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Bryce Harper Told Some Guy to “Shut the F*** Up” Before Grand Slam

Kevin Kinkead - August 16, 2019

This just keeps getting better and better.

Here’s Harper telling some Fredo to stuff it earlier in the evening, before he hit his grand salami into Camden:

“Shut the fuck up, stupid.”

Good response to this guy, who has a terrible accent. Sounds like a combination of Boston, New York, and South Philly.

Bryce Harper’s Grand Slam Completes Sweep of Cubs

Bob Wankel - August 15, 2019

We don’t need to get into the details here, just roll the damn video:

A strong effort from T-Mac. Here’s Scott Franzke’s call. Nails it, per usual.

Baseball, fun in Philadelphia again.

Imagine that.

Make Your Move-In Weekend Grill Session a Cynch with Propane Delivery for Just $10!

Russ Joy - August 15, 2019

It’s move-in season on college campuses with the fresh love of learning on everyone’s mind. Maybe you’ve just enrolled in a class and you’re looking forward to fire up the grill before the baseball game. The problem? You just got moved back in and realized your propane tank is empty. Now neither you nor your roommate want to lug it to the local convenience store. Good news. Our friends at Cynch are delivering propane to the Greater Philadelphia area, ensuring your evening grill session will go off without a hitch.

That’s right. No more arguing with your roommate/significant on whose responsibility it is to drag that nasty, old, empty propane tank to your local supplier, struggling to get it out of the car, only to drop $20-30, heave the new one into the trunk, and carry it out to your backyard. You won’t ever have to take a tank for an exchange ever again, and you certainly won’t have to pay that much.

Take it from Phillies great Greg “The Bull” Luzinski, who’s even gotten in on the action!

Our friends at AmeriGas have rolled out their new propane home delivery service, Cynch, in order to make your propane purchase so much easier. Cynch will deliver a new propane tank to your front door and haul away your empty tank!

Give it a try today! Click HERE and enter the Crossing Broad promo code “ItsLit5” to get your first propane delivery for just $10! That’s right, leave any empty propane tank outside, and they’ll exchange it with a new tank delivered to your home for just $10.

The Phillies Appear to be Wearing Duck Hats Now

Bob Wankel - August 15, 2019

About 20 minutes after the Phillies’ 11-1 blowout win over the Cubs last night, a jovial Bryce Harper stood before reporters to answer questions about his two homers, Charlie Manuel’s debut as hitting coach, and the other usual assortment of questions he typically receives, but I couldn’t focus on any of his answers.

I could only focus on his hat. This hat:

That right there is a blue cap with a majestic pintail duck, equipped with one of the finest red accent ropes my eyes ever did see.

That’s also winning in style.

Harper was on base four times last night, and the Phillies had just won back-to-back games for the first time this month, so I decided to let any questions I had about the hat pass and keep things on topic.

But moments later when Aaron Nola emerged to discuss his strong outing, Harper made it a point to walk over and hand him the same hat before he could get started.

At the end of Nola’s session, some reporters – I believe it was NBC Sports Philly’s Jim Salisbury and WIP’s Dave Uram – finally asked Nola what was up with the hat, but he wouldn’t give up the info.

The exchange:

Uram: What does the duck symbolize?

Nola: I don’t know. I don’t know what it symbolizes, you’ve gotta ask the owner of them. 

Salisbury: Who purchased them?

Nola: I’m not sure.

Salisbury: Did they arrive today?

Nola: Yesterday. *Smirks*

Nola then walked away and called the hats “sweet” about three times.

That’s playing it coy.

We were left with no answers, but thanks to the power of the internet, the hats have been located.

It turns out you can find these bad boys at where I found this description:

Who doesn’t love a nice bull sprig!  Don’t worry, there is no bag limit on this Pintail hat or how many times you wear it. 

This dark blue cap with red accent rope features a custom designed pintail that is embroidered on the front. 

And great news: you can purchase this item, and I suspect that you’ll want to, for the low, low cost of only $29.

That’s value.

Anyway, the Phillies will try to complete the sweep of the Cubs tonight, and we will try to get to the bottom of the great duck hat mystery.

It Would Seem to be Hittin’ Season Once Again

Bob Wankel - August 14, 2019

It was just like old times at Citizens Bank Park tonight. It really was.

Cole Hamels was on the mound, and Charlie Manuel was in the dugout watching his offense batter the opposing team’s starting pitcher into submission.

Unfortunately for Hamels, he was the opposing team’s starting pitcher.

That face. That look. Let Charlie’s eyes permeate your soul and instill it with hope and confidence. This look right here is like Manuel’s version of blue steel.

I can almost hear him muttering to himself, “You’re, like, well, god damn right we’re swinging the bats tonight.

That’s my hitting coach.

As for Hamels, he failed to record an out in the third inning after surrendering eight earned runs on nine hits.

The Phillies, who had previously failed to win back-to-back games this month, jumped on Hamels early when Rhys Hoskins snapped a 2 for 32 skid with a leadoff single in his first career plate appearance at the top of the order.

Bryce Harper would follow two batters later by obliterating an 0-1 Hamels fastball 413 feet to the opposite field for his 23rd homer of the season.

Give it to me:

Unlike plenty of other occasions in which the Phillies scored early and then went silent, they didn’t stop scoring tonight. It’s like they couldn’t stop scoring.

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Angelo Cataldi Asks Gabe Kapler About Dumb Issue, Actually Gets an Answer

Kevin Kinkead - August 14, 2019

Yesterday we wrote about Howard Eskin, who butchered the hell out of a question to Matt Klentak and Gabe Kapler before the team’s 4-2 win against the Cubs.

What Howard wanted to know was if Kapler had anything to say about a 2013 tweet calling for Charlie Manuel’s firing, a tweet that was sent while Kapler was working as an analyst for Fox Sports. The question itself wasn’t even really relevant in the first place, and the stumbling delivery resulted in a non-answer from the Phillies manager.

Here’s the relevant part of the exchange, as a refresher:

Eskin: The other part of that question, about 2013 –

Kapler: I have no idea where that comes from.

Eskin: I wanted to address that because (Wednesday) morning it’s going to come out, it’s already come out so I just wanted to have you address it. That’s all.

Kapler: I’m not sure what that’s about.

Eskin: Okay, I’m just following up.

Kapler: Great, thank you.

So this morning Kapler was on 94 WIP with Angelo Cataldi, and of course Cataldi brought up the topic again, only this time asking it in a much more cohesive way and actually getting a real answer.

Here’s that exchange, after the jump:

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RADIO WARS: Mike Missanelli Decimates Howard Eskin

Russ Joy - August 13, 2019

DING DING DING! Ladies and gentlemen, Mike Missanelli came out spitting fire in the 4 o’clock hour today. After leading off with a violation on Todd Zolecki for referring to the recently fired Phillies hitting coach John Mallee as “Maehls”, Philadelphia’s OUTRIGHT leader set his sights on former nemesis Howard Eskin who, as usual, showed up to a press conference with little rhyme or reason:

Missanelli: There’s this one guy that asks questions, right? You can shut this guy down right away. If I’m Kapler or Klentak and this dude comes into a press conference cause he’s got no life at all and goes into a press conference with absolutely no reason to be at the press conference and ask questions, I’d go, “Excuse me. Do you actually have a job? Is there a job that you have? Oh. You’re on one hour at 6 o’clock in the morning on Saturdays? And you’re here? Why?” Why don’t they shut the dude down instead of putting up with his nonsense?

Missanelli’s producer Tyrone Johnson then took on the “bombshell” that Eskin alluded to in his rambling press conference question/comment:

After the jump:

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Alex Rodriguez Would Have Done a Better Job Managing the Phillies Last Night than Gabe Kapler

Anthony SanFilippo - August 12, 2019

I hated Alex Rodriguez, the player, because he was a cheat.

He wasn’t the only one, I know, but there’s something about being that incredibly talented and yet still feeling the need to cheat, for no other reason than to feed your own ego, that really ate at me. Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens – these guys were surefire Hall of Famers without the juice, and yet, because they were so damn selfish, they tarnished their own incredible legacies.

But something happened with A Rod after his career ended that has completely swung my opinion about him.

I’m a big fan of A Rod the analyst. Maybe it was just that one time when he, Pete Rose and Frank Thomas riffed on hitting during a pre-game show during the 2016 NLCS, after the jump:

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