Door is Open for Sixers to Bring Back the 2001 Jerseys

via @gameplancreativechi on Twitter

This tweet from the creator of the Sixers’ 2001 jerseys popped up on the timeline at an interesting time:

Gameplan Creative is a sports design agency started by former NBA Creative Head Tom O’Grady, whom Pat Croce designed the 2001 Sixers jerseys with:

“A Tough Team. Tough Town brand identity for Philly. 76ers President Pat Croce was a Harley-Davidson rider. When NBA creative head O’Grady met with Croce to discuss rebranding the Philly team, he had one request, “don’t make us look overly patriotic, that’s been overplayed by the 76ers team in Philadelphia for way too long.” The Harley Davidson black, gold and silver supported by the traditional red and blue provided a relevant and unique color scheme for the team on the rise. Having Allen Iverson as the centerpiece only added to a tough determined team brand. The “Sixers” identity became so popular the team added blue and red alternate uniforms and used a 76 secondary logo across a myriad of merchandise.”

All of this is speculation at this point, but it looks like with the recent departure of Chris Heck, who hated the black jerseys, this could build some momentum and get the ball rolling to bring back the 2001 Iverson-era threads. What a cock tease from Heck when he released the Boathouse Row jerseys. He featured Iverson in the promo and floated it out there they’d be black only to give us a jersey with the 15th-best attraction in the city on it. He made up for it with the Spectrum jerseys last season, but people don’t forget. Bring back the 2001 Jerseys, just don’t remake the blue ones. There was a weird transition in like 2005 where everyone from pro teams to your local travel basketball team switched from mesh to this glossy looking material that was not breathable and would stick to your skin. The fact Andre Iguodala could still pull off dunks like this in a jersey that weighed 10 pounds makes it even worse that Nate Robinson beat him in the dunk contest:

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