If you didn’t see it Monday, one of the Baltimore Orioles broadcasters, Kevin Brown, was suspended indefinitely. The infraction, apparently, was simply saying on television that the team has struggled against the Rays:

Uhhh… okay. Had to watch that a second time to figure out what exactly the problem was, and there is none. He’s just talking about how much the O’s have struggled in Tampa in recent years.

The baseball world came out in force against Kevin Brown’s suspension, with numerous broadcasting teams and other media members criticizing the Orioles. Mets’ broadcaster Gary Cohen had this to say:

Said Philly native and ESPN employee Kevin Negandhi:

“Wow. This is an embarrassing suspension by the Orioles. Kevin Brown was simply stating a fact and underlying how good this team has been without being critical. Suspending him for this draws more attention. What a bad look during a fantastic season.”

Agree with Negandhi and pretty much everyone else. The Orioles are getting absolutely crushed, and rightfully so.

The local equivalent would be Tom McCarthy going on television and talking about how the Phillies have struggled to win in (pick some ballpark) over the course of a certain amount of time. Then the Phils front office and ownership gets butt hurt and pulls T Mac from the air, putting him on indefinite suspension. Talk about fugazi. This is one of the softest things you will ever seen.