Congrats to the Big Fella and Anne de Paula. Let the “Joel Embiid finally got a ring” jokes commence. We’re already piling on:

This tweet from earlier in the week makes a lot more sense now:


Listen, the city’s relationship with Jo wouldn’t be described as the strongest right about now, but you have to admit it’s cool seeing him go from a young 20 year old Internet troll that was injured, drinking Shirley Temples, and playing FIFA. To now a married man who is an Internet troll, injured, and drinks Shirley Temples.

Embiid has the chance to do the funniest thing ever. If Jimmy Butler was invited and Tobias Harris wasn’t he can take back his throne as the biggest Internet troll on the Sixers.

It looks like it might’ve been a Catholic ceremony?

God I hope they didn’t put their guests through a full hour mass. Cut that shit off at 30 minutes. There’s nothing worse than a ceremony with a full Catholic mass. Here’s a warning for any of my friends that are thinking about pulling that sham and might be reading this. I’ll see you at the reception.

I’m sure we’ll have enough content from his wedding for an entire post tomorrow because if there’s anything we know about Joel Embiid, it’s that he loves weddings: