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Bryce Harper Phillies Jerseys Are Now Available at Fanatics

Craig Dudek - March 2, 2019

Suhhh kid. The moment Philadelphia has been clamoring for since the start of the 2019 MLB offseason has finally happened, Bryce Harper will be in a Phillies Jersey. It looks like he’s going to be here for quite a few years too, so you won’t have to worry about buying his jersey and him being gone before you christen it with a ketchup stain on during dollar dog night. You can get your Bryce Harper Phillies Jersey at Fanatics now .

Bryce Harper Phillies jersey at Fanatics

bryce harper phillies authentic jersey

Harper’s number 3 jersey is now available for purchase at Fanatics. It is $119.99 and is eligible for free shiping with code 29SHIP. Get the jersey and shop other Harper apparel right here .


What number will Bryce Harper wear with the Phillies?

Despite some reports, Harper, who wore number 34 in Washington, will wear number 3 with the Phillies. Remember, Roy Halladay wore number 34, and there is some expectation the Phillies will retire this. So Harper chose number 3. It’s Allen Iverson approved:

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Harper Phillies throwback jersey

bryce harper phillies throwback

Fanatics is indeed offering Bryce Harper throwback jerseys in powder blue. The full Cooperstown Collection jersey is available in all its glory . Also for $119.


Versions available

bryce harper phillies replica

They are offering authentic, replica, youth, women, and big-and-tall jerseys. The authentic jerseys are known as “Flexbase” and come in at $273.99. The replica Cool Base jerseys are at the more affordable $119 price point. Women and kids come in at $99.99 and $59.99.


Bryce Harper shirsey at Fanatics

Along with having Bryce Harper Phillies jerseys in stock , Fanatics will also be the place to get your Bryce Harper Phillies Shirsey. The Bryce Harper t-shirt jersey nicely complement’s Harper’s goal to “make baseball fun again.” It tells people you like baseball, but that you want a shirt that is up for any challenge that may come your way at the Phillies game. Head over to Fanatics to get your Bryce Harper Phillies Shirsey and help make baseball fun again.

You can load up on all your Bryce Harper Phillies Jerseys and team gear at the Fanatics right here .

Two of the Least Relevant Baseball Beings on the Planet Take Swings at Philly

Kyle Scott - March 1, 2019

Imagine being so irrelevant to baseball that you have about 30% as many followers as a local dickhead blogger in a real market?

Think about that. And then imagine that you swung (and missed) your way to said irrelevance by playing in such hotbeds at Tampa Bay, Detroit and Baltimore before ending on a brief high note in the City By The Bay, where your crowning achievement was removing a thong from your jeans when you were “high as a kite” on Adderall.

You’re Aubrey Huff, and you never would have been able to hack it in a real city:

Moving on– imagine caring so little about your team that Sleepy Chuck Todd is your fan avatar. There’s never been a better dichotomy between famous sports town fans than Jim Cramer in the Philly corner and Chuck Todd in the D.C. green room. Cramer is loud, brash, generally entertaining. Todd, on the other hand, has the energy of a sprained thumb with a toenail-bed of hair to match. And a whole pile of butthurt to match:


Michael Rubin Owns The Sixers Courtside Celeb Game (Literally)

Kyle Scott - March 22, 2018

You may recall that, late in the year of last, we broke down the Sixers’ courtside celeb game in the wake of Meek Mill’s prison sentence. In the months that followed, the city rallied behind Meek and his song became a rallying cry for the Eagles en route to WINNING THE SUPER BOWL (fuck, that feels good to type). The whole landscape of the city has been transformed by on-field success and a Process-y swag that pervades the Illadelph, or whatever it is the douchebags call it these days. A new DA has even vowed #freemeek from the clink.

But while runner-up superfans M. Night and Kevin Hart, who dealt himself a serious blow with a podium-stairs mishap at said Super Bowl, have faded from the pack, new entrants have emerged.

Phillies owner John Middleton has inserted himself into the conversation with his impassioned Eagles fandom. Chase Fucking Utley and Rob McElhenney shocked the world. And even Macaulay Culkin is in the mix.

But it’s Meek’s friend, Sixers co-owner Michael Rubin, an admitted Patriots fan, who has established himself as the alpha dog and deep pockets of the courtside celeb game. Behold:

That’s his shoulder, which is worth more than me.

Here he is last year with Robert Kraft: Continue Reading

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The Full Video of The Delco Eagles Fans Doesn’t Disappoint

Kyle Scott - February 1, 2018

Uber Driver Ed, whose video went a little crazy after we posted it the other day, actually showed up to our live podcast that night and thanked me for post.

Today, he emailed me the following:

Hey Kyle,

Glad I happened to be passing by in West Chester the other night, it was great to meet. Again, appreciate the share of that eagles in the uber video.

I figured I’ll keep sharing my content in case you want to use it. This is video is the extended version of the two gems from delco I picked up, the last lines back and forth between them is gold. (Ive been in contact with them, the fact they are on crossing broad has made their lives fyi).

You never go full Delco.

For real, though, I’m all-in on these guys. I need them to take a ride with Ed if the Eagles win. In fact, right after they win. And to the parade. Wonder if the Birds savant in the back ever got his hoagie sampled.

Uber Driver Records Conversations with Drunk Eagles Fans

Kyle Scott - January 30, 2018

Uber Driver Ed, on his very funny YouTube channel, posted a video of conversations with Eagles fans (who gave their consent to be filmed). A lot of deep, probing insight here, but I’d like to rank the top 5 characters in this noir flick:


This guy doesn’t say much, presumably because he’s too engrossed in the bottle of Corona he brought along for the ride, but he took off work for the parade next week, and if he doesn’t have a future as a director of sales for a meat-packing company serving high-end clients in Philly, D.C., and New York, I’d be shocked. SHOCKED, I tell you. Continue Reading

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Shut Up, Chris Thompson

Bob Wankel - October 19, 2017

It’s a tale as old as time. Some out-of-town athlete, in a roundabout way, tells reporters that Philly sports fans are assholes, usually while also referencing a tired cliché. Then, said Philly sports fans and local media get all upset about unfair mischaracterizations. Snowballs at Santa, Duracells at J.D. Drew, and jail cells at The Vet. “It’s, just like, so unfair. Every team has a few bad fans.” Guys like me will run to our blogs and pound the key strokes with purpose as we try to convince outsiders that we’re just misunderstood.

The latest example of this nonsense comes from Redskins running back Chris Thompson, who went on ESPN 980 in Washington and explained to host Bram Weinstein that his family won’t be in attendance for this Monday’s pivotal NFC East showdown because, well, because we’re mean. (You can listen to the full spot below.)

“I heard that’s the one stadium you keep your family from going to. I said, ‘Absolutely not, you’re going to have to wait until Dallas comes around.’ Because my stepdad, he’s a big guy. And if he starts fighting, it’ll be real bad out there. I was told that right away my rookie year: ‘Keep your family away.’”

Thompson, specifically, referenced a pregame incident at Lincoln Financial Field during his rookie year.

“So two years ago, you see a lot of the players pre-game when we run out of the tunnel, guys just go pray or whatever in the end zone,” Thompson said. “I went and prayed in the end zone, and one of the [fans] told me, he was like, ‘God’s not going to help you today.’ And I was like oh, shoot. I heard it while I was praying. I was like dang. All right, that’s a little harsh.”

Shoot. Dang. Golly, Chris. You’re right. That’s SO harsh.

Typically, one would expect me to go on a rant filled with righteous indignation over the national misperception of this fan base in an attempt to change the stigma associated with this area’s sports fan. Nope. I don’t have it in me to blowback against a false narrative so firmly entrenched in others’ minds that it cannot possibly ever be rewritten. Realistically, what can you do? Go on Twitter and bark, “Fuck Chris Thompson? Fuck Colin Cowherd?” Nah. Instead, everybody out there should be dogs about it. Just own this bullshit story and keep doing exactly what you do. Continue to be intense, loud, and loyal. Continue to show support for teams that asked for patience and understanding as they tore apart rosters in long and arduous rebuilds. But, most importantly, let people who have no fucking clue what they’re talking about continue to think whatever the hell they want about the fans in this city. Fuck them. Seriously. I’ll wait while you do…

Glad you’re back. Anyway, Philly sports fans shouldn’t need the approval of players like Chris Thompson, or guys like Colin Cowherd to validate their legitimacy as a first-class fan base. You need not be that insecure. You’re just fine.

Personally, I like that the fans are in Chris Thompson’s head. I like that he senses the hostility. That he doesn’t trust them. Be uncomfortable. Frankly, I hope it’s an antagonistic crowd that occupies the 69,176 seats at Lincoln Financial Field on Monday night. Picture this. Monday night. It’s somewhere in the middle of the third quarter. Chris Thompson can’t hear himself think as he looks around a raucous stadium. The fans continue to give Thompson and his teammates hell. He looks up at the scoreboard and sees “31-0,” and suddenly it hits him—that Eagles fan from his rookie season turned out to be right. God isn’t going to help him this night.

Colin Cowherd Trashes Philly Fans Over Andy Reid, Terry Francona and Jay Wright

Kyle Scott - October 3, 2017

I’ll say one thing about Colin Cowherd– bashing Philly is his shtick and he… shticks with it (sorry). But that doesn’t change the fact that he’s an asshole who will happily dismiss facts or even basic observation to take a shot when given the chance, which is exactly what he did today when he bashed Philly fans because he was in need of clicks and knows that nothing will bring them out more than taking aim at the smartest, most engaged fans in the country: Continue Reading

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An Eagles Fan Claims Brandon Marshall Spit on Him

Kevin Kinkead - September 26, 2017

“That is one magic loogie!”

What is it with New York athletes and spitting allegations?

First it was Keith Hernandez, who was accused of hurling a wad at Cosmo Kramer after committing an error that lead to a five-run ninth inning for the Phillies.

This week, it was Giants receiver Brandon Marshall who allegedly spat on a fan, this time during pregame warmups at Lincoln Financial Field. It started when the fan, wearing a throwback Randall Cunningham jersey, reportedly began to taunt Marshall:

Hard to make out the words there, but Marshall is saying “stop shaking, stop shaking,” before walking away. The fan says, “you spit on me, you spit on me, you pig.”

Marshall is escorted away from the crowd by Giants staff:

It’s impossible to tell if any spitting did occur. There’s no definitive proof. I can’t freeze-frame any flying phlegm. There’s certainly a chance that the frothy shouting could have resulted in saliva spewing, but it’s not like Marshall rears his head back to hock up a big ole’ loogie.

Maybe this will remain a mystery, unless Jerry Seinfeld comes along to debunk the accusation.

“There had to have been a second spitter!”