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DraftKings Sportsbook Is Offering 3 to 1 Odds on the Eagles Tonight (Exclusive)

Kyle Scott - December 9, 2019

The Eagles are currently 9-point favorites vs. the Giants at DraftKings Sportsbook on Monday Night Football this week. That is good for -385 odds on the moneyline, meaning that you would have to stake $385 to win $100 on a bet for the Eagles to win outright, given that they are such heavy favorites.

But if you’re a new player to DraftKings in any of the states where their sports betting app is live and legal – including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Indiana and West Virginia – you can bet the Birds and get +300 odds on an up to $50 introductory bet.

How To Get The Eagles at +300 Odds

Here’s how the promo works: Sign up for DraftKings Sportsbook using this link , deposit money, and place your first bet on the Eagles to beat the Giants at +300 odds.

You can bet up to $50.

Typically, signup bonuses like this for moneyline odds boosts are capped at $25. For example, competitor FOX Bet typically runs these offers, but limits the upside. DraftKings, in this case, is willing to help you lock in a 3x money boost on what certainly feels like a sure thing… or at least should if the Eagles were what we thought they could be.

That means that if you bet $50 on the birds to win, you would win $150.

These are unheard of odds for a team that is nearly a 10-point favorite.

We have partnered with DraftKings Sportsbook to offer exclusive +300 moneyline odds on all Eagles regular season games.

For games in which they’ve been slight favorites or even underdogs, this promo hasn’t been as extreme. But given that they are such large favorites against the Giants, +300 odds on a $50 bet is one of the best offers we’ve seen so far for PA online sports betting.

DraftKings Sportsbook has been live in Pennsylvania for about a month now, and for about two months in Indiana. It is currently our choice for top overall online sportsbook.

Weekend Sweep – Observations from the Sixers’ Wins Against Cleveland and Toronto

Kevin Kinkead - December 9, 2019

*This post is brought to you by Cynch, the new propane home delivery service. They deliver your grill tank right to your doorstep and take away your old tank for just $10 with the Crossing Broad promo code “ItsLit5”. Just enter your address, leave the tank on your porch/driveway, and Cynch will do the rest.*

Should be a pretty straightforward Posidelphia take after that weekend, right? The Sixers hammered the Cavs by 47 on Saturday night, riding a Ben Simmons career-high to total annihilation. Then, 24 hours later, they dispatched Toronto in rather straightforward fashion before the contest became needlessly hairy at the end, like the wooly mammoth version of closing out a basketball game. Philly saw an 18-point 4th quarter lead turn into a six-point win as they struggled with Raptor pressure in the dying moments.

That’s why you see some Negadelphia takes out there, just by virtue of the fact that they came in for a landing that reminded me of the movie Airplane, a game where Joel Embiid again struggled offensively and found himself taken off the floor in crunch time when the Sixers needed ball handlers to deal with the press, get to the line, and ice the game from there.

“Some of the passing decisions were stuff that you have to get better with,” Brett Brown said after the game. “I’m not really too sure on how to address some of it. You just scratch your head and try and coach better and help them more. It is disappointing that way that ended because I thought, for the most part, that we played good basketball. The way that it ended you have a bit of a sour taste in your mouth, but then I’m reminded that it was a good weekend and we just beat the NBA champs. There are a lot of good things that came out of tonight, just the last part wasn’t one of them.”

That’s more or less the take, and if you wanna do the Negadelphia thing, that’s fine. We’re judging this team as a potential number-one seed and championship contender, so the bar is certainly raised in 2019. If Embiid’s late struggles are enough to sour a nice win, then you’re certainly entitled to feel that way. If, however, you’re drinking from a glass that’s half full, then you’re feeling nice about a 12-0 home record with Josh Richardson still on the shelf and some bench guys playing well in his absence.

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Sixers Games are on Pace for Record Viewership

Kevin Kinkead - December 3, 2019

Let’s get it back to the Sixers.

Broadcast and streaming numbers continue to slay this season, enough so that we got a press release from NBC Sports Philadelphia notifying us that the local basketball team is on pace for its “highest-rated and most-streamed season” on the network, ever. Same with Sixers Postgame Live.

Press release after the jump:

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Rock Bottom: Dolphins Social Media Team Now Trolling the Eagles

Kevin Kinkead - December 3, 2019

What could be worse than losing to the 2-9 Dolphins?

How about being trolled by their social media team, who today put out a Star Wars mash-up of the trick play call in which the punter threw a touchdown pass to the kicker:

Pretty clever, if we’re being honest. But Jesus Christ almighty, this is where we’re at on December 3rd of 2019. The Eagles are 5-7 and being trolled by some jabroni running the Dolphins’ Twitter account.

“Nobody Can Get Lined Up,” Says Brian Baldinger in Latest Eagles Film Breakdown

Kevin Kinkead - December 3, 2019

Brian Baldinger was on fire two weeks ago when he dropped a torrent of Eagles film on Twitter, declaring that “the whole thing was terrible” in the New England loss.

We got another great batch of “Baldy’s Breakdowns” this week, following Sunday’s abysmal performance in Miami, a 37-31 loss that makes me wanna barf. It makes me want to ralph just thinking about it.

But let’s soldier through and take a look anyway.

Clip 1:

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DraftKings Sportsbook Is Running a Slew of Delicious Thanksgiving Betting Promotions

Kyle Scott - November 27, 2019

Thanksgiving is upon us, and with that comes what I like to call the three F’s: food, family, and football. DraftKings Sportsbook is celebrating the occasion by rolling out a slew of appetizing offers, including a three-leg parley special, for bettors in states where their sports betting app is available.

That means those of you in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Indiana, and West Virginia can take advantage of DraftKings’ Thanksgiving Day betting offers.

There is one marquee offer for new users, then three main offers for everyone, and a couple of smaller ones for the local markets.

Here’s what you need to know.

DraftKings Thanksgiving Parlay Offer For New Users

DraftKings Sportsbook’s main offer is a $100 risk-free parlay on all three games for new users who sign up here .

This means a three-game NFL parlay for Thanksgiving Day will be eligible for a $100 refund if it doesn’t hit.

If it wins, you’ll be paid out as normal. If it doesn’t, you’ll get up to a $100 back.

“Fill Your Plate Offers”

Flash Bet

In addition to the three-leg parlay promo, DraftKings Sportsbooks wants to call attention to its new in-game flash bet, which allows you to bet on individual drives or the next team to score.

This is the evolution of live betting, where you can not only bet on the outcome of games, quarters and halves, but you can bet on individual drives.

DraftKings will give you a $5 risk-free bet flash bet.

These are a lot of fun. And while $5 might not seem like a lot of money, you don’t want to go too big on flash bets– set aside a few bucks and play with that money throughout the course of the game.

Extra Leg Parlay

If you place a three-leg parlay on any Week 13 NFL game and win, DraftKings Sportsbook will pay you out like it had a fourth leg.

This is separate from, and can’t be combined with, the parlay offer for new users. You can bet on any NFL Week 13 game, but the bet must be placed on Thanksgiving.

So you can actually parlay one Thanksgiving game with two on Sunday or slice it however you like. Get it? Slice? Turkey. Get it? No? Never mind.


DraftKings Sportsbook is offering its dessert special, which means if you bet $25 or more on the total for any of the Thanksgiving games, you will get $5 for every turnover and $1 for every sack in that game.

Think of it this way– it might be a little bit of a hedge on an over bet. If the defense comes up strong and it’s a low scoring slug fest, you could hedge out on turnovers and sacks in the game.

Those are the three main offers from DraftKings Sportsbook for Thanksgiving.

Local Teams

They are also offering a special in Pennsylvania and Indiana for games on Sunday.

Moneyline bets on the Eagles and Colts will get $6 for every touchdown those two teams score.

It’s a feast of offers, you could say.

Absolutely Atrocious – Ten Takeaways from Seahawks 17, Eagles 9

Kevin Kinkead - November 25, 2019

Do you remember a less enjoyable Eagles performance? I thought about that midway through the fourth quarter yesterday and nothing notable came to mind.

Sure, we watched a lot of stinkers last year, when the Birds couldn’t close and the defense was regularly being cooked on 3rd and long. You might recall Chip Kelly’s final season and the end of the Andy Reid era, when the team quit on him in New York. Maybe you’re old enough to remember the 1998 spectacular with Ray Rhodes.

This was worse than any of that, because we watched the game knowing that the Eagles did not have a comeback in them. A seven-point lead again felt insurmountable, even though Seattle politely tried to hand it over on a silver platter. For the second-straight week the Eagles dropped a winnable home game because they couldn’t do “diddly poo offensively,” as the great Jim Mora once said.

What I’ve realized is that the 2019 Birds are:

  • not enjoyable when they win
  • not enjoyable when they lose
  • not enjoyable during the week
  • not enjoyable to read about
  • not enjoyable to write about
  • not enjoyable to talk about

That said, let’s dive right in!

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The Sixers Enter Into Official Partnership with FOX Bet

Kyle Scott - November 25, 2019

The Sixers will announce this morning an official partnership with FOX Bet, making it the first mobile sportsbook to partner with an NBA team. FOX Bet will build awareness for its app, which is available in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, through traditional, digital and social media assets. They will also present replays on the Sixers’ Twitter account and serve as the presenting sponsor for Sixers radio broadcasts on 97.5 The Fanatic and hype videos played in the arena during home games.

fox bet

Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-Gambler. Only 1x Wager Applies, Playable in PA and NJ Only

“FOX Bet has masterfully honed its unique brand positioning in the US; an experienced, longstanding European sportsbook, a savvy media company, and now an affiliation with the 76ers that further endears its brand and product to the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey market and sports community,” said Adam Davis, Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment Chief Commercial Officer. “Recognizing the passionate 76ers fan base, FOX Bet and our team look forward to amplifying a multi-tiered activation approach by creating dynamic, digital content and continuing to drive engagement with our brand, team and league.”

FOX Bet, which is owned by The Stars Group, is already an official NBA partner. The Association is one of two leagues, along with the NFL, whose logos are featured inside the app.

This may seem a bit curious to folks who are loosely paying attention. In October, the Sixers entered into a partnership with Parx Casino, with fans receiving a $25 in-app credit for every Sixers win. But notably absent was any mention of the words “sports betting” in the announcement. While perhaps it was implied, Parx is not an official league betting partner, and thus any mention of its sportsbook was not used in the marketing.

You’ll also notice DraftKings ads in-game during Sixers broadcasts.

Sports teams and media outlets (and basically everyone in the business) is eager to work with a range of operators, so this sort of narrow and tightly-defined sponsorship is not unique.

Still, it seems FOX Bet will be featured heavily throughout all Sixers platforms.

We have FOX Bet ranked as the second best sports betting app in PA behind DraftKings Sportsbook. It’s fun. Point blank review there. While maybe not quite as polished as DraftKings or FanDuel Sportsbook, it features an array of useful props and odd boosts, particularly for local teams since it’s available in only two states right now.

FOX Bet says it is growing more quickly than the local betting market overall, increasing activity in the app three-fold since launching in September. That should be expected, though, since FOX Bet had nowhere to go but up.

Two weeks ago, when FOX Bet offered a “Philly Special” promotion for the Sixers, Flyers and Villanova, the parlay accounted for 9% of all bets within the app that day. FOX Bet currently says it has ~9,500 monthly users, compared to ~6,100 six weeks ago.

New users, meanwhile, can receive $20 free to try out the app (no deposit required) and then have their first deposit matched up to $500 when they register right here .