On Tuesday night, a cranky Marlins writer did not like Nick Castellanos’ ring finger celebration:

Relax Greg, it’s just the ring finger. Castellanos wants a World Series title. He wants that ring. ESPN explained it on the broadcast, and Castellanos after the game.

Honestly, if we’re talking vulgarity here, the big balls celly is more offensive than a ring finger. Greg Cote knows what that one is all about, right?

Listen, at the end of the day you’ve got pro athletes having fun here. Nothing crazy. If you’re offended by the ring finger, you’re probably also offended by the consumption of alcohol and tobacco in those locker room celebrations. Probably also offended by the occasional F bomb or whatever else is heard on a hot mic. It’s Major League Baseball, so it is what it is. These guys are good dudes who connect with the fans. You saw all of the stuff they did with the kids up in Williamsport, right? I’m not sure anybody is that concerned about the Phillies rubbing off negatively on the Delaware Valley’s little leaguers.

The ring finger celebration was cool. No worries.