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No One Was Arrested at the Draft

Kyle Scott - May 1, 2017

Everything is coming up Philly.


Three days, 253 draft picks, hundreds of thousands of people booing NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

And as Philadelphia recovers from hosting an estimated 250,000 fans at the weekend’s NFL draft, one other number stands out: zero arrests.

Philadelphia Police said Monday that the festival-style extravaganza passed peacefully; authorities did not even hand out any draft-related citations, according to a spokesman.

I’m sort of shocked. Not because Eagles fans are expected to get arrested, but because it’s damn near impossible to have any event with 250k people without a single arrest. So much for that nasty stereotype. Imagine if this event were held in LA? You’d have more gang shootings while the first pick was on the clock than the number of times Rich Eisen talked about someone’s wardrobe. Philly is loud and a little rough around the edges, but when it comes to actual crime, take your pick of LA, Kansas City, Oakland, San Fran, Cleveland, Dallas and so on– that’s where the actual bad shit happens.

Side note: This is the point where people send me a bunch of accounts of truly heinous acts that weren’t publicized.

Drew Pearson Is The Best Heel

Kyle Scott - April 29, 2017

It’s rare that we will find a sports figure who can turn around the boo and boomerang it back in the other direction, but Drew Pearson became the absolute best heel that Philly could’ve asked for last night.

See, this is the difference between the Pat Burrell boo and Adam Eaton boo. We sense fear and vulnerability. Guys like Eaton and Kevin Millwood – any many others – had a deer in the headlights look at the faintest whiff of a boo. They couldn’t take it and, frankly, didn’t understand it. Once we pick up on that, you’re done. Like a dog whose master cedes their seating position on the couch– the balance of power is thrown all out of whack. We sense the anxiety. Roger Goodell is getting the Eaton boo. You can see the fear in his eyes. Sure, he “brought it on” the other night and has been playing to the crowd better than expected, but it’s easy to see how uncomfortable that situation makes him. You can hear the slight cracking of his voice.

Pearson, on the other hand, earned the Burrell boo. It’s not just granted upon you– it’s doled out to only the most deserving. Burrell, depite hitting like .086 and striking out every at-bat that one season, never flinched, and somehow he came back bigger, better and most likely harder because of it. He was born in the boo, molded by it. Pearson, last night, somehow earned himself the Burrell boo in the span of about 50 seconds. I’ve never seen that before. It was excellent and we give him our respect.

Meanwhile, Goodell’s still wondering why no one’s talking about his attempted heel turn.

This Is How Narratives Start

Kyle Scott - April 28, 2017

This is almost a parody of how the national media would cover what was a tremendous event in Philly. For real, the city looked great. The money shots on TV were perfect, especially as the sun went down and the lights went up. The crowd was thick and deep and filled the open spaces way better than you could’ve envisioned by looking at the setup. The boo was perfect– top 5 all-time boo. More: I think the nation got our tongue-in-cheek relationship with the boo last night. Goodell’s is everyone’s heel – all commissioners are – and Philly did its part well. Bonus points to NFL Network and ESPN– even though their pre-draft broadcasts were soaked with Rocky references like this:

If you blacked out after Kay Adams, just know that the rest of that clip was bad. But that was it– the actual broadcasts focused on the draft and the fans.

And for what it’s worth, Michael Strahan was really complimentary of Philly fans in that GMA clip. We did good.

H/T to reader Ryan

Noah Syndergaard Fires Shot at Phillies Fans

Kyle Scott - April 12, 2017

Second day in a row there has been manufactured strife between the Mets and Phillies, and second day in a row I can’t even feign outrage about it. My, how times have changed.

Anyway, last night, fans at Citizens Bank Park, while the Phillies were trailing 14-4, decided to do the wave. Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard said something that if this rivalry was even a shell of its former self would’ve added some delicious fuel to the fire. But now? Ehhhhhhhhh:

Voila_Capture 2017-04-12_09-03-55_AM

Some are claiming online that the remaining fans in attendance were mostly Mets fans and that they were the ones who started it – the ol’ smelt it dealt it-supplied it denied it debate – but even with what was a sparse crowd by the later innings, it’s hard to get enough of a tipping point for a successful(?) wave without full support of all involved, so Phils and Mets fans are equally to blame. And, this isn’t the first wave of the week. Busted Coverage captured one fan calling Philly “nerd city” the other night, and over the weekend another person tweeted about their first Phillies game experience and doing the wave: Continue Reading

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Reader Email: M Night’s Fandom Is No Accident

Kyle Scott - February 9, 2017

As part of my ongoing effort to publish every completely unsubstantiated email I get after I sat on the Dave Hakstol news two years ago, I bring you this from an anonymous reader:

Just saw your post about M Night being the Sixers Jack. Reminded that a ticket sales rep I was talking to at one of the preseason games told me about the messages M Night sent the Sixers before the season requesting season tickets. Apparently first he turned down baseline seats because he needed to be on camera and said he wanted to do for the Sixers what Drake did for Toronto in terms of being an “ambassador” for the team. So yeah, the guy who directed a good movie in 1999 thinks he’s our answer for the Raptors having the most popular rapper on the planet courtside.

He wanted to do for the Sixers what Drake did for Toronto. Let that marinate for a second. M Night wants to be our Drake. I’m not even sure how to wrap my head around a phrase of that magnitude, though I’ll disagree with the tipster here who says M Night only directed one good movie in 1999. He’s no Steven Spielberg, but he’s well above one-and-done status.

Anyway, I kind of believe this, and now I’m replaying this entire post in my head. Here we thought M Night was just affably grabbing courtside seats while shooting his movie downtown, taking in the upstart local team. Oh look, there’s M Night. HEY M NIGHT! And then he shakes hands with players. And then Molly Sullivan interviews him. And then he rings the bell. And then his daughter sings the National Anthem. Now we learn he’s been carefully plotting his move all along, slowly assimilating into the Sixers experience right in plain sight and DAMMIT HE’S BEEN DRAKE THE WHOLE TIME!

Voila_Capture 2017-02-09_04-22-58_PM

Oh you’re good, M Night. I just never saw it co…

Voila_Capture 2017-02-09_04-42-49_PM

Is M Night Our Jack?

Kyle Scott - February 9, 2017

I think it’s time we face this difficult question as the Sixers begin their ascent to potential greatness.


Kevin Hart

Meek Mill

Will Smith

That rich guy with white hair

[Insert Eagle given courtside seats]

Jake Tapper

Lik Dicky

M Night

I think it’s gonna be M Night. He seems to be jockeying for the position and gets it sort of by default. Meek Mill can be on house arrest at any given time and has been scuffling ever since Nicki left. Will Smith is a part owner, which I think disqualifies him, but he’s also a geek with weird kids. Old white guy (not famous), random Eagle (varies), and Jake Tapper (media) are also disqualified. Lil Dicky is endearing but probably a bit too indie still. Kevin Hart is the strongest competition, by far, and he loves the spotlight, but he lives in LA and is only here because he’s filming M Night’s movie. That leaves us with M Night. I don’t hate it. I don’t have the visceral negative reaction toward him the way some do. His movies are mostly fine, and they are at least typically enjoyable (except The Happening). He’s got sort of that unique celeb look and yet seems perfectly approachable. He reps the area well. He will absolutely film an in-game scene at some point for a movie where we find out that the fans have been second round pick swaps all along. And he brings Walter White to games:

Side note: By all accounts, Bryan Cranston is a really good guy who never turns down a picture request. But he fancies himself more of a comedic actor than a serious one. Do we think he’ll ever tire of just being “Walter White” and having people come up to him and ask him to say “JESSIE!” for the rest of his life? He’s like every Seinfeld actor besides Julia Louis-Dreyfus in that it’s almost impossible for him to play another role without Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad tries his hand at ____ headlines. I mean, this is a very first-world problem. But I kind of feel bad for him. Now, do Heisenberg!

Video: Slovenly Sixers Fan Gives Russell Westbrook The Double Bird

Kyle Scott - October 26, 2016

So aggressive. I kind of like it.

There’s Nothing Wrong with Chase Utley’s Curtain Calls, You Fun-Hating Idiots

Jim Adair - August 17, 2016

Last night I sat in section 310 and did not clap for Chase Utley’s first at-bat. Instead, I did that awkward hand slapping your chest thing that you do when your other hand is busy filming the occasion. And while I was live streaming for our Facebook page, I was far from the only one filming. Chase Utley spent 12 years being the platonic (and romantic) ideal of a Phillie. There is love there. That feeling doesn’t just go away because he’s wearing blue. I’m a human. I’ll root for a man over a shirt every time. If your loyalty is to a shirt and not the human inside of it, especially when that human is Chase Utley, your fandom is shallow, your indignation is stupid, and your opinion is as worthless as organic, one-ply toilet paper.

So when Chase blasted a home run to right field in his third at-bat, you had to cheer, because WHAT ELSE DID YOU EXPECT HIM TO DO? It’s in his blood to play his best baseball, as ruthlessly as possible, when all eyes are on him– and that is why we always loved him. So when he does it to us, to our bad team that is harboring post-season delusions like an out-of-shape blogger with two cats for roommates on Tinder who thinks anyone will swipe right, who in their right mind wouldn’t cheer?

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