This Phillies team rules! Monday night was another epic grind-it-out comeback win from the team in a lineup that featured Edmundo Sosa, Whit Merrifield, and Garrett Stubbs. They’re still in first place with 33% of their lineup being bench players. And sometimes it helps when you have the baseball gods on your side. Here’s the call of the Whit Merrifield non-swing on the Mets broadcast:

Ball was outside!

Yea but he swung!

I understand that!

Those two bicker like a married couple.

Should the ballgame have been over? Absolutely. Was Edwin Diaz so erratic that it made it tough for the umpires to lock in on the strike zone? Absolutely. And lets be real, umpiring has sucked this season. If the Phils haven’t been on the other side of a bad call I’m sure they will be by the time the season is over. I mean in the top of the 10th the umps forgot the count:

That’s the easiest part of the job!

The final two innings were drunk. Alec Bohm defensive miscue gives the Mets a run, the Diaz debacle, Sean Reid-Foley wild pitch gets Bryce over to third, Joey Wendle can’t bunt a guy over in extras. The Phillies tried to give the Mets the game and the Mets handed it right back to them (with some help from the umps). But Alec Bohm’s foot touched the plate and Whit Merrifield didn’t swing.