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Reminder: Christmas Movie Quizzo at Drinker’s

Kyle Scott - December 7, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-12-04 at 11.07.32 AM

Probably the greatest quizzo ever.

Next week, a two-night affair, CHRISTMAS MOVIE QUIZZO at Drinker’s. Four rounds, one movie for each: Home Alone (both), A Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation and Elf.

Next Tuesday at Drinker’s West at 8 p.m. Or, if you can’t make that, Wednesday night at Drinker’s Tavern at 8:30 p.m. (note new time). Both quizzos will be the same, but we wanted to give you two chances to make it out. Enjoy the delicious Christmas Taco and amazing drink specials at Drinker's while we test your knowledge of some of the greatest Christmas movies ever. But come prepared, the questions are going to be hard.

Your Drinker’s Philadelphia CB Six Pack

Kyle Scott - November 16, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-11-16 at 3.48.32 PM
via ESPN

Be sure to stop by Drinker's locations every Tuesday for ping pong happy hours. Get $2 Bud Light drafts, $3 Yuengling drafts, $7 Bud Light pitchers, and $10 Yuengling pitchers. Plus $4 Absolut.

You’ve asked for it, and we’re delivering. The triumphant return of the Drinker’s Philadelphia CB Six Pack. Six topics, complete nonsense, and usually a few dick jokes. Plus your feedback. This week: over-under on games Andrew Bynum plays, Hostess closing down, the iPad mini, Villanova basketball, is Jennifer Lawerence hot?, and winter brews.



Sixers tickets are currently going for $1.90 on StubHub ($5 on Crossing Broad Tickets, because we factor in convenience charges). Why? Well, the Sixers are already underperforming. The competition isn’t a big draw. Injuries and, by extension, market saturation.

When the Sixers lied to fans about Andrew Bynum’s knee troubles – saying he would miss only three weeks, and then that he wouldn't play until he’s pain free – they likely caused many folks to pick up tickets for games in November and December with the assumption that Bynum would be healthy by then. He’s not though, and he won’t be for another month. So that, coupled with a disappointing, lethargic, and kind of annoying start for the Sixers, means there are a lot of tickets in the market and few people who actually want to buy them. The result? $2 tickets on a Friday night. Proud.

I have the over-under set at 32 for number of games Bynum plays this year. And I’m taking the under. You?

Hostess going out of business

Twinkies suck. There, I said it. They’re greasy, cream-filled shits that don’t hold a candle to Tastykake products. I’m not saying that because Tastykake is a local company. Or because I want them to advertise here. No, no. They’re just better, more fresh (perhaps because they’re local), and come in a wider variety to accompany all discerning palates. Hostess products always look (looked?) good, but then by the time you get finished, you want to kill yourself. That, or hang on for a wild ride of sugar induced hysteria that will undoubtedly ruin the rest of your day. Good riddance, I say. 


iPad mini

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Play in Our FIFA Soccer 12 Tournament Tomorrow Night at Drinker’s West

Kyle Scott - July 26, 2012

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Your Drinker’s Philadelphia CB Six Pack: Flyers Fans at Daytona, Sheena Parveen, and More

Kyle Scott - February 28, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-02-28 at 6.27.52 PM

Photo via reader Cody

As always, this segment is sponsored by our friends from Drinker's Philadelphia, where you can get $1 hot dogs Flyers games. And really cheap drinks. Always.

Fucking Flyers fans– you’re everywhere.

1) Remember last week when NBC weather girl Sheena Parveen made the voyage back to her native Clearwater to go on an awkward lunch date with Hunter Pence where she asked him strange questions and he showed her that move which looked like The Shocker but was really The Matrix that could be opened up to become The Turkey? Breathe. Well, the trip was a booty call… of sorts.

She has a boyfriend in Tampa, according to Dan Gross. His name is Jamison Uhler, a former NBC 10 anchor and PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS SEXY SINGLE who used to date Kerri-Lee Halkett. Yeah, you hate this guy. And so, perhaps, does Hunter. 

2) has a gallery of all the goalie masks worn this year in the NHL. But they left out one of the three Bryz has worn. This one.

3) An arrest warrant was issued for Michael Vick’s brother, Marcus, today. He failed to show up for a court appearance for one reason or another. We really don’t care.

4) The very entitled David Murphy (Phillies beat writer), who doesn’t realize that the last person on earth you want to rip is someone with a following and no eddetour, told me today that I was like “an after school special on logical fallacy.” Guess he couldn’t fit those sorts of heady phrases into his 2,000 word prose on how the Phillies’ fastest player should use his speed more often.

5) This:

Screen Shot 2012-02-28 at 6.44.23 PM

6) Ryan Howard, who already shortened his Twitter handle by dropping the 6, is currently following two females on Twitter: His fianceé, Krystle Campbell, and Kim Kardashian. That is all.

Your Drinker’s Philadelphia CB Six Pack: Gonzo v. Murph (The Confrontation), Hunter Pence Eats with Sheena Parveen, and More

Kyle Scott - February 21, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-02-21 at 7.57.49 PM

The DNL crew sprung for beach bar chairs this week

1) Worlds collide.

Lots of stuff on Daily News Live tonight. First and foremost, Twitter war heroes John Gonzalez and David Murphy made their first joint appearance on the show, which was broadcast live from Clearwater. 

In case you are unawares, Murph v. Gonzo was our all-time favorite Twitter war (Les Bowen punching Jeff McLane is actually in a class of its own– Swinging Scribes). You can read all about it here.

Awkward. I need an adult.

Got to again give Gonzo the slight edge, though: He broke the ice and busted out the brilliant mark that down on your iPad, Barkann line– an unintentional hybrid of suck it, Trabek and Van Wilder’s write that down, all while paying homage to Barkann's iconic Gen 1 iPad. +2.

2) Moving on (which I think we can all agree is what’s needed here). Lee participated in DNL’s Quick Six segment. One problem: Lee’s hamster operates at the speed of a turtle on Xanies, making quick six a mathetmatical impossibility. But he did give us this when asked how Cole Hamels won last year's hitting contest among starting pitchers:

"I don’t know, I only had the highest average, more home runs, more RBIs, more hits, a stolen base. I don’t know. I lost."


I agree. How, in the hell, does one hit two home runs, gallop the bases and piss excellence, then not win the award? Please.

3) CSN’s other big announcement (I’m telling you– DNL had substance today) was… Gregg Murphy being added as Phillies sideline reporter for all home and away games on CSN, Comcast Network, and MyPHL 17. via the press release:

PHILADELPHIA – (February 21, 2012) – Comcast SportsNet today announced that the network’s anchor/reporter Gregg Murphy has been added to the Phillies broadcast team as a field reporter for the 2012 season. Murphy will join Tom McCarthy, Gary Matthews and Chris Wheeler, beginning with Comcast SportsNet’s broadcast of the Saturday, March 3rd Spring Training game featuring the Phillies and Yankees.


I actually like this move. Yeah, we’re going to miss continued success and I generally prefer my sideline reporters to be females sporting endless stilts… but Murphy is good and will certainly give us more than Sarge.

And as some of you asked, no, this doesn't mean Sarge is leaving the team, just not doing the on-field stuff.

4) LETS MAKE FUN OF THE METS. Deadspin has a rather in depth post on how Madoff’s money ran the team: [Deadspin]

The Mets chose not to pay their premiums on insurance for injured players, instead putting that money into a Madoff account, and pay players directly from the returns.

And then there's the famous Bobby Bonilla contract. Instead of paying him the $5.9 million owed on the last year of his deal, the Mets bought Bonilla out—and agreed to pay him $1.2 million annually from 2011 to 2035. It's not the only deferred contract the Mets handed out, and now we know why: they were investing that long-term money with Madoff. Wilpon and Katz figured the Madoff money would cover the contracts and make them a tidy profit.


The Mets headline translator is worth checking out, too.

5) Five other roles Shane Victorino should pursue

6) Finally, tonight (Tuesday) at 11, Hunter Pence eats Sheena Parveen eats with Sheena Parveen. This is absolutely going to end in more CB posts, I promise.

Screen Shot 2012-02-21 at 8.45.32 PM

Screen Shot 2012-02-21 at 7.49.20 PM

Just in case you were wondering (I was), Pence, who is rumored to be no more with Playmate Shannon Jamesfollows only one Philly media person. One. Sheena Parveen:

Screen Shot 2012-02-21 at 7.50.49 PM

Let’s. Go. Eat.

H/T to (@irollrocks)

Your Drinker’s Philadelphia CB Six Pack

Kyle Scott - January 23, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-01-23 at 1.55.41 PM

Welcome to our new and improved Drinker’s Philadelphia CB Six Pack, your place to opine on the previous week in Philadelphia sports… and vote on who you’d like to fuck, marry, and kill.

Stop by Drinker’s locations for cheap beers, delicious food, and good times during all Philly sporting events.

Poll is after the jump.

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Survey Says: The Week in Philly Sports… In Graph Form!

Kyle Scott - January 13, 2012

image from

It’s been a slow sports week. There was a handful of Flyers and Sixers games, but nothing very exciting (other than the advent of #shitmaliksays, of course) to report on.  

On Wednesday, we debuted our new Drinker’s CB Six Pack, which featured more varied questions but less pictures.

No pictures, actually…

Anyway, I figured out how to include pictures for next time, so we’re good there. And, one thing the new format does allow us to do is create swell little infographics, which are currently all the rage of the nerd community. Then again, so was Twitter in 2008, and, um, they turned out to be right on that one. 

So, here's a very poorly designed picture(s) I made for you based on nearly 500 responses to the Six Pack.

[this first one is for TV color guys, except Quick, who is the Eagles' lone dedicated color analyst]

Screen Shot 2012-01-13 at 4.57.43 PM

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Your Drinkers Philadelphia CB Six Pack: Rube and Moose Edition

Kyle Scott - December 6, 2011

As always, this segment is sponsored by our friends from Drinker’s Philadelphia, where I will be hosting MIGHTY DUCKS QUIZZO Thursday night at 8 PM– Drinker’s Tavern in Old City (2nd and Market).

Sixers mascotDogg is out. He’s completely unoriginal, may land the Sixers in a lawsuit and is borderline racist. Soo… we’re left with two: Ben Franklin or Phil E. Moose.

The moose is going to win.

When you put it to vote, you run the risk of the public uprising and choosing the most ridiculous (worst) option. It’s the Sanjaya Effect— he’s going to win because people want to screw with the voting process. Plus, the moose is so ridiculous, it might win people over by bringing more attention and fame to itself than deserved– that’s the William Hung Theory. This thing might slowly be winning me over. Holy shit… it all goes back to American Idol… the show that is produced by 19 Entertainment… which is owned by the holding company founded by new Sixers owner Joshua Harris. Ah! We’ve been punked, Philadelphia! Larry Platt’d! Pants on the ground, pants on the ground!!! We’re looking like fools with our pants on the ground! Long live the moose! Mooooose!

Phillies offseason: Thumbs down, though I will reserve final judgement for when Ruben is done slapping his wang on money-laden tables. For now, though, the overabundance of over-30, slow, plodding white guys remains a concern. Unlike the Marlins, who are going to salsa dance their way to home plate.

Post-game rant guys: See both here. Angry Grey Ryan is too commercialized. The minute CSN producers limited Meredith Marakovits to one PGL interview at PJ Whelihan’s (Ryan), the segment officially jumped the shark. Then again, eatdatpussy445 is now being “sponsored” by our friends at Buzz on Broad, sooo… I’ll still like the pussy, though.

Crossing Broads: Look at that segue. Meredith has her ups and downs, but the black sweater with do you see me now? undergarment lines is always a winner. Ovi’s mistress, Maria Kirilenko, however, is athlete-dating perfection: she herself is an athlete, she’s Russian, doesn’t seem like a complete whore and models. That’s hard to beat. 

Crossing Bros (for the sistas): Always wondered. I’ll go Vick, just because he’s crazy enough to be bankrupt and send picture’s of his fiancée’s new Porsche, which he bought, to TMZ.

More ridiculous: The Maclin-donuts story one of my all-time favorites to write. But watching Kurt Warner just straight up emasculate Five on national television was perfectly hilarious and sad. And hilarious because it was sad. I’ll go McNabb.


This week Drinker’s Challenge: Predict, correctly, the number of shots on Ryan Miller by the Flyers tomorrow night in Buffalo. Winner gets a gift card to Drinker’s establishments. Enter after the jump.

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