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Kawhi Leonard Wants Out and the Sixers are on the Clock

JoyOnBroad - June 15, 2018

Yesterday, I broke down a Woj report that San Antonio Spurs coach Greg Popovich would be sitting down in the coming weeks with his estranged superstar Kawhi Leonard with the hopes of working things out and discussing an extension. My oh my how things have changed:

As I wrote yesterday:

“What once seemed like an impossibility – parting ways with the 2014 NBA Finals MVP, two-time Defensive Player of the Year, and two-time All-NBA First Team selection – now appears to be a formality, with the Sixers mentioned as a contender to acquire his services.”

ESPN’s Bobby Marks wrote of a hypothetical Sixers trade for Leonard:

“Philadelphia will need to rely on coach Brett Brown and his relationship with Leonard from his days as an assistant in San Antonio. Because Philadelphia is restricted in what it can offer Leonard in an extension before free agency (four years, $107 million; six months after he is acquired), both sides would be relying on a handshake agreement before the trade is completed. Essentially, the Sixers would be risking three assets because they trust Leonard.”

Recent Sixers assistant coaching hire Monty Williams spent the past two years as the vice president of basketball operations in the same front office as R.C. Buford, while Brett Brown served on Gregg Popovich’s staff with Leonard as a player. With Leonard now presumably on the trading block, the Sixers would appear to be a legitimate contender in acquiring his services.

A trade involving Robert Covington and Markelle Fultz, along using the Stretch Provision on Jerryd Bayless, could clear enough cap space for the Sixers to make a run at a max player like LeBron James or Paul George to pair with Kawhi, Ben Simmons, and Joel Embiid.

One would be reckless to ignore the potential package of draft picks and star players Boston could offer, including Kyrie Irving or – could they be so cold – Gordon Hayward. The Lakers are also believed to be interested in offering a package including young players like Kyle Kuzma, Lonzo Ball, or Brandon Ingram. In the latter scenario, they could clear enough cap space to make a super team of Kawhi, PG13, and LeBron. There’s also this:

And this, from the night before, is as close as you can get to tampering without burning your hand.

The NBA off-season is heating up and the draft is only a week away. I’m not a betting man, but I’d feel pretty comfortable wagering that the Sixers will be in the running. Speaking of gambling, Kyle and I talked about updates in sports gambling on Friday’s Crossing Broadcast:



Meek Mill Performing at the Eagles’ Ring Ceremony Is Everything

Kyle Scott - June 15, 2018

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Crossing Broadcast: The Future of Sports Gambling

JoyOnBroad - June 15, 2018

Kyle and Russ cover Kyle’s recent trip to a sports gambling conference in New Jersey, the future of sports gambling in Pennsylvania, the technology barrier to narrow bets, and more. Also discussed: the Eagles Super Bowl rings, World Cup, and a delicious Gordon Ramsay meal.

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Snow the Goalie: Face-to-Face with Flyers GM Ron Hextall

JoyOnBroad - June 13, 2018

Anthony and Russ recap the Stanley Cup Final, Alex Ovechkin’s first Stanley Cup victory, and potential Flyers’ draft targets. The guys are then joined by Flyers general manager Ron Hextall to discuss old rivalries, the differences in hockey eras, how to measure analytics vs. the human element to a player, the importance of a player’s character, the development of Flyers prospects and their playoff run with the Phantoms, the goaltending logjam, how to build a team in the modern NHL, the team’s identity, and when to make a big splash via free agency or a trade. After the interview, Anthony and Russ break down their biggest takeaways from the interview and project the Flyers’ off-season.

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Bryan Colangelo Reportedly Wanted To Fire Brett Brown and Replace Him with Mike D’Antoni or Jay Wright

Kyle Scott - June 8, 2018

Woj dropped a little bit of an incendiary device during a live appearance with Scott Van Pelt last night:

“Brett Brown was never Bryan Colangelo’s coach, or Jerry Colangelo’s coach. And when they came in – when Jerry Colangelo took over – he put Mike D’Antoni on Brett Brown’s staff. Mike D’Antoni wasn’t put there just to be the assistant coach. There was a plan Mike D’Antoni would become the head coach, but Mike D’Antoni got the Houston Rocket job. And even through the great progress they made this year, getting to the second round of the playoffs, winning 50+ regular season games, there was always a thought in Colangelo’s mind they would get their own guy in there. And the guy they had always targeted, I’m told, was Jay Wright at Villanova. But they underestimated how popular Brett Brown was with the fans, ownership, and the players. And the spirit with which Brett Brown carries himself has permeated that organization.”

Those guys.

It was unearthed during the sleuthing of the last week that Bryan Colangelo’s wife, Barbara Bottini, knew Mike D’Antoni well, apparently from his days in Italy, and had requested of her husband and father-in-law, in this jacked up basketball dynasty, to take care of him. Hence how D’Antoni wound up coaching the Suns and wound up with the Sixers, so the story goes. So D’Antoni, a fellow Italian, being pegged to replace Brett Brown comes as hardly a shock.

Ditto with two-time National Champion, two-time Naismith National Coach of the Year, and John R. Wooden Legends of Coaching award winner, Jay Wright. He has ties with USA Basketball and, ergo, the Colangelo’s. In fact, I wrote this just a few months ago:

Before the Sixers finished the season on a tear and solidified Brett Brown’s job for their next two championships, one could argue that the Sixers job could have presented just that scenario. They are young, play a wide open, three-point system familiar to Jay, and are run by two Villanova guys (Scott O’Neil and Chris Heck) and the Colangelos, one of whom (Jerry) has deep ties to USA Basketball, for which Jay has been a coach, and was sitting behind Villanova’s bench during the National Championship. That would’ve been the team. But not now– it’s Brown’s job.


Rather, now, D’Antoni is coaching the Rockets, likely to perennial contendership without ever being able to win the big one. Jay Wright is watching Phillies games with his dog. And Brett Brown has absorbed even more power in the vacuum left behind by the Colangelo clan. Good riddance, bad sirs.

Crossing Broadcast: Burn Notice 3: The Final Chapter

JoyOnBroad - June 7, 2018

Kyle and Russ cover the resignation of Bryan Colangelo, Brett Brown and Josh Harris’ press conference, and discrepancies between the team and former GM’s statements.

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Audio after the jump:

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More Comments Have Emerged

Kyle Scott - May 31, 2018

Last night, readers and/or moderators at discovered a Disqus commenter account, which goes by the name Jacob Reuben, with a pattern of posting that matches that of Eric Jr. and the assorted other handles believed to have been run at least in part by Bryan Colangelo’s wife. That account has been active over the last year, posting in a very similar fashion to what we saw on Twitter. Another account, which went dormant just as Jacob came online, posted with the same vigor and goes by the same name contained in the Twitter handle of Eric Jr., Al Vic.

Disqus is a comment platform which spans many websites, including Real GM, The Sixers Sense, and

We believe both of these accounts to be associated with Bryan Colangelo’s wife, Barbara Bottini, a woman of Italian descent with an unshakable bedrock of Christian faith.

Why? The Twitter and commenter accounts (henceforth known as “the Accounts”) share the same general posting pattern as defined by: vigorous defense of Bryan Colangelo, near-hatred of Sam Hinkie, disdain for Nerlens Noel, contempt for Jahlil Okafor, disgust with Joel Embiid, hostility towards Markelle Fultz and those around him, distrust of Brett Brown, vitriol towards the Raptors’ front office, spirituality, odd grammatical errors, and occasional lapses into the Romance languages.

The Accounts were most active around the same time Tweets from Eric Jr. vehemently defended Colangelo last February, though some comments from Reuben came as recently as last week. I spent an inordinate amount of time reading all of them last night over multiple glasses of Jefferson’s Ocean Wheated Bourbon – which is truly breathtaking – and at no point did I doubt that the accounts were associated with the Twitter accounts believed to belong to Colangelo or his wife.

Perhaps more interesting than the existence of the comments themselves is the specific apparent detail given for recent Sixers events, representing at least one side of the story in several key, pivotal moments. So without further ado, let’s meet Jacob Reuben. Continue Reading

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Bryan Colangelo’s Wife Has a Phone Number Ending in the Same Two Digits That Are Listed on Some of the Accounts in Question

Kyle Scott - May 30, 2018

Development here.

Three of the accounts in question, including Eric Jr., have a recovery phone number ending in 91. The big question of the day was who connected to Bryan Colangelo had a phone number matching that description. Multiple writers confirmed that they had a different number for him, and that Sam Hinkie, suspected by some, doesn’t have a matching number.

But thanks to Twitter user (@2003muub), who responded to a Rich Hoffman Tweet, which proved timestamps from Eric Jr. Tweets in some cases came during times when Colangelo was on the podium, with a screenshot showing that the recovery phone number for – the email address for Bryan’s wife Barbara – ended in 91.

A simple Google search for her name returns the following result from Upper Canada College’s parents organization site:

Upper Canada College, a high school (Canada is so weird), was attended by Mattia Colangelo.

It’s also worth noting that Twitter returns multiple results when this phone number is used on the password result page:

This certainly calls into question Colangelo’s “someone is out to get me” claim, which he issued to Jordan Schultz, a sports guy and son of former Starbucks CEO and current chairman Howard Schultz:

That one now becomes a bit a harder to explain– especially when you consider that the accounts went dark once the Sixers were contacted about the emails. At best, Colangelo’s wife was spilling team secrets and trolling players on Twitter. At worst, Colangelo was doing some of it himself and using her phone number. I can’t imagine this ends well for him.