Ben is ramping up. He’s in the lab:


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This is part of his offseason workout regimen. Dumbbell reverse fly, lunges, getting some shots up, then a little bit of fishing to relax. That’s phase one. Phase two starts with 50 reps of Call of Duty, 100 free throws that look like ass, then a high-intensity session of passing up open looks underneath the rim.

The responses to the IG post are brutal:

  • “Omw to 6 points and 5 fouls.”
  • “Not falling for these again lmfaoooo”
  • “Bout to drop 25 load management games 10 mental health days”
  • “Ain’t no way Tristan Thompson should have more career three point attempts than you”
  • “Couldn’t hit water if you fell out a boat”

So on and so forth. You never know, however. This could be Ben’s year. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me every single summer since before the pandemic even happened, shame on me. Soy un perdedor.