Gotta believe the proximity to Live! Casino from NovaCare sealed the deal for Isaiah Rodgers on this one:

Of course Rodgers was suspended for the entire season for gambling on NFL games, including a $1,000 over/under bet on a Colts running back’s rushing yards last season. But this move is a high-upside one right up Howie Roseman’s alley. Rodgers would’ve likely started at DB for the Colts this year and with the age of James Bradberry and Slay it makes sense to stash him for nothing. According to Pro Football focus, he was the fifth highest graded cornerback last season. He can also make highlight reel plays on special teams:

Somewhere in hell former Eagles owner Leonard Tose is smiling. This is his kind of league:

In 1991, the Sands sued Tose for $1.23 million in gambling debts. He countersued, contending that the casino got him too drunk to know what he was doing. Eventually, the casino won. There was testimony from a cocktail waitress swearing that her job description was “to keep Mr. Tose’s glass filled”? The casino provided a monogrammed glass which she was instructed to keep filled with top-shelf scotch.

In the end, Tose lost by his estimate more than $20 million at Resorts International and $14 million at the Sands. In 1996, on his 81st birthday, Tose was evicted from his seven-bedroom Villanova mansion after losing the house in a U.S. Marshal’s sale.

In 1999, Tose told a congressional hearing on compulsive gambling that his losses totaled between $40 and $50 million. He spent his last years alone in a downtown hotel room after his home in Philadelphia’s upscale Main Line district was confiscated for unpaid taxes.