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Yes, You Can Get Beer Delivered, And Here’s Where You Should Get It From

Kyle Scott - March 24, 2020

Workhorse Brewing. King of Prussia and Center City.

Where most start small, this production brewery with King of Prussia and Center City locations went big. They built a massive, 70,000 square foot brewery in Montco with an eye toward servicing the local community with good, quality beer and a large gathering spot with the ability to expand. Featuring handcrafted ales and lagers from award-winning brewmaster Nate Olewine, an industry veteran with more than a decade of experience at Victory Brewing Company and Devils Backbone in Virginia, Workhorse offers accessible, approachable styles for the craft novice and aficionado alike.

On just February 7 they were featured in the Inquirer with the headline, “How Workhorse has become a player in Philly’s beer scene, in 8 steps.”

As you might know, Coronavirus upends that sort of thing, quickly.

So Workhorse has pivoted to offer to-go and delivery brews.

Available for online order, Workhorse offers nine different beer styles available in 4-packs, plus crowler and growler fills (do a 64oz fill, get a free growler glass), 20% off cases and both sixtel and half barrel kegs.

Here’s how it works.

King of Prussia

Both “contactless pick-up” and delivery are available. Order here.


“Upon arrival to KOP, you will call our number as instructed via signage in front of our facility. From there, please wait in your car as the beer is delivered to your vehicle. Once the staff has dropped beer outside, please allow them to vacate the premises before grabbing your item(s).”

Our new normal, with an ABV.


Workhorse will deliver within a 10-mile radius of its KOP location:

“Delivery fees are charged according to order cost, a figure that also includes a tip for our driver. 100% of this fee will go directly to our drivers, many of whom are our bartenders hit hardest by the closure. Fees range from $7.50 (deliveries $20-$40) to $20 on orders over $80.”

Order from Workhorse’s King of Prussia location here.


Center City

The Center City taproom location is delivery only.


You can get both beer and pizza, through a partnership with Pete’s Famous Pizza. Basically anywhere in the city:

Order delivery from Workhorse’s Center City location here.


Why You Should Support Workhorse

You may know one of its founders, Dan Hershberg, formerly of Philly Phaithful, the excellent line of Philly sports-related merch– a longtime CB partner. He took a risk (and a large investment) to build something big, and do it the right way. This is exactly the sort of business immediately left holding the bag of Coronavirus fallout, and one we should support.

Better yet, they have good, local, unique, craft beer. And they’ll deliver it to your door without human interaction.

And if you can’t make it out or already stocked up on beer, you can get gift cards with free cash adds ($5 on 25, $15 on $50, $35 on $100) so you can use them after the lockdown ends.

Order from Workhorse Brewing here.


If you own a small business and are negatively impacted by what’s going on, drop us an email crossingbroad[at]gmail[dot]com. We won’t be able to help everyone, but we’ll do what we can to promote businesses that appeal to our readers. 

50 Hot Takes for the Philadelphia Sports Fan: Special Guest Edition

Kevin Kinkead - March 19, 2020

Hope everybody is staying safe and washing their hands while practicing social distancing. If we all follow the rules and don’t act like dummies, we should get through this thing sooner rather than later. Let’s not be like those dopey spring breakers down in Miami. 

Crossing Broad is doing okay in the content department so far. NFL free agency is rolling, which has really helped. We haven’t had to scrape the bottom of the barrel just yet, and sports blogging is certainly the furthest thing from “essential” during a crisis, but if we can provide a laugh along the way, we’ll give it a go.

As we band together during a difficult time, I have compiled a very special version of the 50 Hot Takes article. This edition of the award-winning column features only the hottest takes from local print, television, radio, and social media personalities. It’s a guest-only version for your isolated and sanitized reading pleasure:

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The NBA Having Plans to Play Games Without Fans Is the Most Sane Thing I’ve Heard All Week

Kyle Scott - March 7, 2020

Shams Charanannanaia dropped his own fire-sparkle on Twitter last night, indicating that the NBA has sent orders to its teams to have contingency plans should the league need to play games in empty arenas:

And it will be.

The sooner you accept that, the better.

Because there will almost certainly be games – NBA games, NCAA games, MLB games – played in empty stadiums and arenas in the coming weeks or months.

If you still don’t understand why these measures are being implemented overseas and discussed here, then I encourage you to check out this video I tweeted last night:

The replies are a garbage heap of ignorance and idiocy.

And while I could get into the litany of reasons why we as Americans are willfully unprepared for what’s coming down the pike, it’s Saturday and I have parenting to do.

So I’ll just address the most common incorrect retort, which usually goes something like this: It’s the flu, and the flu kills [insert likely incorrect number they saw in a meme on Facebook] people each year. Stop being a [insert some moniker for a lady part].

It’s not the flu.

That’s the simple response. The more detailed one is that it’s math.

Yes, the flu has killed somewhere between 29,000 and 50,000 Americans this season, according to the CDC. Coronavirus has killed about 3,600 people so far worldwide.

The difference is the latter has only existed for about three months. It’s not, like, done. Continue Reading

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Ranking the Ten Best and Ten Worst Sports Radio Callers in Philadelphia

Kevin Kinkead - March 3, 2020

Last week, I sent out an innocuous tweet asking for help compiling a list of the best and worst sports radio callers in the Delaware Valley. I had a basic idea of who I wanted to include, but didn’t have a full list compiled, and was honestly stunned by the fact that 272 people replied to the tweet. There were some really strong opinions regarding the folks who dial up 94 WIP and 97.5 the Fanatic on a regular basis.

Taking those responses into account, then adding input from Crossing Broad staff and local media, quote tweets, and direct messages, we ended up with a sample size of about 300 people who helped put this thing together.

If this story doesn’t win me a Pulitzer, then I don’t know what will. Here’s my top ten best and worst sports radio callers in our region:

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We’ve Acquired Elite Sports NY

Kyle Scott - February 27, 2020

Hello, readers.

We have some big news to impart to you today on this, the 27th day of February. We have acquired New York-based sports website They are the Big Apple’s largest independent sports website, much like we are Philly’s.

Some may call this sort of thing “mergers and acquisition.” We call it Empire Building.

Here’s the full press release (which you can read after the jump).

Elite Sports NY was started by Robby Sabo in 2015 and has credentialed writers covering all of New York’s major teams– Yankees, Mets, Knicks, Giants, Jets, and so on. While their tone varies slightly from what you find on Crossing Broad, their site and team very much resembles what we have here– a small group of talented, passionate sports fans and writers, covering the local teams with a zeal that mainstream media can never achieve. Their Slack channel is just as raucous and furious as ours. And the amount of content they churn out on a daily basis is incredible.

Robby’s work to scale the site in just a short period of time is amazing. In fact, Elite Sports NY’s readership is larger than ours– in America’s biggest city. NBD.

You won’t notice any changes to Crossing Broad, and only few to Elite Sports NY. I don’t expect most CB readers to frequent or perhaps ever read ESNY. But this will enable us to cross-promote stories, have NY-based guests on podcasts and videos, and occasionally leverage content between both sites.

Over the last 18 months, we’ve had several opportunities ourselves to be acquired. But with the exception of one of them, none felt right for us. Our recent move into working with sportsbook partners has changed our business for the better and made us desirable to a number of partners. We have a large audience of passionate sports fans in a major market, who wouldn’t want that?

But this site is unique, built over 10 years with literal blood, sweat and tears (white collar version of paper cuts, 2 a.m. hoodie sweats while writing a blog post, and rejoicing when Ruben Amaro landed Cliff Lee… but still!), and the notion of turning it over to a company that solely wanted to turn it into a highly-targeted phone book wasn’t going to happen.

Our recent shift in business model – away from ad networks and products, to working with sportsbooks – has not only improved the business, but it’s also improved the content. We have more, and varied, coverage of Philly sports than we’ve ever had before. And ironically, while I acknowledge that some readers aren’t interested in the volume of betting content we produce, it’s that very content which supports, and grows, the rest of it.

So, we’ve decided to double down on that model.

Last year we partnered with Jason Ziernicki and his team at Warwick Gaming, who are incredible digital marketers and run sites such as and In fact, we haven’t just partnered– we share an office with them. Jason sits five feet away.

Together, we’ve decided to move forward with our own plan to scale the model we’ve perfected on CB and apply it to other sites, Elite Sports NY being the first.

I’ll be doing an AMA in the comments throughout the day. Continue Reading

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No Pucks Given: Arena Food Reviews “The Fishtown Steak”

Russ Joy - February 26, 2020

The excitement was palpable. The Flyers were getting ready to square off against the lowly San Jose Sharks, a game which they won 4-2. I was preparing for our typical setup of “The Press Row Show” when I saw this tweet from the fine folks at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA:

Well, WFC Twitter account, you had my curiosity at “pretzel roll”, but you had my attention at “house-made lager cheese sauce”. So I did what anyone in my position would do. I tried to get the attention of our fearless leader Kyle Scott in Slack, often an exercise in futility, but just one hour and nineteen minutes after I asked him if I should review the new sandwich, he responded, “Yes Russ. Are you there now?” Of course I was. I was at Wells Fargo Center in body, but my mind and spirit were with this culinary creation. Would the caramelized onions be diced, as they often are on WFC cheesesteaks, or would they show up in rings? Could the lager cheese be that different from the cheese whiz you find on the typical sandwich? Would the ground pork have awkward chunks with casing? Would that gorgeous pretzel roll hold up to the various juices that often render a hoagie roll useless by the time you take your seat? Most importantly, would the sandwich match the description?

I decided that in the interest of fairness, I should include my culinary comrade on press row, Anthony SanFilippo, to accompany me on this journey to Section 110 to answer those questions and more. The results were truly surprising.

We hope you enjoy this inaugural episode of “No Pucks Given: Arena Food Reviews”.

Inconsistent Messaging

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“That Might Be It For Me,” Says Philly’s Paul Felder, After Incredibly Close Split Decision Loss

Kevin Kinkead - February 24, 2020

Ridley High School alumnus Paul Felder lost a five-round slug fest on Saturday night in Auckland, with a split decision going to New Zealand native Dan Hooker instead.

Hometown cooking?


I thought the fight was super close, with both guys throwing and connecting on a ton of strikes. The fight stayed on the feet until the final round, when Hooker was able to secure a takedown, though he didn’t do much with it while Felder tried to get back to standing position instead.

Every judge gave Hooker round one and Felder round four, but the other three rounds were split, resulting a pair of 48-47 cards that ultimately resulted in a Hooker win.

Felder actually put out more volume than Hooker, according to the official stats, and I felt like he was moving forward and controlling the Octagon a bit better. I also wonder how many of these leg kicks Hooker really deserved credit for:

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50 Hot Takes for the Philadelphia Sports Fan, Part Five

Kevin Kinkead - February 24, 2020

It’s come to my attention that things are cooling off a bit here. The Eagles are done for the year, the Sixers are struggling, the Phillies are in their preseason, and the Flyers are on a nice little run but have yet to totally catch fire.

We need to fan the flames and make things a little more toasty. We need to drop the latest installment of the 50 Hot Takes column, where only the hottest takes are included. Anything lukewarm or tepid is discarded. We’re talking spicy Thai here, not Tostitos mild salsa.

This time I enlisted some help from fellow writers and some Crossing Broad readers, because hot takes are a fundamental right and should not be restricted to the 1% of wealthiest Americans:

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