and Caesars will send you a $150 gift card to the NFL shop so you can buy an NFL Jersey to the team of your choice.

This is a great promo. Anyone who bets on sports will probably bet $100 on the NFL this month, and Caesars will send you more than your value back.

For Week 1 games, they’re continuing to give back to the people with a slew of truly awesome offers:

  • 50% profit boost. From Friday, September 10th through Sunday, September 12th, you can get a 50% profit boost token to use on any game, to boost your profits on that bet by, you guessed, 50%.
  • Season-long bonus. Caesars’ season-long bonus wants you to bet local. Place a point spread wager on your hometown team, and you will double your winnings if they cover. That is available all season-long.
  • Monday Night Millions. Each Monday night, you have a chance at a $10 million grand prize. All you have to do is place a $10 wager on a Monday Night Football game, every week for 21 straight weeks, including the playoffs. If you somehow go 21 for 21, you’ll get a $10 million prize. Of course, you get prizes along the way for winning four in a row or eight in a row or 12 in a row.

It’s one thing to have a great marketing campaign with a great message. It’s another thing to differentiate yourself in an increasingly crowded field of sportsbook apps by living by the motto and truly giving back to the people.

Some of Caesars offers, boosts and promotions require you to bet a lot, or have long-shot odds, but others like the free NFL Jersey giveaway and the profit boost are truly fun and useful to both casual and experienced bettors alike.

You can sign up for Caesars Sportsbook in any of the states where it is live and claim the $5,000 risk-free bet.