MARCH MADNESS: Another #1 Seed Eliminated in the Philly Sports Talk Radio Field of 32

This is madness! This is March!

After the first round of voting saw the elimination of #1 seed Angelo Cataldi, we had Fanatic-on-Fanatic crime, with Andrew “The Choonis” Salciunas taking out Mikey Miss in the Sweet 16. It was a close battle, but more than 2,300 voters decided to put Choonis in front of the OUTRIGHT leader in electric sports talk.

Down goes Angelo! Down goes Mike!

The rest of the Sweet 16 was honestly not as competitive as we thought it would be. A lot of 60/40 and 65/35 types of wins. It will get harder as we narrow the field down to eight. Let’s take a look at the results, beginning in the Butch from Manayunk regional:


Butch from Manayunk regional


Ike Reese vs. Joe DeCamara

The voters were drinking that Ike Juice. Let the Bronco Buck on its way to the Elite 8, as Ike Reese defeats Joe “The Hammer” DeCamara in a matchup of WIP day-part hosts. A comprehensive victory for Reese.


Jamie Lynch vs. Ray Didinger

The Silent Bro has a strong Twitter following, while Ray does not have a cell phone or social media.


It mattered not, as Ray Diddy took 60% of the vote, flexing his Hall of Fame muscle to defeat Lynch and eliminate the second member of the 97.5 the Fanatic morning show.


Mike Missanelli vs. Andrew Salciunas

Incredible. This one was neck and neck for a long time, then the Choonis, out on paternity leave, made a strong late push to get the job done. Salciunas was the Orlando Magic in the first half and Kansas in the second half, just thumping Mike with a surge that seemingly came out of nowhere.


Bob Cooney vs. Howard “The King” Eskin

A 10 seed moving on!

Cooney easily dispatched The King by a 70 to 30 margin, which suggests that Howard’s first round victory over Eliot Shorr-Parks was perhaps hollow. Maybe it was like your typical presidential election, where you don’t really love any of the candidates, but you feel obligated to vote for the lesser of two evils. Regardless, the people have spoken.


Jose from Norristown regional (what up?)


Jen Scordo vs. Tyrone Johnson

How could this happen? How could the Crossing Broad selection committee put Jennifer Scordo up against show-mate Tyrone Johnson?

That was the accusation, but like Shaggy once said, “it wasn’t me.” Jen upset Angelo in the first round at a 16 seed, and Tyrone defeated Keith Jones, so this is the way the bracket played out. Tyrone again rallied his online support and defeated Ms. Scordo by a healthy margin.


Jon Marks vs. Anthony Gargano

I thought this one might be a lot closer, but it turns out that The Cuz has a strong following. Not only did he go toe-to-toe with Marks, but he squarely deposited his former Fanatic co-host into The Bagster. It’s a dumpster in a bag. Get it at Home Depot or Lowe’s.


Joe Giglio vs. John Kincade

A STRONG showing in this bracket from the 97.5 the Fanatic morning show. Note that Cooney took out The King and John Kincade has now defeated Joe Giglio and Jack Fritz. The only two losses suffered by the Kincade show are at the hands of Ray Diddy, who took out Pat Egan and Jamie Lynch. Ray Diddy is the morning show killer.


Devon Givens vs. Glen Macnow

Readers told us this was a “tough one” because they like both Devon and Glen. In the end, it was Macnow coming out on top as the #2 seed, with 59.5% of the vote.


Here’s the Elite 8. What a bracket! More voting this week:

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