Am I an Influencer Now?

I was dillydallying around my local Wine & Spirits last night, getting ready for the Crossing Broad Beach Bash  (Spoiler Alert: about 90% of these blogs were already scheduled today while a bunch of guys in their 30s find out who can throw a vortex and body surf the furthest), when I spotted Surfside being on sale only A WEEK after my Philly Hard Iced Tea review:

A week?!?! I brought Surfside to its ice tea vodka flavored knees in only a week!?! They’re having so much trouble moving that swamp water that they’re charging a discount. Only *checks notes* 2,000 people watched the video, but it must of been enough that I flipped the ice tea market on it’s head. I might not have a clue what drinks should and shouldn’t be carbonated, but damn do I know what people want in their ice tea flavored cocktails. Am I slowly becoming an influencer?

P.S. For as much as I shit on Surfside, it would be wrong of me to not admit the Stateside vodka soda pack is better than anything on the market right now. I already told you the kiwi flavor of High Noon was the best in the business, but I’m here to update you that kiwi High Noon couldn’t hold the Stateside lemon cucumber mint flavor’s jock strap.

Shout out to me. That’s integrity.