Crumbl Cookies is capitalizing beautifully on the Tobias Harris situation:

I see this cashing. I don’t know the parameters, but I’d assume if Tobias Harris is on the team on October 24th, 2023 this promo should hit. Free agency starts Friday and I don’t think Harris will be moved before the trade deadline. With his contract and the new CBA it’s going to be a headache and may require three teams to be involved to make it work. There’s also no need to offload his contract for pennies when every team could use an assassin scorer who can damn near shoot 40% from three, guard the other team’s best player, shoot close up, drive, and play 70-plus games a year.

Tobias Harris loves the idea:


Technically, there isn’t a Crumbl Cookie in the confines of Philadelphia. You’ll have to go out to Wynnewood or Newtown Square or the Main Line to get yours.

And remember… they come in a box: